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Snow blowers are extremely handy when you need to work on clearing snow. The best thing about these devices is you get them in a wide variety in various budges and for several uses. Further, this also poses a challenge to choose the right equipment for your need. Here we discuss the best snow blower under $1000 and every scenario in detail to help you understand how each type of snow blower works and which model is suitable for what depth of snow.

Moreover, each feature is well explained so that you can understand which feature is important to you. Check out the products and the guide to gain complete insight on snow blowers.

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Briggs & Stratton 27-Inch Two Stage Snow Blower

Why Briggs & Stratton outperforms others?

This two stage snow blower starts quickly with a simple push and plows even through the ice pile at the end of the driveway. Going uphill with this snow blower is a breeze. The chute is made of metal, giving it high durability and strength, unlike its plastic counterparts.

The auger is also made of heavy-duty steel that digs deep enough into the 20 inches of snow height. It comes with a warranty of 3 years, giving you plenty of time.

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Top 5 Picks For Best Snow Blower Under $1000

Briggs & Stratton

27-Inch Two Stage Snow Blower
Key Features

  • Easy electric start with push button
  • Freehand control using one hand
  • Chute rotation facility on the dash

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Best Overall
Our Pick

Honda 659760

20 in. 187cc Single Stage Snow Blower
Key Features

  • Single Stage Snow Blower with electric start
  • 20-inch snow clearing path
  • 33 ft snow throwing capacity

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Best Single Stage

EGO Power+ SNT2400

24-Inch Self-Propelled 2 Stage Snow Blower
Key Features

  • Brushless motor gives high efficiency
  • Clearing path of 24” and 20” snow intake
  • Rear chute with a 200˚rotation control

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Best High-End

Snow Joe

100-Volt Single Stage Snow Blower
Key Features

  • Ecosharp technology gives you 30 minutes of runtime
  • LED lights for working snow during the night
  • 21 inches of clearing pathwidth

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Best Cordless

PowerSmart DB7622H

22-Inch 2 Stage Snow Blower
Key Features

  • Powerful engine of 212 cc
  • 22-inch wide cleaning path
  • 16 inches clearing depth

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Best Budget

Buying Guide

What To Look For In Best Snow Blowers Under 1000?

Snow removal is a challenging task, but with the right snow blower, it becomes bearable. Moreover, when you choose a high-quality snowblower, they will last for a couple of decades or more. Check out this guide to find such a durable snow blower that suits your needs appropriately.


Single stage, two stage, and three stage snow blowers are available in the market. As the stage increases, the more advanced the devices are. Similarly, the price and complexity of the equipment increase proportionally. Hence you need to choose your snowblower correctly that suits your budget and comfortable to operate.


The snowblowers come in a gas engine or electrical engine models. Sometimes you also have a combination of them, giving you more versatility. Gas engines are powerful but cause environmental pollution. Though these days, few blowers come with clean technology that produces limited emissions.

Electrical engines with direct power cord operated are ready to go at any moment, but they have limited movement. Battery operated have lesser power but is eco-friendly and is capable of covering an extensive range.

Clearing Path

The clearing path width decides how many inches of the path you can clear in a go. Meaning when you have a larger clearing width, you can clean the area in fewer passes. Usually, this saves you a lot of time and effort when it is wide enough while working on large areas such as driveways. On the contrary, if you need to clear smaller areas such as decks and patios option for smaller width snow blowers is ideal.

Snow Depth

Check out the general snowfall height in your area before you buy the snowblower. You must choose the snow blower based on that data since heavier snowfalls with more depth need heavy-duty augers.

Throw Range

The higher throw range makes sure the cleared snow is well out of your way when you clean it. Otherwise, you will need to deal with piles of snow in your last passes, which might not be the ideal scenario as they are harder to deal with. Ensure that the throw range is good enough to shoot it off the area you need to clean.

Multiple Speeds

The snow blowers other than the single-stage type come with several speed settings. These settings help in preventing a clog. As already mentioned, snow tends to accumulate in the impeller and auger as you move.

If you have different speeds in forwarding and backward directions, it is easy to create a motion that gets rid of lumps of snow in the blower effortlessly. When you maneuver it a few times in each direction and speed, the motion and angle adjustment will take care of this action.

Motor Specifications

Motor power does play a significant role in cleaning the snow effectively. Unless you get enough power, you cannot dig in well enough or throw the snow far out of the way. So, having a powerful motor is essential. If it is brushless, it also ensures high durability.

Chute Control

The chute allows control of direction to shoot snow out in designated directions. The convenience is critical as they need to be adjusted frequently. You can control the chute either manually or automatically. For manual control, it is time taking to adjust as it requires stopping the machine.
Sometimes you get long handles that allow access to the chute without stopping, but you should check if you can grab the chute handler when you stand behind the snowblower handle. On the other hand, automatic models provide easy accessibility for changing the chute direction with controls or a joystick on the driver’s near side.

Operator Controller

The dual-stage and above snow blowers usually come with an operator controller, steering the wheels and the auger using a single hand. Your free hand can control the chute that helps ineffective use of your time.

These advanced control panels make your work more comfortable; however, they do not have too many complicated options to learn before using them. Also, you must be able to operate the control panel without removing your gloves.


Moving a snow blower is tricky as you need it to be stable on slippery terrain with less traction. When you have uphill and downhill conditions to deal with, you will need to be extra careful.

You will find different snow blowers, such as manually pushed, self-propelled, and some devices to advance auger. Depending on the area and your physical strength, you need to make the best choice.

Start Methods

Gone are the days of pulling the starter cord; all you need is to push the button to start the engine. Even for non-electric power-dependent devices, you can plug in the engine to start and quickly go on with the job once it starts by removing the plug.

Nowadays, even the pull start devices are efficient enough to start a single try due to technological advances. However, the snow blower electric start can be used as the backup method when things get complicated, and this feature comes in handy even in harsh climates where pull-start becomes harder.

Clearing Tool

The chute may accumulate snow and slow down the efficiency of the device. Even though you switch off the device while cleaning, it is still not safe to put it in your hand. The clearing tool will come in handy to do this job, and you will not have the necessity to use your hand.

Snow comes in varieties of consistency throughout the season. Each type of snow with different heights has different behavior. When it is mixed with salt or any other ingredients lying on the ground, it might not be easy to clean it.

Similarly, the newer versions with advanced technology offer cooler devices meaning the snow melting capacity is reduced. However, this increases the motor’s efficiency; you still need to clear up the clog when you work for a longer time. Doing it using appropriate tools is always recommended.

Easy-Turn Capability

The dual-stage snow blowers turn the auger wheel faster than the inside wheel allowing for easy turning. All this happens by just squeezing the gears set around the handle and directing it towards the turn direction.

Heated Grips

Few models feature heated handgrips that allow comfortable usage even in chilly temperatures. Though this is a comfort-based factor rather than a necessity, I felt it would be nice to let you know even such features are available. If you have trouble working in the cold, then this would be good news for you.


Not everyone has the luxury of time to clear snow during daytime and if you can afford only night time, then make sure your snowblower has the LED lights to lead your way. Generally, this ensures you have clear visibility of the path you are working on, even if other light sources poorly light that area.

Skid Shoes

Surfaces such as gravel paths need a little height adjustment to keep the path intact. Skid shoes come in handy to keep the snow blower height correctly so that they do not dig out the gravel. If you need close contact for driveways, you can lower them and use the snowblower accordingly.

Top 5 Best Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton

27-Inch 2 Stage Snow Blower

The Briggs & Stratton snow blower has a large 27-inch clearing path width allowing you to clear the snow quickly from outdoors and sidewalks. This medium-duty snow thrower comes with an intake height of 20 inches. Its powerful engine of 250 CC is capable of tackling heavier snowfalls. The electric start gas snow blower features an easy push-button for a quick start, effortlessly even in the coldest weather conditions.

This snow blower is exceptionally efficient to clear the snow using the friction disc wheel that provides complete control over the device’s transmission. As this device is equipped with freehand control, you can push the snow blower to operate the panel efficiently using the other hand. Another exciting feature is the skid shoes that help you maneuver the equipment on most surfaces through the snow, where other snow blowers struggle.

Chute rotation is simple and easy using the rotator mounted on the dash and the chute deflector panel. This snow blower comes with 14″ x 4″ tires. It is steady while moving through the snow. The LED headlights provide the much-required brightness even in dull and gloomy weather to see what is ahead of you. Its steel frame notched auger, and aluminum gearbox is designed to last, meaning this snow blower will serve you for many years to come.

9.5Expert ScoreBest Overall

Our Pick must to have in your yard


  • Transmission regulation using friction disc
  • On panel control for the deflector
  • Variable speed capability


  • Clogs frequently when working with wet snow
  • Assembly is of the product is hard
  • Levers are too close to each other

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Honda 659760

20-Inch 187cc Single Stage Snow Blower

The Honda 187 cc snow blower churns through the snow effectively using its powerful engine. Despite cold weather, it starts quickly by simply plugging in. Once it starts, you can unplug and go on with your task ahead. If you need to start it where electric power is not available, you can simply use the recoil start.

It comes with dual chute control to give you a wide choice of range while throwing snow. The metal auger is supported with bearings and helps in picking snow efficiently in every pass. No toxic pollutants are released into the air as the 4-stroke engine does not require gas and oil mixing. This eco-friendly model helps you to keep your surroundings pollution-free.

As the control panel is operatable even with gloves on, you find it comfortable to use even in freezing temperatures. You can work with the manual choose, starter grip, and the ignition switch safely from the control panel. Transporting this wide snow blower is more comfortable using the rugged wheels, which help in easy to and fro movement from the storage.

The engine’s compression is managed by the system by relieving the compression and closing it automatically, which gives full power after restarting the engine. Also, maintaining this snow blower is a breeze as the spark plug is easy to access and comes with a simple design of fuel and an oil drain that saves you time.

8.5Expert ScoreBest Single Stage


  • Clears 12 inches deep snow in a go
  • Works at the rate of 50 tons/hour
  • Its 4-stroke engine is environment friendly


  • It seems heavy while pushing it
  • Does not work on a driveway with gravel
  • The throw range is not great for low snow height

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EGO Power+ SNT2400

24-Inch Self-Propelled Two Stage Snow Blower

The gas powered 2 stage snow blower emits no fumes and does not cause any fuss while working without making a loud noise. It can also accommodate Lithium batteries providing you the versatility to choose the power type you use with this snow blower.

As it comes with high power technology, it can throw snow to a distance of 50 ft using its chute deflector. Here the chute comes with a 200-degree rotation capability, which allows you to direct the snow in various directions as you want it. Clearing an 18 car driveway covered with 8” snow height is possible in a single charge.

This device features a clearing path width of 24 inches and can comfortably churn snow of 20 inches height. You can use this snow blower in both forward directions and backward if required. As it is a self-propelled snow blower, you need not put in a lot of effort to move it. Since it comes with variable speeds for auger, you can conveniently adjust the speed based on the snow conditions.

Despite unfavorable weather conditions, this heavy-duty snow blower, rugged steel body composite build, and weather-proof capacity keeps it going for years. Also, the 5-year warranty provided with this equipment allows you to test it plenty of times to make use of it if anything goes wrong.

9Expert ScoreBest High-End


  • Extensive snow throw range of 50 ft
  • The 4 LED lights offer night time visibility
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty


  • Should buy battery and charger separately
  • Does not have skid shoes to adjust the height
  • Chute direction control is not effective as it is loose

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Snow Joe 100-Volt iON100V-21SB

Cordless iONPRO Brushless Single Stage Snow Blower

The snow blower by Snow Joe comes with a powerful brushless motor of 2800 W that efficiently manages the battery power. Apart from extending motor life, it offers maximum performance and reduced noise vibration. Its 2.5 W LED lights, placed in the front on either side, show you the path even during the night.

Every charge helps you tackle up to 16 tons to 12.5 tons of snow, depending on the auger speed. You can get a runtime of 30 minutes due to the Ecosharp technology exclusive to these snow blowers.

It comes with a scrapper integrated into the device, allowing you to safely clear the snow from your driveway, deck, or pavement. As it comes with a heavy-duty auger with a 2-bladed paddle, you can clean the snow effectively.

Also, the variable speed option comes in handy when dealing with varieties of snow. The clearing path of 21 inches in width is right enough to handle a wide path in a few passes. Similarly, the 12-inch digging depth capability is handy for most snow falls all around the season.

8Expert ScoreBest Cordless


  • 12 inches deep snow handling capability
  • Heavy-duty auger to handle snow efficiently
  • Two years with no questions asked warranty


  • Does not have self-propulsion
  • Not suitable for heavy snowfall
  • Cannot compete in power with gas snow blowers

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PowerSmart DB7622H

22-Inch, Manual Start Gas Two Stage Snow Blower

This snow blower comes with 4 10 inch augers made of steel and is serrated to cut through the ice effectively. The dug up snow is then channeled into the impeller as it moves ahead in the harsh weather conditions.

Also, this manual snow blower comes with skid shoes to adjust the height for working on various surfaces. You can clear the snow quickly owing to its wide cleaning path width of 22 inches, 16-inch depth capacity, and the potent 212cc gas run motor.

It comes with a grab handle for rotating the chute in the required direction in the 180-degree range. The two stage gas snow blower can cut through heavy snowfalls using its variable speed and the versatile driving system as it has 2-backward and 4-forward speed varieties.

Since the wheels have deep tread bites, the snow blower has better traction on slippery terrain. Its 40 feet throw range, self-propelled device, and recoil start features make it preferable above its counterparts. Though it is made of a heavy-duty steel frame, it is still lightweight and compact as well.

The foam grip helps you to handle the snow blower comfortably. As it is CARB compliant, you can use it worry-free.

9.1Expert ScoreBest Budget


  • Start guaranteed up to -20 F temperature
  • Durable, heavy-duty auger serves many years
  • Considerable throw distance of 40 ft range


  • No automatic start
  • Skid shoes are not that effective
  • Instruction for assembly is not explicit enough

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Benefits Of Snow Blowers Under 1000

You find several advantages that make snow blowers worthy enough to spend a considerable amount on them coming to the benefits. When you aim for a budget of around $1000, you get a decent device that is functional and durable. Check out the below.


Shoveling snow leads to shoulder pain and back pain as it is a hectic task involving a lot of physical effort. However, using a snowblower, you can complete the cleaning with less effort.

Save Time

As the snowblower tackles the snow and picks up a more considerable amount of snow than you can at the same time while shoveling, you can clear snow quickly.

Easy Operation

Operating a snowblower is painless and does not require much learning. It is a plugin and use device. Even though it sometimes has few extra controls, you can easily use it after a quick reference.

Snow Free Areas

You can achieve snow-free walkways and clean porticos within minutes. The main advantage is the snow blowers shoot the snow far away. While shoveling, you cannot throw as far, and you may need to move it again while doing a second pass. However, with snow blowers, that is not the case.

Less Cold Exposure

Also, harsh weather conditions make your work difficult, but snow blowers scoot quickly and reduce the exposure to cold considerably.

Types Of Snow Blowers

When you have a good understanding of the snow blower’s mechanics, it will be easier to decide which device works best for your surroundings.

Single Stage Snow Blowers

Auger pulls up the snow and channels it to the discharge chute, which throws the snow. Here, the auger does most of the job by blowing, shooting, and throwing the snow.

Two Stage Snow Blowers

These snow blowers also use the auger to pull in the snow, and the impeller does the work of pushing the snow through the chute. As a result, you get to have more power and efficiency in clearing the snow than the single stage snow blowers. They come with engine-driven wheels that drive the snow blower, and you can handle them with a single hand. Also, slopes and hills are easy to handle using the gas powered 2 stage snow blower.

Another exciting feature is the skid shoes that act as a buffer for the snow surface and the snow blower’s bottom. When you set the skid shoes higher, you transparent gravel surfaces as the auger does not touch the ground. Most importantly, this snow blower can also deal with the plow pile, which is the most challenging part of clearing the snow. Further, this makes them suitable for heavier jobs.

Three Stage Snow Blowers

In addition to the features of a two stage snow blower, a three stage snow blower has an accelerator. They have enhanced performance and are incredibly useful when it comes to snow piles. Sometimes they may have an extra impeller instead of an accelerator. However, they are costly and required for only heavy snow loaded areas. Most of the snow cleaning is possible with a dual-stage snow blower of good quality.

Gas Engine

The snow blowers with gas engines have more power and hence require lesser effort to tackle the snow. A gas powered engine gives you the most powerful snow blower that can tend even the small driveways. Indeed, they are lightweight, efficient, and easy to handle, but they need fuel, and it will be an ongoing investment.

Electric Motor

The electric motor snow blowers come in two types.

  • Corded
  • Cordless

These snow blowers are convenient if you have an electric outlet that gives you a cleaning range for the critical area. Nonetheless, there are a couple of disadvantages. If you accidentally run over the cord, it will be dangerous, and if you have a power outage during a snowstorm, your blower does not work.

The lightweight snow blowers with easy reachability to extended range certainly have an advantage. Also, they operate quietly and are easy to maintain. However, these snow blowers have short throw distance and limited runtime. Moreover, they do not have self-propelled wheels and are mostly come as push snow blower type and require manual effort to move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When you choose a snow blower apt for your surroundings and climatic conditions, your cleaning experience will be easy and quick. Below are frequently asked doubts by the snow blower buyers.

Which auger is ideal for the high snow depth?

When your area is prone to heavier rainfall, then you will require a larger auger. Clearing width indicates the size of an auger of the snow blower. The snow blowers with 18 to 21 inches of clearing width are apt for areas under 4 inches of snowfall. The next level is the medium-sized augers with 22 to 24 inches useful for 4 – 8 inches of snow. Similarly, augers with a clearing path of more than 26 inches can handle the snowfall of 6 to 24 inches in height.

Which size of snow blower is right for driveways?

Depending on the area you need to clear, you can choose a small snow blower or large snow blowers. If you need to clean just a patio, deck, or walkway, you can do it with the single stage snow blowers. When it comes to driveways, two stage snow blowers and above are preferable. They have higher power and larger size, allowing quick cleaning. These snow blowers can also handle deeper snow giving you complete cleaning even for heavy snowfall as it has efficient high performance engines for huge snow clearing capacity.

Can snow blowers handle large areas?

Advanced snow blowers can handle larger areas as they are equipped with more power and throw range. Also, they have heavy-duty augers that can pound ice virtually, which makes the job quick. Single-stage snow blowers are small and cannot deal with large areas or dense snowfalls but are ideal for clearing porches and decks. Sometimes driveways may extend up to 60 feet long, and such large areas require two stage snow blowers or three stage blowers.

Which snow blowers should you use for different snow types?

For light snow, single stage snow blowers are efficient, whereas heavy snow or wet snow tends to clog in these units. So, it is better if you opt for two stage snow blowers for these types of snow. If you can afford better, a three-stage snow blower will be more effective and quicker. These snow blowers come with a serrated auger, which can cut through even the hard ice and not clog due to variable speeds.

Are there snow blowers that make uphill or downhill maneuvering easier?

Yes, if you need to work on sloped areas, you should choose snow blowers with traction boosted wheels. Features such as tire chains or grip enhanced wheels are suitable in these conditions. Do not go for push snow blower models as they will pull you down when going downhill and require muscle power while pushing uphill.

Also, auger assisted models are right on level surfaces but work similarly to the walk behind snow blower models when dealing with tilted surfaces. Engine driven models do not require much effort and are safer than other models when working on slanted slopes.

Maintenance Tips For A Snow blower

Snow blower, when maintained from time to time, performs well for years. Its maintenance is easy, and you just need to do a quick task now and then. Replacing a few wear-prone parts after a certain period will help you keep it as good as new.

  • You should add a stabilizer or empty the tank before storing it to keep the gasoline from going bad.
  • Check the oil levels and keep them at the proper quantity and change it every year.
  • A spark plug’s lifetime is five years, and you may need to replace it after every five years of usage.
  • Before you start the device, make sure the tire has enough pressure to move about quickly.
  • Make sure to have extra shear pins on hand to replace the corroded pins.
  • Check carburetor for clogged fuel when stored for a long time.


Snowfall does form an obstruction in your way when you need to attend to something important during the winter season. When time is of the essence, snow blowers are your best solution. If you need to clear a large area, you need not work for hours but just use your machine and get the snow out of the way. Keep your driveways or decks clean from the snow, even if you have heavy snowfall. The best snow blowers under $1000 saves you both time and effort, along with offering peace of mind as you know you are backed up with the power to make your way.

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