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Clearing out the snow from your driveway in the cold can be a difficult task. The more difficult is the selection of the snow blower to do the job. But we have made this easy for you. We have compiled the list of the best gas snow blower under 500 to make your purchase easy.

This article covers not only the best buys but also the parameters to select the gas snow blowers. In the end, we will give you some safety tips to always keep your snow blower in the best condition. So let’s begin the journey.

Which is the best gas snow blower under 500?

Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower is a high-performance best gas snow blower under 500. From electric push-button for an easy start to a durable built, Briggs and Stratton snow blower never ceases to work the best. Easy to assemble and easy to operate are its two most trusted functions.

Backed with Briggs and Stratton Snow Series OHV 208 CC engine, you can see an unwithered performance of this gas snow blower. With greater clearing width, greater intake height, and adjustable chute, Briggs and Stratton Gas Snow Blower indeed rank the best in all categories.

Ten Things To Know Before Buying A Gas Snow Blowers under 500

Imagine the frosty winter that brings the pile of snow on your pavement. Now imagine the dire need for a snow blower to clear away the ice. We have discussed our top five picks of gas snow blowers under 500. But when you buy a gas snow blower, certain features are ought to be in the limelight. Thus, we will throw the light on ten things you need to know before buying a gas snow blower under 500, or any gas snow blower, for that matter.

The ten things have two purposes. The first is to make your purchase a worthy one. And the second one is to point the salient features of the gas snow blower. We shall now discuss the same below.

1) If It Has An Electric Start, It Is Easy

Nowadays, many snow blowers come with the option of an electric start. A gas snow blower with a push start button is very convenient. Conventional snow blowers install the pull cord instead of the electric push button to start the engine. Other modern and versatile snow blowers use the combination of an electric push button and the pull cord, according to the user’s preference.

Though, there is a flip side to the electric start. In icy conditions, the engine won’t start so quickly with the electric push-button. Sometimes, it is better to go old school and pull the cord!

2) Adjustable Chutes Are Always Preferable

It is an essential parameter in gas-powered and electric-powered snow blowers, irrespective of the stage. The chute rotation is crucial if you want to change its direction to throw out the snow. Some gas snow blowers under 500 have this feature, while others don’t.

Due to the price constraint, this feature varies from model to model. It also depends on the single-stage and double-stage operation of the snow blower. Some snow blowers have crank controls that are easy to turn and are hand-operated.

3) Greater Clearing Width And Intake Height

When you buy a gas snow blower, the clearing width and the intake height are the necessary features to look out for. The simple reason behind the greater clearing width and intake height is to do more work in lesser time. The two-stage snow blowers have an intake width up to 24 to 26-inch clearing width, for single-stage snow blowers, it ranges from 21 to 23-inches.

And if you are looking for a gas snow blower under 500, then you can expect the clearing width up to 21-inches and the intake height of around 13-inches. These parameters are sufficient for light to moderate snowfall for around 4-inches to 6-inches. For anything higher than this, the budget also soars high.

4) Good Speed Equals Good Maneuverability

For a gas blower under 500, it is crucial to judge the machine’s optimum speed. Because of the small size of the gas snow blower, the maneuverability does become easy. The speed of the gas snow blower depends significantly upon the power of the engine.

Single-stage snow blowers have only one forward speed. Some budget-friendly two-stage gas snow blowers also have the same feature. But as you amp up your price range, you get multiple speed options of forwarding and reverse speeds.

5) A Snow Blower Should Have Large Throwing Distance

The distance a chute can throw the ice thoroughly depends upon the area that you want clear. Further, this, in turn, affects the time and energy you spent on the work. For example, if you have a wider driveway, you will need a snow blower with a greater throwing distance. Otherwise, you will be clearing the same snow again. Usually, this would mean more work and more time.

2-stage snow blowers throw snow at a greater distance than the single-stage snow blower. If your snow blower throws the snow at the edge of the driveway, you can consider buying it.

6) Always Choose High-Performance Engine

We are going to stress this parameter a bit more. The quality of the engine determines the performance of the gas snow blower. If you are interested in buying the best gas snow blower for under 500, you should not miss the engine quality parameter.

For household or short-distance applications, the gas snow blowers are fitted with around 200 CC engines. For mid-size snow blowers to clear a substantial snow area, an engine of 200-400 CC is usually fitted in the machine. For commercial purposes, the professional-grade snow blower uses 300 CC and above engines.

A high-performance engine also determines the quantity of gas your gas snow blower will consume. Moreover, it will also tell you how much horsepower it will produce. More significant engines produce higher power, which results in greater speed and superior maneuverability. But the weight of the snow blower increased. A lightweight gas snow blower is always a better choice when buying a gas snow blower under 500.

Higher power engines also increase the cost of the snow blower. And If you have a small driveway, it is better to select the snow blower with a 200-300 CC engine.

7) Size Of The Snow Blower Also Matters

Snow blowers are available in a great range of sizes. Small size snow blowers are easy to store and move. But there is a trade-off between the size of the snow blower and its performance. It is common to expect a small blower to be less in weight. Thus, a high-power engine is used in the small snow blower as it adds to the machine’s weight.

Similarly, maneuverability is dependent on size. For a single-stage snow blower, which usually doesn’t have operations in the handlebar, the movement is dependent on the weight and size of the snow blower.

But when you are inclined to buy the best gas snow blower under 500, then keep a broad thought on the size of the machine. Because if you have a small to the mid-size pavement, a comparatively small size gas snow blower will do the job very well. And it will occupy less space in your garage.

8) The Tires Determine The Traction

Yes, it is true, and tires are essential to consider. Thick tires provide good traction and keep your gas snow blower stable. No one wants their snowblower to topple when it throws off the snow. And this much depends on the tire and the traction it provides.

Now there are two schools of thought. On one side, there are pneumatic air-filled tires that are less expensive, and on the other side, there are airless. Undoubtedly, airless tires are low maintenance, and you don’t have to worry about a flat tire.

9) Accessories

Let’s talk about the accessories associated with a gas snow blower. As you go higher on your budget, your snow blower’s range of accessories also widens. Even though you aim to buy the best gas snow blower for under 500, you can always fit the accessories into the same budget.

Several options of accessories are available to re-vamp your gas snow blower. Halogen headlights are one such essential accessory. If you have to clear the snow at night or early morning, then it is beneficial to have headlights attached to your snow blower. Similarly, tire chains are also useful accessories. It provides enhanced traction for better navigation.

Other accessories include plastic cabs and drift cutters. Drift cutters are attached to the auger housing to clear the snowdrifts. Some gas bower comes with skid shoes to adjust the auger’s height to scratch the ground. If not in-built, you can always use this as an accessory.

10) Consider The Construction Of The Driveway

Finally, the construction of your driveway is crucial if you are buying a gas snow blower. Say, if you buy a single-stage gas snow blower and your driveway is unpaved, then the efficiency of the snow blower will reduce from day one. If the driveway has gravel or a steep slope, then the auger will be the snowblower’s first part to face the damage. Also, on a steep slope, it is beneficial to prefer self-propelled gas snow because of its ease of movement.

Hence, it is vital to have a flat and paved concrete drive to better your snow blower’s life.

Best Gas Snow Blowers under 500 Reviews

Briggs And Stratton Single-Stage Gas Snow Blower

Briggs and Stratton is a renowned name in the gas blower category. Generally, this is indeed on the list of best gas snow blowers under 500. It has an easy-to-operate start button. Even if the temperature outside drops down to -20⁰C, the electric push-button makes the snow blower easy to start. It is equipped with Briggs and Stratton Snow Series OHV 208 CC engine. With maximum power, the snow blower doesn’t budge in icy conditions. The controls that assist in mitten-free operations.

The auger operation of Briggs and Stratton gas snow blower aces in the single-stage gas snow blower with electric start category. The auger is made up of specialized wear-resistant rubber. It smoothly clears the snow on the pavement. With 22-inch clearing width, 12.5-inch of intake height, and 30-inch throwing distance, combined with an adjustable chute, the gas snow blower does the job entirely.

Key Features

  • Adjustable chute direction for easy snow discharge
  • Highly capable of withstanding extreme cold weather
  • High power engine drives the overall performance

Yard Machine Gas Snow Blower

A 58-pounds lightest single-stage gas blower, Yard Machine is packed with many features. Laced with a 123 CC OHV 4-stroke engine, this gas snow blower under 500 is the smartest snow blower you can get. It is small, comfortable to move, lightweight, and p0werful.

With a clearing width of 21-inches and an intake height of 13-inches, this is Yard Machine power-packed gas snow blower. The EZ-chute is clog-resistant, and you can easily adjust it and throw the snow in the desired direction.

The 7-inch by 1.5-inch tires are perfectly designed to provide traction on the surface. The manufacturers give a two-year warranty on the machine.

Key Features

  • The 4-stroke engine provides high-performance
  • Lightweight design for swift movement
  • Greater traction between the wheels and the surface

PowerSmart Gas Snow Blower

PowerSmart is an adequate snow clearing equipment in the gas snow blower dual-stage category. Equipped with a 212 CC PowerSmart engine, immense power is generated to drive the snow blower. The gas snow blower under 500 has an easy start button, which activates the engine at just one push. You can also switch to manual start mode. It has a clearing width of 24-inch and an intake height of 20-inch.

You can adjust the chute up to 180⁰ according to the requirement. For keeping stability on the slippery surface, the 13-inch tires are designed inflatable. These tires are made to give maximum traction on the surface. Moreover, the snow blower has adjustable metal skid shoes. It has 6 forward and 2 backward speeds for easy maneuverability of the snow blower.

PowerSmart Gas Snow Blower is affordable, portable, and compatible with wet and heavy snow.

Key Features

  • Electric push-button quickly start the blower
  • An adjustable chute directs and discharges the snow
  • Powerful auger material handles wet and heavy snow

AAVIX Single Stage Gas Snow Blower

It is one of the lightest gas snow blowers. With just 65 pounds of weight, this is best in the gas snow blower single stage category. With a recoil start function, AAVIX Gas Snow Blower is the best bet for quick and neat snow removal on the sidewalks and driveways.

Equipped with an 87 CC engine motor and a 4 stroke gas engine, the gas snow blower is small and portable.

It has a 20-inch clearing width, 21-inch intake height, and 7-inch rear and front wheels. With easy operations, the control of this gas snow blower is also effortless. You can adjust the lower spout of the chute to 180⁰ and the upper spout up to 60⁰. The manufacturer gives a one-year limited warranty on this product.

Key Features

  • Lightweight makes it easy to control
  • The chute material eliminates clogging
  • The 7-inch wheel gives better traction and stability

Murray Gas Snow Blower

Good looking and better performance, these things define the Murray single-stage gas blower. It is suitable for light snow, up to 4-inches to 6-inches. And since it is lightweight, the ease of movement and application increases. Murray Gas Snow Blower has an electric start, which drives the powerful 190 CC OHV Briggs and Stratton Snow Series four-stroke engine.

The auger is clog-resistant and so is the discharge chute. The alternate bar tread 7-inch tires are designed for easy maneuverability. For easy storage, it also has a fold-down handle. If you are looking for the best gas snow blower under 500, then Murray Gas Snow Blower is the wisest choice for you.

Key Features

  • Compactness makes it easy to control
  • Briggs and Stratton’s 4-stroke engine for high-performance
  • Superior material of auger to avoid clogging

Gas Snow Blowers or Electric Snow Blowers?

Before we dwell on the difference between a gas snow blower and an electric snow blower, let’s clear the difference between a single-stage snow blower and a two-stage snow blower. Generally, this is for a better understanding of gas and electric snow blowers. Both the variants are available in single and two-stage snow blowers.

In a single-stage snowblower, the auger cuts the snow and throws it off through the discharge chute, all in one single motion. The auger plate touches the surface to clear off the snow. In two-stage, the auger plate doesn’t touch the surface. The auger sucks the snow through an impeller, and then it is sent to the discharge chute. The addition of one more stage of impeller gave it the name two-stage gas snow blower.

Now to our main topic. The durability of a gas snow blower is greater than that of an electric snow blower. Moreover, the gas snow blowers efficiently handle the snow than electric snow blowers. If you have a bigger job of clearing a large land, opt for a gas snow blower for better performance. If you want to remove heavy snow, then a gas snow blower will work better than an electric snow blower.

Although an electric snow blower is better in some options like clearing with and ease upkeeping, gas snow blowers are still easy to manage and worthy to buy.

Safety Tips For a Gas Snow Blower

Safety is of prime importance for a gas snow blower. And so is the gas snow blower maintenance. In the areas where snowfall is pretty frequent, a gas snow blower subjects it to gradual wear and tear. Thus, it is vital to maintain it every season. This section will see some safety guidelines to keep your gas snow blower up and running for all the seasons.

  • Ensure to change the fuel every season.
  • To restrict the air intake, change the choke to the full mode.
  • Always check the spark plugs for any damage like cracks, heavy carbon coating, or burned electrodes. If you see the spark plug being flooded with gasoline, clean it very carefully and adequately before reinserting it.
  • Check the carburetor for any clogs.
  • If your gas snow blower is equipped with skid shoes, check for any wear and tear. If you see any damage, it is recommended to change it right away.
  • Change the air filter periodically.
  • Check the levers by engaging and disengaging them. And if you see any damage, change them.
  • Maintaining tire pressure is also essential.

Spare Parts

Before we conclude our discussion, we have one brief yet important topic to help you with your purchase. If any damage to your snow blower, it is wiser to keep the spare parts ready. The list is compiled considering the damage-prone parts of the snow blower.


Belts wear over time. Keeping a set or two in the backup will keep you prepared for any damages.


If you encounter any cracks on the scraper blade, keep the one I spare, as it is the most critical part of the snow blower.

Skid Shoes

Skid shoes adjust the height of the auger. If skid shoes are damaged, there will be an immediate impact on the sustainability of the auger. Hence, keep skid shoes in your spare to overcome untimely damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With so many options to choose from and the parameters to consider, selecting the best gas snow blower under 500 brings up specific questions.

Is it easy to start the gas snow blower?

Yes, it is either equipped with the traditional pull cord or some gas snow blowers that provide the electric start facility. Most of the time, the gas snow blowers with an electric start push button also feature a pull cord. In case if you are away from the plug-in source, then the pull cord is much useful.

Can you control the operation of the gas snow blower from the handlebar?

It depends on the type of gas snow blower you want to buy. If it is a single-stage gas snow blower, then there are high chances that the function keys won’t be available on the handlebar. But if it is a two-stage gas snow blower, then function keys will be available along with a joystick to control the gas snow blower’s maneuverability.

What type of auger should I look for in a gas snow blower?

You can look for plastic or steel augers if you select the best gas snow blower under 500. They are wear-resistant and durable.

What kind of gas should I use in a gas snow blower?

You can use ethanol-free gas in the gas snow blower. If an ethanol gas is used, it can damage your engine when it mixes with water in the combustion chamber. Thus, it is better to avoid ethanol gas to hamper the performance of the gas snow blower. Instead, you can use non-oxygenated ethanol-free 91-octane gas to get better results and high-performance of the snow blower.

Is winter-grade fuel good?

Winter-grade fuel contains additives that are helpful in the harsh winters. It won’t clog or freeze in the machine. Thus, if you want a good performance of the gas snow blower for a long time, then yes, winter-grade fuel is good.


We have covered every aspect to make your buy of the best gas snow blower under 500 in this article. Clearing the snow is indeed a difficult task. But the gas snow blowers are helpful to make the task an easier one.

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