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The holiday season comes with a lot of joy and incredible scenic beauty. Winters are all fun and chill until the heavy snowfall starts getting in our way and hampering the day-to-day work. With a thick snowbed in the yard and driveway, the only option left to us is to pick the shovel and get on to some tiring shoveling session. But these were the talks of the old time. Today we have numerous other choices to clear the snow-laden path without putting in a considerable amount of hard work and effort.  A snow blower is one such equipment that makes our life easy.

Today I’m going to discuss the Top 5 Best Snow Blower For Gravel Driveway. Choosing the right machine is a perplexing experience as there are many efficient blowers present in the market. All of them offer unique features, and you need to know what suits your requirements the best to obtain the anticipated results. Refer to the buying guide following the reviews section to dredge out your perfect snow blower for a gravel driveway.

Why Yardmax is the best snow blower for gravel driveway?

Being 2-stage system, this snow blower is very efficient and reliable. With an appropriate width, it can be used in all kinds of snow and offers optimum comfort. With an adjustable auger, it will not pick on the driveway’s surface and smoothly wipe away the snow layers. Perfect for a gravel driveway, floor shed, and farm, you don’t have to worry about plowing the snow-covered area anymore. With a push of a button, your problems will be solved.

The best part about this product is the width. It can clear a large area in the blink of an eye, and you can use it daily. Buying this product will save you additional money because it comes with many accessories kike headlights, heated handles, cup holders, etc.

Our Top 5 Picks

Buying Guide

Factors To Consider Before Buying Best Snow Blower For Gravel Driveway

If it is your first time buying a snowblower, various things will confuse you. Starting from types to parts, performance, motor, efficiency, etc, every aspect has to be enquired in great detail before deciding.

I will discuss all factors you need to analyze and examine before buying a snowblower for a gravel driveway in this buying guide. As there are many products in a cut-throat competition with similar qualities and very minute functional differences, read the following aspects cautiously and pick a product that would cater to your needs the best.

If your region receives less snowfall, you might not need to go for a very heavy-duty, had powered product. A single-stage snow blower will do the job. But for a deep snow layer, you will need a 2-stage snow blower at the very least. You can also pick a 3-stage snow blower as it would quicken up the whole process, and you will be able to remove snow from your gravel yard, driveway, lawn, etc., in a breeze without putting any manual work at all. Select your product wisely, depending on your needs and requirements.

This aspect depends mostly on the type of auger and its specifications. Auger could be made up of steel, plastic, iron, etc., depending upon how powerful the product is supposed to be. To clear the snow layer, which is more than 10 inches deep, choose a 2-stage snowblower as it comes with the right auger height. The width of the machine is vital to ensure quick service. A snowblower offering width of more than 20″ is a good purchase and will significantly reduce your time and labor while removing snow.

You will have to move a snowblower in dense snow conditions. For effective service and ease of use, you should buy a snowblower that offers maximum balance while using and is easy to move. A lightweight machine will give the best maneuverability, but then again, it won’t work as efficiently as a heavy-duty blower in extreme conditions. You need to choose a product that has an appropriate combination of handling convenience and working efficiency. One factor among these should not hamper the other.

Before buying a snowblower for a gravel driveway, have a check over the storage space that is available with you. You wouldn’t want to buy a piece of costly and way too big equipment to be stored in your garage as it will increase expenses, and you will have to find alternatives for storage conditions. Today, many types of equipment come with foldable handles to compact the size of the device to store it conveniently and adequately while reducing the snow blower’s height.

Depending on the width of the driveway, you might need to take additional rounds while removing snow from the gravel driveway. But as far as the process is efficient and quick, you won’t have to put in much labor and effort during the whole process.

A snowblower for gravel driveway is to be used on wet snow as well. To remove stubborn chunks of snow that have hardened, you will need a powerful machine. Choose a built machine so that it gives the most potent outcome and clears the snow in one go only. Most of the machines are made with advanced designs to serve this purpose today.

Snowblowers come in all price ranges. Depending upon the brand name and additional accessories included with the package, the cost further varies. You will have to pay attention to your requirements. If you reside in an area that doesn’t receive heavy snowfall, don’t buy a multistage, heavy snow blower machine. A snow thrower would suffice for you. As the market is overflowing with products, everybody finds their match with little knowledge and research.

Certain snow blowers for gravel driveway come with multiple accessories to provide extra comfort of use. These accessories include LED headlights, heated grips for the handle, skid shoes, etc. As you might need these extras in unfavorable circumstances, purchase a product that includes all these items. It will cut your extra expenses.

As snow blower is a technical product, you should buy a machine which has a good warranty attached to it. The units I have mentioned in this article contain good warranty deals and come from reputed brands. If not a prolonged warranty, look for a machine whose manufacturer offers lifetime technical support so that you won’t be left clueless in times of need.

Best Snow Blowers for Gravel Driveway Reviews

2-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

The corded, electric snow blower machine is everything you can ask for. It’s 2-stage, which means it can throw snow out of the chute twice. The specially designed auger prevents the scooping of gravel from the driveway and only works on the snow swath. What’s more attractive is it’s the cost!

This high-end product will not burden your pocket and is worth the money you will spend. If you live in a place where snowfall is widespread and you regularly encounter the ice invasion, it’s time to upgrade your tools. This machine is capable of reducing your labor and helping you out in the most challenging circumstances.

Yardmax is a well-known and reputed brand with a tight set of customers worldwide who trust the quality of products offered by them. The machine offers a brilliant handle and balance to the user and generally starts quickly in one go itself. It also offers a decent self-propelling feature and multiple speed settings to be used as per your requirements.

9.6Expert Score
Best Overall

Our Pick must to have in your yard

  • Self-propelling features
  • Comes with 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • A wider mouth saves time
  • Proposes easy handling and maneuvering
  • Worth the price paid
  • Assembly of the equipment is very complex and time-taking, you might need technical support for the same

2-Stage Gas Powered Electric Snow Blower

First of all, the machine’s adjustable shoes are made of metal, which scoops only the wanted snow layer and nothing from the gravel driveway. There are 6 forward and 2 reverse speed settings for your convenience. The snow shovel width is 24 inches wide, which allows you to clear the snow in one go and operate in a large area.  PowerSmart snowblower has 2 starting mechanisms-electric and manual, and it’s effortless to handle.

The tires of this machine are inflatable and wide. With appropriate weight balance, it keeps the user free from fatigue. If you are looking for a snowblower that could be used on thick snow layers without getting clogged, this might be the perfect match for you. With a user-friendly instruction manual, it is easy to assemble and comes with a limited warranty too.

Buying this machine will not make a hole in your pocket, and you will get a powerful tool for snow removal for all kinds of work, such as removing snow from the driveway, gravel farm, and yard, etc. Keep in mind that you will have to keep the auger setting slightly above the ground to project the gravel surface.

9.4Expert Score
Best Budget

  • Powerful enough to throw the snow 40 ft away
  • Comes with adjustable metal shoes
  • The affordable price range with the best features
  • User-friendly instruction manual included in the package
  • Equipped with inflatable tires
  • The warranty period is only for a year, and limited could have been a little prolonged and flexible

Dual-Stage Push Start Snow Blower

Briggs and Stratton is a known brand in electrical equipment and delivers quality products to its consumers. Coming with freehand control, this equipment is very maneuverable and easy to use. It is a very convenient tool for beginners as it’s simple to assemble, and anyone without any technical knowledge.

The outer body of the machine is very sturdy and doesn’t get damaged very easily. If you are wondering about the auger, it is adjustable and offers a 20″ deep plus 27″ Wide design. You will be able to clear the snow around the gravel driveway, lawn and deck within minutes and without tiring your body at all.

This machine has various eye-catching features too. These include reversible skid shoe chute rotation mounted on the dash, electric start, reflector control, etc. If you want to include a powerful tool in your garage that is affordable and delivers exceptional performance, this product will make all your wishes come true. With an impressive 3-year warranty given by the manufacturer, this snow blower is a terrific steal deal for you.

9.2Expert Score
Best For Beginners

  • The best product to use for beginners
  • Provides Optimum weight balance to the user
  • Auger could be adjusted as per the requirement of the user
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty offered by the manufacturer
  • 27 inch width for additional coverage amd quick operation 
  • It makes a lot of noise while the operation goes on

Single-Stage Corded Snow Blower

Offered by SnowJoe, this machine is a quick-operating equipment for small driveway and lawns. It doesn’t need any maintenance, and you won’t have to fill it up with oil, gas, etc., frequently. Being lightweight, it’s very maneuverable and easy to handle. With an instant start technology, the system offers a throw distance of 20 ft. This equipment is more of a thrower than a blower. The auger blades are abrasive free and cold resistant. They don’t get damaged easily and are very powerful for shoveling snow.

The chute control in this equipment is exceptional. It can rotate 180 degrees and provide control of the snow stream. Scraper plate provides easy gliding of the machine, and your deck or gravel surface does not get damaged. If you are looking for a mid-sized device for snow removal, which is in-budget and delivers apt performance, this product is what you need.

It churns the snow and minces it effortlessly, and is quiet in operation. You won’t have to fear waking your neighbors up early in the morning while using it. Coming with a 2-year warranty, this product will exceed all your expectations, and you won’t regret this choice at all.

8.7Expert Score
Best Compact and Lightweight

  • Quiet operation
  • Durable throwing part of the equipment
  • It comes with a scraper plate for smooth movement over the gravel surface
  • 180 degree rotating head with control over snow stream
  • Medium sized equipment for easy storage
  • It doesn't have an electric start
  • It might not be suitable for heavy snowfall conditions.
  • More of a Snowthrower than a blower

Single-Stage Electric Start Snow Blower

Compared to the other products in my recommendation list, this one is a bit newer in the market, but that has nothing to do with its capability. This product is perfect for you if you live in a packed residential area, as it delivers the quietest performance. The motor is made maintenance-free and is durable. You will love how compact the design of this equipment is, and it would fit in your garage very easily. If your area receives frequent light snowfalls, Green works snowblower is everything that you need to keep yourself out of trouble.

You can easily control the height and direction of the chute in this machine. It can rotate 180 degrees flawlessly and never gets clogged. Handlebars of this snow blower are adjustable and can be folded after the work is finished for proper storage. Generally, this is almost impossible with bigger machines, and hence storage is always a significant issue with them.

Specially designed for light snowfall, the machine is suitable for 6-7 inches deep snow. If you are still using traditional methods of removing snow, the time has come to upgrade your ways. If you want to replace your shovel with a snowblower but are skeptical about purchasing a costly machine at the very start, this product will be a good ice-breaker for you.

8.2Expert Score
Best Noise-Free

  • It offers excellent maneuverability due to its lightweight.
  • Variable Controls for the chute
  • It comes with a 4-year warranty
  • Easy to store in your garage due to it's compact size
  • Affordable and reasonable purchase
  • The cord is not included in the package 
  • Suitable for light snow only

How To Use Snow Blower The Correct Way?

As a beginner, you might have few troubles using a snowblower for the first time. With advancements in technology, many new features keep getting added to the machine, making its operation more complex. Addressing this concern, I’m providing you a usage guide for a snowblower’s proper undertaking for a gravel driveway. Have a look:

Starting The Machine

Your snowblower machine could be a single stage or double stage. When it comes to starting the equipment, this factor doesn’t matter. You will have to pull the rope for a manual start until you feel resistance, and the engine will get started. Nowadays, snow blowers come with an electric start, in which you just have to plug the machine, and it’s good to go. Once the machine is started, the operator will move it in the forwarding direction, and the controller will engage the auger. The auger swipes snow for a 2-stage snow blower and feeds it to the impeller, which minces and sends it to the chute where it’s finally released.


Snowblowers come with a lot of adjustment options for the chute and auger. For proper functioning and preventing any damage to the gravel driveway, you will have to set the auger slightly higher, so it doesn’t touch the ground and the chute, as per the required height.

Working Through The Driveway

First of all, remove any debris, wood, leaves, etc., from the pathway. If this is not done, your snowblower might get clogged and pose some difficulty in operation. Choose how you would want to pile the discharged and removed snow. You can either mount it on both sides of the driveway or at a corner. Do not forget to remove the plow pile as it might get wet and hardened if left unattended, and you will have to pick the shovel finally.


Working with a snowblower will get comfortable after some time, and removing snow from the gravel floor shed, gravel farm, and gravel driveway will look like a cakewalk to you. But with the passing time, the machine will demand maintenance, and if appropriate care is not provided, it might get wrecked.
Keep oiling the parts whenever any visible friction appears, clean the clogs in time, and don’t let excessive debris coagulation stay inside the machine. Refer to the instruction manual when changing any part of the machine for proper assembly. Do not let the machine run for an extended period and give it rest before it heats up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Choosing a technical product for a specific task can be a mind-boggling task. With so many product choices present online, I understand your perplexity. But trust me, you are not alone! There are many users like you who go through the same experience until they find the right product.

To induce some clarity, I’m going to answer some of the frequently asked questions by users. Read the following queries and see if you could relate to any. If yes, the answer is right below each of them. Have a look: 

The simple answer to this question is yes! A snowblower will effectively remove layers of snow from the gravel driveway without damaging it. What needs to be kept in mind is the adjustability of the auger.

If the auger is movable and easy to adjust, you can just lift it a bit above the gravel surface and use the machine. In fact, with a self-propelling, multistage snow blower, your labor will be reduced to zero, and with just a press of a button, the machine will operate without any hassle.

Even a single-stage snowblower does the job. It just might take a little more time if yours. But if time is the determinant, you should choose between a 2-stage or 3-stage device. The former will throw snow out of the chute two times, and the latter will do the same at an accelerated speed. For gravel driveway and floor shed, a double stage snow blower is most appropriate as it would fit your budget and give out the expected result.

The difference between both of these machines lies in working. A snow thrower scoops out the snow and shoots it out of the chute in one motion continuously. It is generally a single-stage unit. Whereas, a snow blower is a bit more advanced, and the process of snow removal starts at the auger, which takes in the snow, transfer it to a fan-like part called an impeller, which kicks it out of the chute. The latter machine is the second stage and much powerful.

They indeed are! If you are residing in a region where snowfall is widespread and the density is high, you will need a double stage snow blower to do the job. They are not only worthwhile for dry snow layers but also remove wet snow pretty quickly.  The same could be done with a single-stage snow blower, too, but it would take more time and might require you to pick up a shovel.

A skid shoe helps the machine avoid picking gravel, pebbles, rock, etc., from the ground. It only allows the auger to wipe the layer of the snow and mince it. So the answer is yes! Skid shoes will allow you a safe snowblower operation without damaging the gravel surface and the machine.


When buying a snowblower for a gravel driveway, you have to be extra careful, as an improper machine might damage the surface and scoop away the travels with some too. There are various factors you will need to consider before choosing the correct product.

I hope my recommended Top 5 Best Snow Blower For Gravel Driveway helps you find the most appropriate product as per your requirement.

Experience a premium service through these products while keeping your body at ease. If the article has been an aid to you in any manner, share it with your friends and family and lend a hand in providing them a carefree winter season this year.

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