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If you are a full-time farmer or are preparing your garden for sowing season, a tine tiller is an essential piece of equipment you would want to keep ready with you. Breaking through the hard ground which has never been tilled before is a strenuous job and takes a lot of time and labor. Without tiling equipment, you will have to spend days getting it ready for cultivation. That is why keeping a rear tine tiller handy is advantageous and would lead to reducing your manual work.

In the following article, I will discuss the 5 Best Rear Tine Tiller under $1000. Check out the features and specifications that each of these products offers and understands which unit suits your requirement the most. A closer look into the buying guide will help you get multi-dimensional insight on the Rear Tine Tiller.

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YARDMAX Rear Tine Tiller Dual Rotating (YT4565)

Why YARDMAX Rear Tine Tiller outperforms others?

This versatile product is undoubtedly exceptional and difficult to miss out on. It functions well for all types of soils and land conditions. The dual rotation has an incredible speed of 190 RPM, and for the job real quick. With seven adjustments for depth and self-sharpening tiller tines, you get everything in this product that one can wish for.

You get 2 speed optional in the machine and an adjustable side shield as well. With the 2 year residential warranty, you get the best deal in an economical price range.

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Top 5 Picks For Best Rear Tine Tiller Under $1000


Rear Tine Tiller Dual Rotating
Key Features

  • Dual rotation with forwarding and counter-rotating
  • Seven adjustments for depth
  • Briggs and Stratton engine powerful enough to provide required torque and rotational speed

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Best Overall
Our Pick


Rear Tine Tiller Dual Directional
Key Features

  • Quiet engine functioning
  • Easy shiting of the tiller over hard ground
  • Appropriate for single-hand use

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Best Handling

Champion (100380)

Rear Tine Tiller Dual Rotating
Key Features

  • Offers 19-inch width and 8-inch depth for tilling
  • Agricultural tires for uneven terrain
  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty and lifetime support for technical concerns

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Best Brand Value

Husqvarna (CRT900L)

Rear Tine Tiller Counter Rotating Tines
Key Features

  • 17-inches large tiling width
  • It comes with a three year warranty period
  • 900 OHV Briggs and Stratton engine

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Best Heavy Duty

Southland (SRTT196E)

Rear Tine Tiller Counter Rotating
Key Features

  • Comes with forward and reverse gear system
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Gas engine, four-cycle

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Best For Home Gardening

Buying Guide

What To Look For In The Best Tine Tiller Under 1000?


Tine tillers could be rear or front. A front tine tiller is less expensive and comes with an engine mounted right over the tines. It is good to use in a small area as the tines only rotate in the forward direction, but for a more significant garden area or agricultural use, rear tine tillers are the best. They come with various features like counter-rotation, dual rotation situation, etc., which allow quick tilling and easy manipulation of the land’s soil into consideration.

Engine And Power

The engine in a Rear Tine Tiller comes in two options 2-cycle or 4-cycle. Both of these engines are strong, but the former makes a lot of noise while operating. A 4-cycle engine is less noisy and increases the fuel efficiency and hence, cuts the expense.

Soil quality and texture vary in every area. In certain areas, you might need a machine that has more power to break through the toughest clods and manipulate them into fine particles. You will have to look into the power output an engine offers more power, more land covered with ease in less time.


There are numerous options available for tires of the device as well. You can go for an airless option, which will save you from the hassle of filling up the tire with air now and then. The tire should also be heavy and made of good quality material to lessen your labor and smooth movement. Select a Rear Tine Tiller machine with tires of right width and traction and work on all soil kinds.

Tilling Depth And Width

Different seeds need to be sown at different depths in the soil. For this, you will need a Rear Tine Tiller, which has an adjustable tine length. Usually, this will allow you to change the tilling depth as per your requirement and type of seed.

The base width of a tilling device is one aspect you need to enquire about a little more in detail. If you will use the machine in a massive patch of land or big agricultural farmland, buy a tiller with the maximum width. Generally, this would allow you to till a large area in less amount of time.


The tine in a Rear Tine Tiller is one of the most fundamental components of the machine. It does the main job. Generally, the tines are made of tough, carbon, or hardened steel. They are located behind the tires and are long and sharp. As their work involves hitting rocky soil particles, they might need sharpening after a certain period. Choose a machine that has a durable tine part for long-lasting usage.


Rear Tine Tiller is a pretty bulky and large machine. If this feature is not included in the device, you might experience frequent jerking. For increasing maneuverability and comfort, counterbalancing is a must. It ensures that your tiller is stable, and you are allowed to use it without any struggle conveniently.

Rotation Style

A Tine Tiller comes with three options of rotation. The one’s incorporating forward rotation move in the direction of the wheels. They are useful in loosening the upper layer of the soil. The next option for you is a counter-rotating tiller, in which the tines move in the opposite direction of the wheel. If you are going to start gardening in a never-tilled patch of land, this kind of machine will allow efficient churning and mixing of organic components in the soil.

Nowadays, dual-rotation tillers are in the hype as they offer both of the above stated rotational styles and give you the best outcome.

Drag Bar

Not all Rear Tine Tillers come with a drag bar. If you want to have a mobile, freely moving tine tiller, go for the one who has this feature. It ensures consistency in the tilling process and maintains the proper depth you desire for.

Gear Transmission

This feature lets your machine run smoothly in any terrain condition. Gear transmission comes in reverse, forward and neutral facets. Reverse gear transmission is crucial to keep your tool moving even when it’s stuck. When the tiller hits on more rigid material or takes aback, it would get stopped and stuck without the reverse gear transmission. Forward gear transmission is the most significant feature as it is responsible for speedy and smooth tiling. A neutral gear transmission helps in easy transportation and increases the comfort quotient. You might get most of these characteristics in modern tilling equipment if your budget is a little flexible.


Handling a Rear Tine Tiller could be a little tricky if not paid attention to while purchasing. Handles could be fixed or adjustable. The latter is better as it could be mounted according to the user’s height and changed as per requirements anytime. If you are going to be the sole- user of the equipment, you can buy the machine with a fixed handle suiting your height as it would be a little cheaper.

Operation-wise, the handle could be bike style or pistol- grip style. The bike style handle is used with one hand, and the other one uses both hands to provide extra control over the machine. Again price is the factor you need to consider before going for any one of these. Single-handed tillers are a bit less expensive than the double-hand ones.


A rear tine tiller will have to work on harsh terrain conditions too, where the land is uneven and excessively rocky. You might need a few replacements and modifications in the parts. It is best to buy a product from a reputed Rear Tine Tiller brand and offers a warranty. The items reviewed in this article come with a warranty, and so you don’t have to worry about it. Moreover, also check whether the manufacturer provides technical support for any future inconvenience with your machine.

Dimension And Width

For a machine to offer quick tilling, you will have to look over its width and dimension. Also, if the equipment is extensive and takes more space, you won’t fit it in a small space, which will pose storage issues. Buy a small and compact Rear Tilling machine if you will use it in your home garden. You can go for a larger, more efficient machine for commercial use as you will naturally have an adequate storage space then.

Top 5 Best Tine Tiller


208Cc, Rear Tine Tiller Dual Rotating

The equipment is powerful enough for any kind of ground and soil. If you want a tiller device for your backyard garden or any professional usage, this equipment will efficiently cater to your needs. YT4565 being durable and low maintenance, the tiller comes with a drive system that is self-propelled to cut on your extra labor. YARDMAX comes with a dual rotational mechanism; the product has a broad base to cover more ground in less time and seven depth adjustments for deep tiling.

With a comfortable and safe design to use single-handedly, the body of this product is designed to provide maximum balance to the user. The tires are AG tread, which ensures additional ease in handling and safety. The engine coming with the tiler is exceptionally efficient and offers a 9.5 torque. Dual speed allows adjustment as per the user’s requirement.

If you are looking for a cost-efficient tiling unit and doesn’t require a lot of manual work from your end, the Yardmax tine tiller is the best choice for you. It will last longer and won’t impose unnecessary troubles. One of the best parts is that the dual rotational tine tiller comes with a residential and commercial warranty, so you don’t have to worry about investing in this piece. At this price, this product is a steal deal for you.

9.7Expert ScoreBest Overall

Our Pick for Best Rear Tine Tiller Under $1000


  • Simple handling and safe to use
  • Multiple depth adjustments to facilitate tiling for any kind of land
  • Strong 208 cc engine offering 9.5 torque and 190 RPM
  • Adjustable side shields


  • Oil filling in the engine is difficult
  • Not the best tine tiller for moist land condition

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Rear Tine Tiller Dual Directional

Being one of the most known products globally, Earthquake’s tiller is highly trustable and durable. The Dual directional tine tiller’s broad base helps in friendly handling and avoidance of tripping and excessive shaking. This product could be used for small tilling work like in your backyard gardens or in a commercial farm space. Tires coming with the unit are wireless, and therefore, they never go flat. In addition to that, they are also designed, so that dirt accumulation on them is minimal.

If you are searching for a piece of equipment that could be used in a tight space, this product is just the one for you. Dual handlebars help in keeping balance and make maneuvering in crowded places easy. The tine rototiller is quick to shift positions and doesn’t take much time and effort yours.

There is no need to shift gears while reversing the machine, and you can conveniently pull the handle to do the same. As the equipment is light, it is portable and fit for use in people of every age. With an easy starting feature, the engine doesn’t waste a lot of your time. There are 2-speed options available, and you can switch between them according to your needs. If a compact rototiller with maximum features is what you are looking for, Earthquake Rear Tine Tiller will exceed all your expectations.

8.5Expert ScoreBest Handling


  • Provides hassle-free shifting
  • Comfortable to use by even old -aged people
  • Airless wheels, no need to gas them up frequently.


  • A little expensive and better models in the same Rear Tine Tiller brand are available.

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Champion (100380)

Rear Tine Tiller Dual Rotating with Self-Propelled Agricultural Tires

First of all, this machine is equipped with a self-propelling mechanism that allows you to adjust the direction only rarely. The start is recoil type and cast iron. With a 4-stroke engine, Champion Tine Tiller is compelling and apt for high duty cultivation purposes. Bidirectional shredding design offers ease in breaking sods. Your only job is to guide the machine, and it will do all the job on its own.

This product is best to use in a larger area. The broad base doesn’t require you to take many rounds if the area to be cultivated big, and your labor is significantly reduced. Perfect for moist and problematic soil conditions, the four steel tines are rigid and capable of penetrating any land. The days of frustrating tilling before the sowing season are gone. With this easy to maintain, versatile, dual directional tine tiller, you will have to spend less time in the tedious job of cultivating.

The assembling of this tool is very easy, and the package comes with an instruction manual. For long term usage with quality performance, buy this counter-rotating tiller, and enjoy a premium experience.

8.5Expert ScoreBest Brand Value


  • Provides suitable balance
  • Offered by a reputed brand, so, no quality issues.
  • Low maintenance


  • Not very comfortable to use on an intensely clayey ground

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Husqvarna (CRT900L)

17-Inch 12.51cc Briggs & Stratton Rear Tine Tiller Counter Rotating Tines

Husqvarna comes with a reverse and a forward gear, and this product is apt for use in case of frequent cultivation and plowing. The rotational speed is high and efficient, and you will be able to tile the most formidable land with ease. The engine offered in this unit is 12.51 cc and enables easy pull start. Look-wise, the tiller is classic and attractive; it stands out among all the other products present in the market.

The equipment easily slides on the ground and doesn’t let any hard objects come your way. Standard pump gas is good enough to keep your machine going, and you don’t need additional gas or oil mixture. Torque quickly gets increased and results in thoroughly plowed land. When used in a challenging terrain condition, the in-built drag bar allows maximum comfort and provides stability. Tine material is very sturdy and breaks through the most challenging patches of land. Since the tilling tines rotate anti-clockwise and tire in a clockwise direction, the machine operates forwardly in the steadiest way.

Ensuring long term use, an investment in this equipment will not let you down. Large handles will allow good maneuverability, plus you get a warranty from the manufacturer. So, all in all, this unit is a fantastic deal for passionate gardeners and professionals.

9.2Expert ScoreBest Heavy Duty


  • Cost-efficient unit with high-quality performance
  • Fast tilling operation with increased torque
  • Enlarged handles provide ease of usage and handling.


  • Adjusting the handles of this machine is quite a complicated task.

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Southland (SRTT196E)

196cc, 4 Cycle, 9.6 foot-pound, OHV Engine, Rear Tine Tiller Counter Rotating

Manufactured by the brand Southland Outland Power Equipment, the rear tine tiller is perfect for your small garden. It’s not designed like the regular heavy-duty yard machines but is relatively compact and lightweight. If you want to gift a garden tool to your elder relatives who love gardening, this product is the best choice. The counter-rotating tines are self-sharpening and will not need frequent cleaning. With pneumatic tires, the machine is fit for operation in rugged terrain. Are you wondering about the tiling depth? Well, you don’t have to worry at all. With 10 inch depth and 18-inch tilling width, you would be able to cover the desired patch and in no time.

A powerful OHV, 4-cycles, 196 cc engine is all you need for a comfortable plowing experience. Due to the recoil system and simple assembly, this tine tiller is very easy to start. There is also a depth regulator for proper adjustment of the tine tiller’s depth. It can provide 9.6lb/ ft torque for a better tilling attempt in the hardest of grounds. Capable of removing weeds and breaking rocky soil, this item will loosen the soil and aerate it to sow seeds.

8Expert ScoreBest For Home Gardening


  • 2-years warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • Depth regulator lever
  • Cost-efficient unit with raised handles, tine and drag bar


  • The operation of the engine is very noisy
  • Not very fit for heavy-duty usage

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Benefits Of Best Tine Tiller Under 1000

You might come across questions like – is there a need to buy a tine tiller? Can one till the land by hand? Well, yes, you can. There is no “need” to buy a Rear Tine Tiller if you have a lot of time, patience, and commitment. You can till the soil part by part using hand, but it will drain all your energy and result in frustration. To avoid this, purchasing a Tine Tiller is a reasonable thing to do. If you are still wondering about the need for tilling the land with a tine tiller’s help, the following are some benefits of using a tiller to clear all your doubts.


As already mentioned above, a rear tine tiller will help you till the garden or field in no time. You won’t have to spend hours manually removing the weeds; it would do that too for you. In addition to that, the machine would let you till the soil in the desired depth, which you can’t do by hand.

Balancing Nutrition Content

As the tiller thoroughly tills the land, you can add the manure and fertilizers to balance the poor soil’s nutrition content. A nicely pulverized soil mixed with organic content is essential for the promising growth of plants.

Removing Weeds

Weeds take up the soil’s water and nutrition while your plant is growing and adds to their competition. This way, it hampers their growth. You need to ensure the removal of weed and other roots from the last harvest to give a perfect habitat for new seeds to grow. A tine tiller will take out these unwanted plants in no time and leave the soil weed and root- free and prevent the proliferation of pests too.


Tilling induces proper aeration in the soil and enriches it with nutrients and oxygen. This way, oxygen, and minerals quickly hit the plant roots and provide perfect conditions for a healthy growing plant.

Reducing Labor

Rear tine tillers today come with easy operation and effortless mechanisms. You don’t even need to lift a piece of plowing equipment; this equipment only needs your supervision and independently performs the complete task. This way, you can cut on the manual labor and not spend tiring hours in the field, straining your body.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With so many options present in the market to choose from, buying a Rear Tine Tiller could be a baffling experience. You might come up with various doubts in this process. Below are some frequently asked questions about the machine. Have a look:

Do the tines of a Rear Tine Tiller need frequent sharpening?

Well, it depends on the work you are putting the machine to. Tines are generally made of thick and strong metal and do not get damaged easily. But if you use the tiller for in-depth plowing and pulverizing, the machine might get wear and tear while hitting rocky particles. The sharpening doesn’t have to be frequent, though. After the purchase, you can use the tool for an extended period until there is a visible need to sharpen the blade.

When should you use a Rear Tine Tiller?

The best time to use a tine tiller is in spring and autumn. You should not use it on wet soil as it would result in rocky- clods forming later. For the best outcome, till the desired area 2-3 weeks before sowing the seeds and when the land is semidry, after a good rain.

Is tilling an area before planting samplings necessary?

It indeed is. Tilling breaks the clods and sides formed in the soil and reduces the crusted soil into smaller particles. Further, this helps in generating a good flow of water to the plant. Also, it helps in aerating the area and mixing the organic components present in the soil, which is beneficial for the proper growth of crops. If you don’t know till an area before sowing, weeds won’t get removed and will hamper the plants’ growth later.

What kind of engine is the best in a Rear Tine Tiller?

It doesn’t matter what kind of engine the machine is using. What is more important is whether it’s delivering adequate power or not. Choose a machine that has an engine with sound output in terms of power. As the type of fuel used in this equipment is almost the same, you won’t have to wander around the fuel type a lot.

How often Should tilling be done?

Tilling helps in removing unnecessary weeds and roots of crops left in the soil from the previous harvest. It also mixes the organic matter well. It is advised to till the soil twice a year. Once before sowing the seeds and once after the harvesting is complete. You should not over-till the soil as it would reduce its water-retaining capacity.


Tilling the ground before sowing seeds is a very crucial step. The manual plowing and pulverizing can take a long time and energy. Traditional methods are outdated, and in this era, you need modern solutions with advanced technologies to reduce the time and pain. I hope my recommendation of Best Rear Tine Tiller under $1000 would help you find your perfect match. Do not forget to read the buying guide following the reviews section to understand what you need in the equipment for the best possible result.

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