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Mowing your lawn is a gigantic task. It is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort to get the lawn mowed according to your requirement. But this becomes easy if you have an efficient lawn mower. Mowers come in many types and functions. But we have compiled the list of the best large walk behind mowers.

Generally, this will help you to select the best lawn mower for the season. Along with the best options, we have also compiled a comprehensive guide to buying lawn mowers with their benefits and maintenance tips. Following are the five best large walk behind mowers.

Why PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower outperforms others?

PowerSmart Gas-powered Lawn Mower is an all-rounder. Be it performance or productivity, PowerSmart gas lawn mower aces it all. The 4-stroke 170 CC OHV engine of the mower makes it powerful to cut the tallest and the toughest grass.

The adjustable height, 21-inches clearance width, powerful traction, and a huge bagger are PowerSmartGas Lawn Mower features. PowerSmart offers additional features that add up to its score.

Top 5 Picks For Best Large Walk Behind Mower

Buying Guide

Features To Consider Before Buying A Large Walk Behind Mower

Selecting the best from the rest can be an overwhelming task. With unlimited options available out there, it is so confusing the buy the one large walk behind mower. Sometimes it is the large walk behind mower operation that takes priority over other features, and sometimes it is the cutting capabilities. To buy without a walk behind a mower without proper research can land you into the world of confusion and unworthy choices.

To clear these doubts, we have compiled a list of essential features to help you get the best mower for your lawn. Following are the points to keep in mind while making a purchase.

Engine equals performance. The engines range from 140 CC to 230 CC for walk behind mowers depending upon the mower’s operation. A large engine is better for tough cutting. It enables the cutting of wet and tall grass. Walk-behind mowers are classified on the type of engines they use.

There are many types of engines ranging from a basic level to a higher level. The basic engine being the traditional engine with side-valves. Overhead valves and cams now replace them. Briggs and Stratton have introduced a direct overhead valve for the new walk behind mowers. As you go up the ladder of engine quality, the price also goes up. But in return, you get better performance, optimum fuel consumption, less noise, less vibration, and less emission.

Mowers have different functions to treat the clippings. First is mulching, that is, to cut the clippings, repeatedly, into fine particles. The second function is to discharge the clippings. The third step is to gather the clippings in the bag attached to the mower. It is always beneficial to buy a walk behind mower with all the three functions available in it. Further, this gives maximum efficiency and versatility to the mower and eases your work.

Usually, mowers are controlled in four ways. The first is by the metal rod or bail situated near the handle. The second is designed such that it can be pushed with your thumb. The third way works in the same way as the brakes on a bike. A lever is adjusted by squeezing it against the handle. The fourth way is an efficient way of telescoping handle that is pushed forward to gain more speed and released for diminishing the speed.

Selecting the control system is vital. It is so because it determines the maneuverability of the large walk behind mowers and your comfort. For too much back and forth motion, lever-operated controls are the best for easy movements. Lever handles easily cuts the grass around the corners or helps in sudden stops.

Some mowers are self-propelled, while others require a manual push. Some mowers are equipped with drive systems that direct the movements of front and rear wheels. It is better to have a self-propelled drive for a large area walk behind mowers. They are perfect for large and medium yards or lawns ranging between 4000 sq ft to 6000 sq ft.

The front-drive system is perfect for flat yards. For slopes, rear-drive systems provide better traction, especially when you have a heavy bagger.

You don’t want to spend mowing your garden and sweating. For a large area walk behind mower, comfort is a prime concern. Usually, this also stands true for push lawn mowers. You are going to spend a long time with the mower; hence make sure it remains comfortable. Look for adjustable handle mowers that allow you to adjust the height according to your ease.

Where cutting width reduces the time required for the job, the cutting height determines its quality. The cutting height is different for different grass sizes. Some mowers have adjustable levers to change the height of the pair of wheels. Some mowers adjust the height of all four wheels simultaneously. These adjustments should work smoothly to get the desired cut.

There is a clear message with this feature- never underestimate this function. Suppose, if you have to empty the bag of mower frequently, or say you have to remove some obstacles along the way, it would be frustrating to start and stop your engine every time.

The way out for this is simple. While buying a large walk behind mower, look for Brake Blade Clutch or BBC feature. With this, you can safely leave the mower, and it will remain intact with its engine running.

For a better large walk behind mower mulching, look for special features in the mowers, like mulching blades or composite deck. If you want to collect the grass in the bag, make sure the bag is easy to install and remove. Some mowers also give an additional side discharge chute facility when your grass is too long to be bagged or mulched.

Some high-end features can also mulch and bag simultaneously, along with the number of clippings.

If you are thinking of buying the best large walk behind mower, then look for its durability. Is it easy to tune up the mower? Are the parts replaceable? Can oil filter be easily changed? Is the large walk behind mower kit available with the mower? These are some questions that you should remember while buying a lawn mower.

You can encounter some maintenance issues in some of the large walk behind mowers, but a solution to these issues determines the product’s durability.

Now comes the critical point- the price of the large walk behind lawn mowers. As the performance of the mower goes on increasing, the price sees a rise too. Selection of the large walk behind mower also depends upon the area to be mowed. Generally, this, in turn, impacts the price of the mower. For bigger, you will need a powerful mower. A powerful mower means a high-performance engine and additional features. These parameters increase the cost of the mower.

Nevertheless, the budget and requirements go hand in hand. Look for a mower that will have a long life worthy enough of your spendings.

Another light yet large walk behind the mower is the PowerSmart Gas-powered lawn mower. PowerSmart Gas Mower comes with height adjustments up to 5 positions. The 170 CC OHV gas-powered engine supplies a robust back-up to the lawn mower. Its 4-stroke engine powers up the mower to cut the tallest and the toughest grass, up to 21-inch width. You can use the PowerSmart lawn mower for a longer time, thanks to its air-cooling system.

The large cut walk behind the mower had a cutting range of 1.8-inches to 3.0-inches. It has 3-in-1 mulching, rear, and side discharge capabilities. The mower is easy to move because of its 8-inches rear tires. A bagger is attached to the mower with a holding capacity of 18 gallons, thus reducing your time for the work. The handle is easily foldable and can be stored, saving a lot of space.

The fuel tank of PowerSmart Lawn Mower is 0.21 gallons, and the oil capacity of 16.9 fl. Oz. The manufactures of PowerSmart provide a warranty period of 3 years and a commitment to genuine service.

9.5Expert Score
Best Overall

Our Pick must to have in your yard

  • Very lightweight
  • Agile
  • 5 adjustable levels
  • 8-inch rear wheels
  • Recoil starter
  • Huge capacity bagger
  • Easy storage
  • Single speed
  • Weak self-propel belt

One of the lightest and best large walk-behind mowers, the Craftsman mower is undoubtedly the best buy. The 159 CC OHV gas engine has auto choke and recoil that eliminates the choke and primer’s discomfort. The three characteristics of side discharge, mulching, and rear discharge, along with a bagger, makes Craftsman a versatile walk behind lawn mower.

The maneuverability of the Craftsman lawn mower is effortless. The front-wheel allows turn, tip-up, and easy movement on any terrain. Easy maneuvering on any terrain is also possible due to the 8-inch front and 11-inch rear tires. The propulsion speed can be adjusted according to your pace as Crafstman Lawn Mower supports self-propelled drive.

The dual lever setting allows trimming and is adjustable up to six different heights. It has a 21-inches deck width, which is optimum for a wide-area walk-behind mower. The manufacturer provides a 2- year warranty on the product.

9Expert Score
Best Maneuverability

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to start
  • Self-propelled
  • Good traction
  • Compatible on any terrain
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Easy side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching
  • Loud
  • Maintenance issue

Concerned about mowing the big yard in the shortest time? Turn to Toro TimeMaster self-propelled gas lawnmower. With a broader coverage, Toro TimeMaster mows the yard much faster. It’s 30’’ deck gives a faster response to get the job done. Toro TimeMaster is self-propelled and adjusts to your pace. Even in uneven terrain, the Traction Assistance Handle lets you control the mower smoothly and efficiently. The Toro Atomic Blades and Dual Force Cutting system finely cut the grass to give your lawn a clean and green look.

The Briggs and Stratton 223 CC OHV gas-powered engine makes Toro TimeMaster one of the most powerful large walk-behind mowers. The 2- point height of cut ranges from 1.25-inch to 4.25-inch. The features don’t end here. The handle height has been designed to provide optimum height and maximum comfort to the user. The manufacturers offer a 3-years warranty on the mower.

9Expert Score
Best Engine

  • Time saver
  • Safety stop
  • Adjustable pace
  • Self-propelled
  • High-performance Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Dual-force cutting
  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean
  • Wider cutting path
  • Loud
  • Small gas tank
  • Weak belt

Another one in the best large walk behind lawn mowers is the Pulsar Gasoline-powered walk behind lawn mower. With 173 CC 4-stroke gasoline-powered engine drives the mower to cut the grass with ease. Pulsar walk behind mower has height adjustments up to 7 positions, 22-inch deck, and a cutting width of 21-inches. More features include 3-in-1 mulching, rear and side discharge capabilities, along with a rear bag.

The 8-inch front and 10-inch rear wheels give the required maneuverability to the lawn mower in any terrain. Just to ensure safe handling, brakes are attached to the handles. The spark plug wrench is included with the mower. The Pulsar Lawn Mower has a recoil start function to get the machine into action. It is good looking and lightweight with excellent efficiency in working.

8.5Expert Score
Best Lightweight

  • High-performance engine
  • Not noisy
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Compatible on any terrain
  • Easy assembly
  • No foldable handles
  • Clogging in bagger ports

Troy Bilt Gas Lawn Mower made it into the best large walk behind mowers due to its durability and efficiency. The gas-powered large walk-behind mower is equipped with a 159 CC Troy Bilt OHV engine. It also has an automatic choke release to avoid engine flooding. Troy Bilt Gas Lawn Mower is the lightest of all the gas snow blowers on the list. A 1.9-bushel bag is included with the mower and the main three side discharge features, rear discharge, and mulching.

Troy Built’s best feature is its cutting ability, which is attributed to its rake bumper and a 21-inch deck and tri-action cutting system. Likewise, this also eliminates the chances of clumping. The 11-inches tires provide more excellent maneuverability and traction on any terrain, rough or hilly. The faster turning and easy control makes the Troy Bilt gas lawn mower to stand among the best.

The cutting width of 21-inches and the cutting height between 1.25-inches to 3.75-inches is large enough to make your lawn mowing easy and fast. Troy Bilt lawn mower comes with a 3 years warranty by the manufacturers.

8Expert Score
Best Cutting Ability

  • Lightweight
  • Easy control
  • Easy assembly
  • Superior maneuverability
  • Adjustable height
  • Space saver
  • Easy maintenance
  • Not self-propelled
  • Inefficient catching and mulching of leaves

Types Of Lawn Mowers

We have seen the best large walk behind mowers in the above section. But to have better clarity of the lawn mowers and their features, we are here to give you a detailed analysis of different types of lawn mowers. With this understanding, you can make a better selection of the large walk behind mowers. We will also cover the features you need to keep in mind before making a purchase. But till then, let’s have a look at the types of lawn mowers.

Walk Behind Mowers

Walk-behind mowers have three operations, namely, side discharge, rear discharge, and mulching. They are available with cutting width ranging from 21-inches to 60-inches. They are large walk behind mowers with bagger. Walk behind mowers are mostly self-propelled and fast. Walk behind mowers also adds clippings to the ground while mowing. Subsequently, this substantially eliminates the need to add fertilizer to the lawn more frequently.

Push Mowers

Push mowers are comparatively lighter in weight as compared to walk behind mowers. They are used in a smaller space where the commercial walk behind mower cannot work. Push mowers are relatively compact and are easy to maintain. The best part of push mowers is attributed to their lightweight. Due to this feature, they don’t sink in the turf, thus avoiding any mower damage. Therefore, they are perfect to use on soft turf.

Riding Mowers

If you have a vast field to mow, then it is wise to choose a riding mower for the job. Riding mowers are more suitable for flat surfaces. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers equipped the mower with features like high speed, high-performance engine, superior maneuverability, and quality cutting.

They have a speed range of up to 15 miles per hour. The large area walk behind mowers is not suitable for this job. You will need a mower with great speed and extreme comfort. That’s where the riding mower comes in.

Zero-Turn Mowers

Zero-turn mowers are extremely productive mowers. They are suitable for various terrains. They are powerful and fast. The efficiency of these movers comes from the turning deck’s position at the front, and the turning radius allows the user to cut the grass present near the tree, pole, or building.

The result of a zero-turn mower is more work in less time with great speed and excellent maneuverability. A dual-handle mechanism is provided in some zero-turn mowers for perfect steering control. The cutting width ranges from 36-inches to 72-inches.

The different types are lawn mowers are available in gas-powered and electric-powered versions. Commonly, this depends upon the need of the mower for the area, price, ease of handling and storage, and speed. The best large walk behind lawn mowers we discussed is mostly gas-powered mowers suitable for commercial and household use.

We will also discuss the benefits of the large walk behind mowers. But before that, let’s have a broader look at the features you need to see before buying a walk behind mower.

Benefits Of Large Walk Behind Mowers

The features of the large walk behind mowers extend to its benefits. Besides, this will help you to make an informed decision for making a purchase. Each type of lawn mower differs according to the type of landscape. But a case in point, the large walk behind mowers provide the following benefits:-

And last but not least, moving a walk behind mowers is a good exercise for health!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To prepare the large walk behind mower for the winters, empty the gas tank and clean it before re-filling. Don’t forget to add a fuel stabilizer. Check all the maintenance issues, and your mower is right to go for the winter.

If the lawn mower comprises a 4-stroke engine, then unleaded 87 octane rating gasoline is perfect to use. And 2-stroke engine needs a mixture of gasoline and high-quality 2-cycle engine oil.

Smoke indicates damage to the machine. If the smoke is white or blue, check the oil chambers, engine components, crankshaft vents, or piston rings for damage. If you see black smoke, clean the carburetor. If the smoke persists, then seek professional help.

Generally, mowers are tipped for cleaning and sharpening the blade. If it doesn’t start after being tipped to one side, let it sit for a while and check the oil tank. If everything is fine, your mower will start quickly.

The blades are mower specific. They are specially designed with the manufacturer’s specifications. Hence, it is recommended to replace the manufacturer’s blades in the large walk behind mowers.

Maintenance Guide For Large Walk Behind Mowers

As much as it is crucial to buy a walk behind lawn mower, it is more important to maintain it. Maintaining your walk behind mower keeps it safe and durable. Have a look at some maintenance tips for your walk behind mower to keep it working for a longer time.


Choosing the best large walk behind mowers is essential for the ease of work and your comfort. Now that you are well-versed with the features, benefits, and maintenance of the large walk behind mowers, you can wisely decide to buy the best one.

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