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I always had a wish since childhood to have my well-maintained garden. However, the want of having a garden was fulfilled back then but not of a well-maintained one! I struggled a lot to find for myself the best gas powered lawn mower.

To be true, it did take a lot of time and energy of mine, but now I am delighted. This all became possible after a lot of research and browsing. Today, my article is for all of you who love to maintain their gardens and keep them neat and clean.

Hence, I have gathered detailed information on some of the most wanted and worthy lawnmowers. These are all gas-powered lawnmowers. These consume petrol or gasoline as their food to work as they are meant to do.
There is no more hassle of applying force on the mowers to make them move and cut the grass. All you need to do is turn the mowers on the targeted side like you turn a steering wheel! The rest of the work, which includes the cutting, is done by the blades, which revolve rapidly.

Moreover, fuel operated land mowers can prove to be a helping hand for you. With the help of these, the time required for grass trimming drastically drops to mere few minutes.

All such qualities may make you fall for buying a lawnmower for yourself! Let us have a look at the products which are complied with for you.

Our Picks For Best Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Craftsman M215 gas-powered lawnmower is designed to look after your large-sized lawns without any problem. Grass trimming using these feels so easy!

M215 is designed in a way to provide coverage over large areas with fewer repetitions. It has a 159cc gas engine. This proves that the lawnmower is a durable and hefty engine overall. It is equipped with recoil and an auto-choke.

Thus, this enables you to pull the string and start your work. There is no need to keep struggling with the choke. The lawnmower has sharp cutting blades, and a 21 inched cutting deck. The expansive enough deck ensures that while trimming of grass, large areas are covered on one go.

While the blades are cutting the wildly grown grass, it also needs to be thrown out simultaneously. The Craftsman gas-powered lawn mower can release the trimmed grass from two sides. One is the back portion, and the other is the side portions.

Along with this, it also has the advantage of mulching! Yes, you can also apply a protective layer on the soil with these lawnmowers’ help. The speed at which you want to run the mower is adjustable. You can choose the rate according to your requirement.

The land on which the mowers are used is not always straightforward. Therefore, proper tires are needs for the machine to move forward smoothly. These mowers have six inched tires in the front and 11 inches tires at the back.

You can even choose the heights for grass trimming. There is a total of six height options for you to select from according to your preference.

The mower is depending on its front wheels for mobility. So, while changing its side, pull up from the front, turn its angle, and then resume your work.

9Expert Score

Great Mower For The Price!

  • Large 159cc gas engine
  • Six adjustable heights for cutting
  • Bag included
  • Learning to operate it can be very challenging

140cc OHV 21-Inch 2-in-1 Push Walk-Behind Gas Powered Lawn Mower

Yard Machines is a very famous brand for lawnmowers. They produce the best-selling lawnmowers that one could imagine! For small to medium-sized residential yards, the Yard Machines 140cc 4-cycle push lawnmower is ideal and provides a better, renewable power to tackle the job.

These gas-powered lawnmowers have a 140cc gas engine, which gives your work a quick kick start. The mower has an auto-choke and recoil as well. The tool has been designed with a durable loop the trigger for a simple procedure and extra convenience.

There is no need for you to apply much pressure while starting it. The blades cut through the grass, quickly covering large areas at one go. The large deck, which is about 21 inches, takes care of the surface area covered while a single go of trimming.

The massive grass that you cut with these lawn mowers expels out at the same time. This timely and proper expelling of waste materials is properly designated sites on the mowers. Some of it comes out from the back part, while others come out from the sides.

Adjust the speed of the mower according to your stamina to cover the lawn. These also can mulch the ground at the same time. To get the project done fast, this immensely advanced machine was powered by a robust 140cc engine.

In Yard Machines lawn mowers, there are variable heights given. These are adjustable. You can select the size which you need to trim the grass according to your comfort and the amount of grass on your lawn.

These mowers have wheels of 8 inches, both back and front. It is capable of moving around an uneven ground quickly. When you need to change the direction of the mower, pull it up and turn it. Go in the order you want to go as it is dependent on its front wheels for movement.

The company ensures the best customer care by providing you with two years of warranty.

9.5Expert Score
Best Rated

Best Selling Lawn Mower

  • Has auto-choke starter
  • 21 inched cutting deck
  • Adjustable speed
  • Wheels are of the same size, both front, and rear
  • No bag included

21-inch, 170CC, 4-Stroke Engine, 3-in-1 Gas Mower

As the name indicates, it is a PowerSmart lawnmower. It has all the qualities you can imagine for your ease. PowerSmart lawn mowers are one of the best self-propelled lawn mowers in 2020.

These lawnmowers have a 170cc gas engine. It has a rough and tough, highly durable mechanism that helps you clear even the most stubborn wild grass. It also includes a cooling system that ensures the overall engine does not heat up while grass trimming.

PowerSmart lawn mowers have a four-stroke power engine that starts quickly without any physical enforcement. The best part is that it does not take up too much space while storing it. The design is made to be foldable.

The discharge of trimmed grass is thrown out from three sides. One is from the back and the rest from the two sides of the mower. While cutting, the mower ensures the soil gets all the essential nutrients back so that your grass can grow back healthy.

You can adjust the speed of your mower accordingly, the way you want it to be. There is a 21 inched cutting deck, which ensures more grass cutting with fewer rounds. Hence, less work and more comfortable for you.

There is a big 18-gallon bag attached to the mower for your convenience. It helps you to store the land fertilizers in it for mulching. This reduces your physical work as you would not need to go and bring the fertilizers separately. Instead, they will already be stored with you!

These lawnmowers have eight inched wheels on the back for proper running on the grass. You get several adjustable heights when it comes to grass trimming. Choose among the five options given.

The overall weight is about 70 pounds. For better customer support, the brand provides a 3-year warranty!

9.2Expert Score
Overall Good

One of the best self-propelled lawn mowers

  • 170cc high powered engine
  • Bag included
  • Three years warranty
  • Difficult to maintain speed, while adjustable options
  • The plastic material of wheels

159cc 4-Cycle Gas Powered Walk-Behind

The next on my list is the Remington RM1159 gas-powered lawnmower. If you call it the best gas powered lawn mower 2020, it would not be wrong! Let us have a look at its features.

Remington gas-powered lawnmowers have a 159cc 4-cycled gas engine. The overall body of this lawnmower is metal-based. The weight of it is 78 pounds. As it has a multiple cycled engine, cutting coarse, tall, and wild grass is not a difficult task for it.

The 22 inched cutting deck makes sure to cover a wide area in a single go. This helps you to do your work faster and in less time with less energy invested.

The Remington lawn mower can cut through the thick and tall grass efficiently. The cache is cleared from the sides and the back while the blades cut through the moving mower.

It has a unique shape with unique features. These can trim the grass from the areas which seem to be problematic from one’s reach, like the corners of the fences, walls, gardens, etc. Hence, all the small or big, narrow, or vast areas that seem difficult to cover are covered!

The wheels of these lawnmowers are about 14 inches! Yes, you read it right. This makes it very easy for you to move it around on uneven surfaces.

The product is equipped with a wrap-able handle. You can easily fold it and store it when it is not needed. This property also makes it portable. Speed can be controlled as per your convenience, but there is no cutting height adjustment given.

9.5Expert Score
Our Pick

Best Gas Powered Lawn Mower

  • Portable and foldable
  • Easily cuts through corners.
  • Wide cutting deck
  • Difficult to control it while cutting through slopes
  • No height adjustments

132cc 20-Inch

Yard Machines is a business that does not require a great deal of introduction to the premium product it offers. You will never regret purchasing it. It is one of the cheapest best gas push mowers 2020. This will not only provide you good performance but also give you a chance to experience something excellent.

This reliable gas engine is ideal for small-medium-sized grounds for mowing. In particular, to get the task completed quickly and efficiently, it is battlefield tested and battle-ready.

Simultaneously, the vast grass that you slash with those kinds of lawn mowers drifts down. At properly organization likewise on the mowers, this prompt and proper expulsion of excess material takes place. Some come out from under the back corner, while others come out from the edges.

20-Inch cutting Deck side of 20 cutting length has been designed for side discharge. Along with its sizable deck size, you can trim more in less time. 3 Angle Places Cutting supplies to hack the trees back to the perfect level. You have to pick the perfect length whether you want your lawn needs a quick trim or a maximum cut.

The minimalist architecture is structured for simple speed and agility with 7-inch rear and front wheels, allowing you full access and control during service.

When beginning it, there is no need for you to add much force. The blades easily sliced through the turf, covering a vast area with one go. The expansive deck, which is about 20 inches, takes charge of the protected surface area when shedding in an apparent move.

In comparison, this fantastic tool will grant you a 1-year extended warranty. The product gives you full fulfillment in this way.

9.4Expert Score

One of the best gas powered push lawn mower

  • Three adjustable heights
  • Light-weighted
  • It is devoid of a mulcher

196CC 21INCH 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Gas Powered Luxury Lawn Mower

Laginza 4-in-1 self-propelled lawn mower is the all-rounder for sure! It is instead environment friendly as it does not contribute much to air pollution. It can be considered as the best self-propelled lawn mower in 2019.

These lawnmowers have a powerful engine of 200cc. Along with this, it also has an auto choke and recoil. This helps you to apply no physical pressure while turning it on. Just a pull, and you are ready to go.

You can select the speed. Depending on how fast you want the mower to trim the grass. There is a 21 inched cutting deck available, which ensures coverage of a large area per go. This means fewer rounds and more trimming.

The trimmed grass has to be taken out through the mower. This takes place from three sides—one from the backside and the rest from the lawn mower’s lateral sides. The mower also helps you to mulch the soil at the same time.

The smooth driving of the mower is dependent on the back wheels. Thus, a lot of stability is there while cutting on slop. You will find it relatively easier while using these mowers than others. This is because the rest of the lawn mowers are dependent on their front wheels rather than the back ones.

The lawnmower has a bagger attached to itself. This is approximately a 60-liter bagger, which is made up of nylon. It is breathable and easily cleanable.

The cutting heights are adjustable. You can select from the seven different height options given. The back wheels are 11 inches providing much-needed stability, while the front wheels are 8 inches.

9.5Expert Score

Best gas powered self propelled lawn mower

  • 60-liter bagger attached
  • Seven adjustable heights
  • Easy on slopes
  • Heavy weighted
  • Only 1-year warranty

22-Inch, Low Wheel Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Lawn Mower

These lawnmowers, as the name indicates, have variable speeds. You will have various options for yourself in it. Let us have a look at a few of its features.

Kohler low wheel lawn mowers have a high powered engine in them. You can adjust the speeds according to the work you are doing. It consists of sharp blades that can trim any thick and wild grass. No matter how tall or rough it is.

It has a Kohler OHV engine. So you need to pull the string and start your work. There is no need to keep struggling with the choke. So it is effortless for anyone to begin operating it.

There is an option of 4 heights. You have to select between these. The intensity of grass trimming will decide the size. The leftover grass is expelled out from the back of the mower and the sides of the mower.

This provides you with multiple varieties of options so that you can select easily, unlike other mowers that might have only one or two height options. In such cases, it becomes tough to deal with the wild and harshly grown grass.

A bagging system can be connected to it to keep the extra discharged particles. This can be separated from the lawnmower itself.

The land on which the mowers are used is not always straightforward. Therefore, proper tires are needs for the machine to move forward smoothly. Its back tires are more significant than the front ones. But it is dependent on the front ones rather than the back ones.

When you need to change the direction of the mower, pull it up and turn it. Go in the order you want to go as it is dependent on its front wheels for movement.

9Expert Score
Good Pick

  • Adjustable heights
  • High power engine
  • No mulching

21-Inch 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler XTX OHV, 3-in-1 Discharge Rear Wheel Drive

Lawn-Boy lawnmowers are unique in themselves. You get a piece of the necessary equipment in a trustworthy condition and less investment.

These lawnmowers have a 149cc engine. Operating it is very easy. No need for physical exertion. It has a rigid, highly durable mechanism that helps you to clear even the most stubborn wild grass.

You can adjust the speeds according to your preferences. Pull the string and starting your work. There is no need to keep struggling physically. Less time and energy is needed initially. Once you start, the complete cutting deck and blade make it very easy for you to cover more extensive lawns.

Less number of rounds, and you would be done with your work.

It has two cutting positions, which you can select accordingly. These are adjustable. The cutting deck is 21 inches making sure to cover a large area without many rounds. The lawn mower’s backside is responsible for taking out all the trimmed grass—also, both sides of the mower help in the same task.

It is an excellent device to work on sloppy areas.

The device is CARB compliant. You also get a 3-year warranty with it. So customer care is excellent!

These lawnmowers depend on their back wheels for movement. It is therefore easy to use it in the slopy areas. These have back wheels more massive than the front ones.

The lawnmower has a bagger attached to itself. The material of the bagger is washable and breathable too. Hence, soil enriched materials can easily be stored. You can detach the bagger again.

9.4Expert Score
Great Deal

  • Adjustable heights
  • Suitable for slops
  • Bag included
  • No mulching


Alas! You have reached my final words. I hope the journey of reading this article was fascinating to you. I have tried to enlighten all the essential details about the best gas powered lawn mower.

For you to find the right fit for yourself, a lot of initial testing is needed. If you browse through the questions you have in your head, it will help. Only list them. Receive the answers and then go for the thing that suits you the most.

Once the correct product you feel for yourself is selected, you need to check for its reviews. In the end, do let me know in the comment box as I am hoping to see some positive reviews about the article.

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