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I am very keen to explore lawn accessories and necessities, and I know how much you want to invest in such products. That is why getting yourself a lawnmower could be the best thing you can do to yourself. Honestly, there is a variety lying there in the market when it comes to lawnmowers. 

It depends upon your choices, preferences, and what you like the most in it. Today I will be discussing a few lawnmowers that are ideal for commercial use. Not just are they providing you with portability, but are significant in terms of price range as well. 

The brands are no less concerning providing and satisfying customer needs, so you don’t have to worry about that. You have no idea how much you can accomplish as a gardener if you have the right device in your hands, but it is quite tricky to find one. 

To run a smooth device on the grass, you need the best commercial walk behind lawn mower. 

For a gardener, the lawnmower is all they have, and if you are looking for it, I will suggest you turn up your research. 

Let us get started by including options that provide excellent results and review them. You can easily find their reviews while researching for it.

In a hurry? We have top picked lawn mower for you Best Overall Best In Quality Must Have

Our List of Best Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mower

150cc 4-Cycle Viper Engine

Earthquake is one of the best devices that has excellent features that will catch your attention for sure. The brand manufactures lawn mower with exceptional design and much portability. Let us dig into the specifications so that you will know more.

  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • Durable construction

The product is light in weight, which makes it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. After you start using it, you will get the hang of it and love every detail. It has hand-held trimmers that help you enjoy trimming the grass in a short time.

It removes the sticks and branches that will come in between the grasses and trim them along with everything.

The machine will make you fall in love with it. Not just its overall structure, but also the body is unique and built with great care. The strong viper engine is proof that it is specifically made for commercial use.

At the same time, the vast wheels let you push the mower effortlessly. The design is too moderate, not too heavy so that you can use it every day as well.

The design is well made; specifically, the steel deck is worth spending your money on. The wheel goes around the rough area so fast, while you can adjust the knobs as per your convenience. Overall, the device is excellent for mowers that find difficulty trimming a patch of rough land, even if it is weed or brushes.

You will not only love its performance, but the compact design it carries. It can be stored with ease, as it does not ask for a much larger space and works great too. Isn't it cool?

9.5Expert Score
Powerful Monster

If you are still thinking of buying it, go for it in our opinion it is one of the Best Commercial Walk Behind Lawn Mower

  • Does not produce noises
  • Runs smoothly
  • Easy on gas
  • Wraps a lot of grass

21-Inch 80V Push Cordless Lawn Mower

Green Works products are dream devices for any garden lover. I am sure that the product specifications will make its way to your Wish list. However, the device does not include a charger and battery but works fantastic when chopping the grass off. This device should be your top pick.

  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • Durable construction

The machine has brushless motors that are not just reliable but also known for its fantastic performance. The engine is perfect in terms of capacity and the range of power it provides to the users.

All such features make it easy to use and clean while you are doing the other chores. It offers you relative tools like smart cut technology and much more, so what are you waiting for? Give it a try, at least.

The device is not only for mulching, but it can perform several other functions. It includes grass clippings and a side discharge or a rear bag to store everything, making it multifunctional to use.

Not just it, but the powerful engine can work great if you want to do the lawn quickly, and its smart cut technology is worth noticing as well. Thus, the blades are sharp enough to trim it smoothly without you making an extra effort.

Talking about its construction and overall built, it is by far a great device in this regard. There are buttons so that you can gain control of the device.

In contrast, the 21-inches steel deck is yet another plus point. Don't be afraid of its gigantic appearance, as it is compact and stored in the garages. Not just it has a digital system, but it will last long so that you can make the most out of it.

9.4Expert Score
Great Pick

One of the best-rated, most reliable product

  • Powerful
  • Easy setup
  • Sturdy design
  • May give a tough time when it comes to emptying the bag

3-in-1, 2 Batteries

Are you someone who always looks for something that would work universally and offers comfortable features? This product is your ideal choice as it has all you would need in the best commercial walk behind lawn mower 2021. Opt for one and enjoy it!

  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • Durable construction

With its powerful brushless motor, you can do all. The device comes with a 20 volts battery that has been the best in terms of commercial use. The tool is also great if you are looking for a high power engine to meet the needs.

Also, the three in one feature make it much likely to attract the users at first sight. Why? It is because you are using the same device for mulching, discharge, and storing the grass.

The design is too rigid and sturdy to withstand forces due to its potent nature. These specifications are so impressive that you will be able to enjoy the device to its fullest. With several height adjustments, this product has fantastic cordless functionality.
Once you are done assembling it, read the manual, and work accordingly.

With Dewalt 20V Max, you get a heavy-duty design that has a metal construction. The foldable design is what I like the most about it. You can use it several times without worrying about the maintenance as it works well for a longer time.

In short, I assure you that the product will not disappoint you anytime soon. Deal with it, and enjoy excellent results.

9Expert Score
Good Product

The device has a battery issue apart from it, one of the best in the market.

  • Compatible with 60V battery
  • Variable speed
  • Folds easily
  • The device may get hot
  • Battries are hard to handle

14-Inch 11-Amp Corded Electric

Being one of the most renowned brands that stand first in the competition, American Lawnmower claims to provide the perfect device. Alright, I know that you must have heard about the brand, but let me tell you that they are here to deliver its good quality 50514 lawnmowers.

  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • Durable construction

I appreciate American lawnmower because it's easy to carry cool stuff; they always focus on it. The great design is highly efficient, yet it is the best large walk behind mower, aiming to provide gas-like power. The rear discharge is excellent in terms of its working capabilities. Here, you will get a grass bag to carry the trimmed stuff.

Also, its mulching system works pretty fine. I will suggest you go through the manual for many details to use and understand the device fully before it functions.

The 16 gal bag is rare in today's market. Thus, the brand provides it to meet your needs. Through this, you can work on a large land at once. Simultaneously, the firm and rigid design make it easy for you to adjust the heights and move the machine all over the earth.

If you are not into gas mowers, I will recommend you invest in this product. Why? Because by far, it is the most exceptional high-quality device that aims to provide and fulfill your desires and offers easy storage options too.

This device operates on high powered motor and a great steel design, which means it is reliable to use. The slim frame has been the top pick for most users as it not only looks sleek but can work correctly, adding more to its longevity.

9.1Expert Score
Easy and Powerful

One of the inexpensive product with good performance

  • Light in weight
  • Maneuvers well
  • Efficient to use
  • The bag may fill up in a short span

140cc 21-Inch 3-in-1 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower

Fifth, my list includes craftsman’s M105 21-inch lawn mower that offers much good stuff once you buy the device. This lawnmower will amaze you with the most outstanding features it carries and tends to be the best commercial walk behind lawn mower.

  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • Durable construction

I know it might be a bit difficult to handle the electric lawnmowers, and of course, safety is an issue there as well. Hence, opting for a gas mower would be a smart choice, and what's better than buying the one that is both effective and efficient at the same time? Yes, I am talking about the Craftsman M105 one.

With its 3 one specification, it's like you have a best friend with yourself 24/7. This lawnmower is the perfect contrast to its sleek construction.

The device has a 140 cc engine that tends to provide excellent results. Even if you have thick uneven grass, with this machine, you don't have to worry. All you need to do is to assemble the parts as instructed in the manual, and you are good to go.

The device is equipped with auto choke features and a powerful recoil, making it easy to use.

The lawnmower is 21 inches in width and weighs less so that you can easily travel while carrying it. The matte black coating helps to resist the water so that it does not go inside. Along the sides, you have plenty of options to hold control.

9.4Expert Score
Best Value for money

Great pick to start with.

  • Value for money
  • Great stability
  • Quiet when in use
  • Not suitable for rough grass

150cc Field Trimmer

Southland’s outdoor power lawnmower is no doubt among the most competitive brands. It makes it easy to work with, but the manual is easy to understand and has more straightforward wordings so that everyone can use it.

You will be getting the battery and charger no need to buy anything separately along with such features.

  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • Durable construction

What makes this device stand out of the list is its compact design that you can fold easily without extra effort such that it is travel-friendly to use. You can make the most out of it during its commercial use, as the device is beneficial and of great advantage. It also has anti-vibration foam so that the electricity does not harm you.

Anyway, the machine is fully equipped, hence providing you with ease at work.

The strong blades with 22 inches cutting swath are what make it perfect for everyday use. The 12 inches wheels can handle all the massive tasks too.

What's more, is that the machines built are made in a way that extends its durability. Even if your device is out of warranty, you will not need to fear the maintenance and regulatory services. Also, it is easy to start and works when you push the button.

Certified with CARB and EPA, the machine has extremely solid built, so that it will not give you a tough time regardless of the use. The motor is highly functional and recommends among the users. Thus, if you want a reliable device with increased mobility, I suggest you go for it.

The customer reviews are great, and almost all of them are satisfied with the customer services provided. Hence it's a win-win deal.

9.3Expert Score

Easy to use and assemble

  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Easy to start
  • Has a powerful engine
  • Trimmer has limited speed options

170CC 21-Inch, 3-in-1 Gas Mower

Next on my list comes my absolute favorite power smart’s lawnmower that has been the go-to option for most garden owners. Along with its highly functional stroke engine, the gas mower comes in two different colors, i.e., black and red. You can opt for any of them, as they look cool and pretty to my eyes.

  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • Durable construction

The smart lawn mower works through a powerful engine that provides excellent speed and high functionality. The backup makes it portable to use while carrying out the fantastic features in such a reasonably priced device. If you have tough grass with tall ends, this product is made for you.

It does not only do the job entirely but helps you in the regular trimming of such areas that are difficult to handle.

It's 21- inches long design provides it the most robust framework among all the lawnmowers I have mentioned earlier in this article. For someone who is a beginner and wants to start fresh with a commercial walk behind lawn mowers, go for it not to let you regret once you have bought it.

The gas engine is also great, but you need to be a little careful while using it as the device gets warm during its working.

The flexible discharge and quick folding are fantastic, but there is no match for durability. The deck is entirely designed for steel with a forced air-cooling system to solve every issue of yours. Such features enable you to use the machine for bigger jobs with ease.

8.7Expert Score
Decent Product

Mixed reviews so would not recommend to go for it.

  • Tidily storage
  • Folds quickly
  • Has adjustable cutting depth
  • The plastic used is made of cheap quality material

20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless

The ego has introduced a device that has LED lights attached to it. It means that you can use it even at night while doing all of your chores at work. With its convenient push to start button, you can look at its results, as they are right. In short, the device is a perfect example of value for money.

  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • Durable construction

The grass can be cut in less time, as you have the 20 inches cut capacity blade. It means there is no hassle to chop the extra branches off. Although it does not include the batteries and its charger, the whole deal is stealing to catch up.

Most of you prefer quality over quantity, and what's more impressive than getting yourself a high-quality product that you can use anytime.

The device works with batteries that provide side discharge performance. Hence, you can opt for superior mulching or even store the waste in the bag that comes along with it. It is not only eco-friendly but is compatible with all the powered EGO pieces of equipment.

Enjoy the tension-free rides with 56 volts cordless best walk behind mower.

There are no worries about pulling the cord, as the device is cordless and works with a convenient button that works universally. You can read the manual to get the hang of it, as it may be challenging to understand the device without going through it. The lithium batteries are durable and may last up to 6 months or a year.

You can research its construction more, but let me tell you that all of the materials used are top brands.

9.1Expert Score
Worth it!

Mow at anytime with this product

  • Long battery life
  • Does not produce fumes
  • Produces torque
  • Side discharge may fill up quickly

159cc 22-Inch 4-Cycle Gas Powered Trimming Mower

Last on my list, but surely not the least, is Remington’s gas-powered walk-behind lawnmower. If you are into electrical appliances, you must be aware of its name and its quality products. Remington has always been my number one brand in this regard. All of the products are of fantastic quality and works great.

  • Easy to use
  • Strong
  • Durable construction

The product has been everyone's favorite as it offers you the best quality 159 cc engines, which provides the easiest way to chop the grass off. Even if you are having a challenging field or the one with weed and other stuff, it should be your top choice. Also, this user-friendly machine is most likely to work correctly with the timer.

Using a lawnmower may question the fact that its foldability may affect the robust build. Its solid craftsmanship makes it easier to use even if you want to trim the edges only. Once you are done, fold accordingly and store it anywhere you want it to be.

With its side trimmer line of 0.155 inches in diameter, the device is fully equipped and does not subject to wear and tear. For bigger jobs, the product is well-made and worth the money due to its durability. Don't be afraid about the maintenance, but keep in mind that maintaining can be a task for you if you're going to buy this.

You don't have to worry about the noises and other sharp metallic sounds, as it does not produce one. Isn't it amazing? Also, the vibrations are too minimal, so it does not cause any issue anytime soon. With its capacity to trim a large land area in such a short time, it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to use it commercially.

9.3Expert Score

Gets the job done better than your expectations.

  • Comes with a timer
  • Great ergonomics
  • Perfect for professional cuts
  • Costs more when it comes to the maintenance


Now we have reached the end of this article. I have tried my best to review the best commercial walk behind lawn mower. Along with it, I have added the specifications, pros, and cons to make it easier for you to choose the right device for use.

Keep in mind that lawnmowers need assistance, and you should be aware of its functionality and how to use each one of them. Hence, I will recommend you to research for the device once you have made your mind. Opt for the one and buy it at your convenience.

I hope that you enjoyed reading the article and absorbed a bunch of information. I will meet you in my next article. Till then, I am waiting for your feedback in the comments section down below. Stay blessed!

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