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Having a clean, well-maintained, and tidy lawn is every gardener’s dream. And our best support in keeping our yard’s lush is through proper trimming and cutting the grass bed. And this is where a lawnmower comes in most handy!

A green, luscious, healthy lawn is attractive and increases your property’s visual value by folds. And isn’t a beautiful yet functional lawn everyone’s dream! However, the process of lawn maintenance is tedious and takes a lot of effort. The repair and maintenance of the mower itself needs to be taken care of. For instance, you must know some basics like How to Fix a Lawn Mower Throttle Cable and other small fixing and repairs.

In this blog, we will discuss the process of How to Fix a Lawn Mower Throttle Cable so that you do not have to worry about it! But first, let us know what a throttle cable is and why do we need it.

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What is a Lawn Mower Throttle Cable?

Lawn Mower Throttle Cable

Before you learn How to Fix a Lawn Mower Throttle Cable, knowing what it actually is and what it does will be of immense use to you and help you get out of several relevant problems.

It is usually found connected to the intake valve of the carburetor. The lawnmower throttle cable controls the machine engine. It controls the speed of both the motor and the blade. It kick-starts the mower engine to start the trimming process. Moreover, it also regulates the fuel consumption of the machine to some extent. Thus, a small malfunction in the throttle cable may end up crippling your whole mower. So, whether it is a newer model or an older version with a manual line, you need to troubleshoot it in case of any problem.

How Does a Throttle Cable Malfunctions?

Damage in the throttle cable of the machine would disrupt its total functioning. The engine would lose all the power source once there is any malfunctioning in this part of the mower.

With prolonged use, the cable tends to lose its elasticity and get stretchy, resulting in breakage. And you will notice that pushing the mower got harder over time.

How to Fix a Lawn Mower Throttle Cable?

Fixing a Broken Throttle Cable

Fixing a Broken Throttle Cable

If you see the mowing is slower than usual or getting slower day by day, check the throttle cable for any breakage. If there is any breakage, you may be able to fix it on your own!

Tools you will need to fix a broken lawnmower throttle cable are,

By following the given steps, you can quickly fix the torn throttle cable for a new-like mowing experience!

Use the screwdriver to open and release the throttle cable from its place.

Take an aluminum cable fitting to your mower engine. Bend the aluminum wire in half. Now, flatten it either using a flattening device or a pair of pliers.

Now, hold the lower part of the bent aluminum cable and twist its upper part. Using a flattening device to hold the lower part in place would help.

Taking a Z bend wire, snip off the bottom aluminum cable.

Now, you need to add the old cable to the new one. Place the old cable on top of the Z bend of your new line before cutting the Z bend wire off.

Finally, you have your new cable in place of the torn Z bend you had placed earlier. All you need to do is to tighten the bend in its place to the mower, and it is ready to roll!

Fixing a Stuck Mower Throttle Cable

Dirt or dust on the mower may sometimes clog the throttle cable. Thus, the cable may get stuck, which would make it harder to control and use the mower. Therefore, it is wise to unclog it to prevent further damage.

Tools you will need to fix a stuck lawn mower throttle cable are,

By following the given steps, you can quickly fix the stuck throttle cable for a new-like mowing experience!

Firstly, disconnect the throttle cable and observe the positioning of the cable. Thus, you won’t face any problem during the re-installation.

Now, lose the throttle cable bracket from the side, connected to the mower engine.

Next, attach the funnel to the side’s mouth connected with the engine. Use the electrical tape to attach the funnel with the cable tightly.

It is time to add penetrating oil to the cable. Before pouring the oil, place a pan on the opposite side of the throttle cable. Now, pour the oil into the funnel. Wait till the penetrating oil is absorbed completely.

Then, adjust the mower’s inner throttle cable with a pair of pliers. Make sure it moves freely.

Lastly, spray the silicone lubricant over the throttle wire.

Now, reassemble the throttle in its place.

Adjusting The Throttle Cable

Sometimes even without the throttle breaking or getting stuck, you may see the mower engine slacking. Especially when you are at the maximum speed, you may see the engine idling way quicker. So, you may need to adjust the throttle cable!

Tools you will need to adjust the lawnmower throttle cable are,

  • Screwdriver
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Z-bending tool
  • Measuring tool

By following the given steps, you can easily adjust the throttle cable for a new-like mowing experience!

In the first step, you need to stop the machine and remove the cable from both sides of the engine. Use screwdrivers to loosen the cable. Observe the placement of the cable for ease of reinstallation.

Now, align the throttle cable in the original position if you see no other abnormality in the line. Use a measuring tape to adjust the height of the cable.

Use the Z-bending tool to bend the wire if it is out of place.

Now, tighten the screws on both ends of the belt, and your mower is ready to go!



Throttle cable is a vital part of your lawnmower. And with time and use, you may face several complications with it. And the process of how to fix a lawnmower throttle cable is different depending on the type of damage it has. That is why, in this blog, we have discussed some of the best ways to fix a lawnmower throttle cable for speeding up your mowing experience!

However, always remember to get into regular maintenance and health checks for your mower to avoid any unexpected expenses in the future. Please take a look at our other blogs for your gardening queries!

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