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Mowing your garden or yard is not easy at all. And it is especially tough when your machine malfunctions and the mowing does not remain as fast and smooth as it used to be. That is why, as an avid gardener, you should know the tricks and tips which would make your experience with lawn mowers easier than ever.

So, if you want to learn how to install side discharge on lawn mower, you are in the right place! In this blog, I would help you in the process of installing a side discharge on your lawn mower to make your mowing experience better than ever!

As a gardener, you may already know regular mowing of dense, tall grass beds can be trickier and more challenging than others. The excess debris may sometimes clog and jam the mower blades, which would hinder your mowing speed and efficiency in total. You may also need to shape and change the grass bed according to your need, which is usually not easy to accomplish. And this is where a side discharge of a lawn mower comes in! Along with mulching, there is no better option than a side discharge for cutting long, dense grass to avoid clogging while doing your mowing.

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Why Do You Need a Side Discharge on The Mower?

Mowing is undoubtedly a tedious task, and it takes more than just an average effort, even for the simplest trimming. Some of the reason why you should install a side discharge on your lawn mower is mentioned below.

  • While cutting long and dense grass beds, a side discharge would help cut even smoother and even.
  • If you want to cut through moist grass, side discharge would give you a heads up.
  • A side discharge keeps the mowing process clean and tidy.
  • The cut grass does not clog in the machine if you use a side discharge on your lawn mower.
  • The discharge keeps the blade free from residue dust and grass.
  • Eventually, it increases the efficiency and speed of your overall mowing process.

Tools Required for Installing a Side Discharge on The Mower

Like any other repair works, you would need a few tools in your process of installing side discharge on the lawn mower. The necessary tools you would need to install it are given below,

Bolts and Hooks

Bolts and hooks are fundamental things you would need to attach the side-discharge to the primary mower.

Socket Wrench

This wrench would help you connect the bolts and hooks tightly to the mower.

A New Lawn Mower Side Discharge

If you do not already have a lawn mower side discharge, you need to buy one for the work.

How To Install Lawn Mower Side Discharge? 5 Steps Solution

Lawn Mower Side Discharge

How to Install Side Discharge on Lawn Mower?

Total Time 2 hours

Prepare Your Mower

Prepare Your Mower

Preparing the lawn mower is crucial to avoid any accidents in the process. Follow the given steps to prep your mower accordingly for installing a side discharge.

Firstly, disconnect the spark plug cable from the lawn mower engine. This will keep the mower engine off during the process.

Now, place the lawn mower in a higher place for convenience so that you do not need to crouch to get the work done.

Finally, clean the mower blade from any grass residue or debris. Removing the dust would make the installation easier for you.

Locate the Area of the Side Discharge

Side Discharge

To install the discharge chute, you need to be sure of the area where it needs to be placed. To locate the place, follow the given steps.

Most mowers usually have a side discharge on the right side of the engine. An area with bolt connections or even a metal bar may indicate the position of the discharge chute.

If the machine already has a side discharge installed, then finding the area will be more comfortable. If you want to replace the older one, get it off using a socket wrench.

Next, check if the bolts and extra hardware for the side-discharge fit the mower perfectly. You will save a lot of extra time and effort while setting up the side discharge.

Check the Side Discharge Chute You Got

Check the Side Discharge Chute You Got

Before you want to install the side discharge on the mower, check the chute’s compatibility with your mower. For a hassle-free installation, check the compatibility first.

Some side discharge comes with an extra mulch plug, which you have to pull plug upwards for the chute to fit appropriately.

Look for the hooks or brackets on the side discharge chute. Then check the design of the chute and be sure that it fits with your machine.

How to Install Side Discharge on Lawn Mower

How to Install Side Discharge on Lawn Mower

Now is the main part why you are here, how to install side discharge on lawn mower. If you have followed the previous steps, you are ready to install the side discharge chute. Here are the procedures,

For a side discharge chute with a rubber strap, you need to set this rubber strap first. Be sure that the strap fits nicely on the mower deck and is tight and secured so that the side-discharge does not fall while working with it.

You need to set the hooks or brackets on the mower’s hinge system first for a side discharge chute with hooks and brackets. You would find the hinge system near the mulch of the machine.

You need to set the bolts up using a socket wrench for discharge chutes connected by the bolts.
Make sure to tighten the bolts so that it does not get lost over time.

Make sure that the mouth of the plastic chute is pointed outwards. This would ensure that the grass clippings stay away from the mower while cutting grass.

If you have followed the above instructions, you are almost at the end of the installation process.

Recheck the Installation and Check the Discharge

Recheck the Installation and Check the Discharge

Once you are done with the installation process, it is time to check if everything is in place.

Use your hands to tap the side discharge chute and carefully try to get it off the installation area. Be gentle so that you do not harm the plastic on the discharge.

Make sure to check if the chute is tightened. Once it does not move even a bit, it is ready to be tested.

Once you are sure that the chute is fitted correctly, you now plug the engine into the power source.

Now start the mower and do the mowing regularly!

Estimated Cost: 200 USD


  • Bolts
  • Hooks
  • Socket Wrench

Materials: A New Side Discharge


Working with the mower is challenging for sure, and nothing will give you a smoother finish other than a side discharge chute. No matter the size and extent of your grass bed, a side discharge will surely make your mowing experience blissful!

If you want to learn about How to Install Side Discharge on Lawn Mower, you must learn to do it properly. Follow our blogs for any of your gardening queries!

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