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Keeping our lawns nice and tidy is a must. And tending to our lawns is undoubtedly hard work. We need to collect the debris, shorten the grass length, mow the yard regularly. That is why lawn mowers are an essential part of the daily works of a passionate gardener.

Can I put larger wheels on my lawn mower? And the answer is yes! However, you need to know a lot of factors involving the process.

In this blog, we will discuss whether you can put larger wheels on your lawn mower, the factors to consider, the process of installing larger wheels on a lawn mower along with its pros and cons.

Now the big question is the performance of the lawn mower. After spending money on the device, if it slows down, that is a disappointment to us. That is why we gardeners focus on the blades, deck, engine, etc. for their maintenance. However, the tires also make a difference when you want your mower to perform well. Many of my friends and avid gardeners have a question in their minds.

Factors To Consider Before Installing A Larger Wheel On The Lawn Mower

When you have the answer to Can I put larger wheels on my lawn mower? you need to know what things you may need to consider beforehand. Some of them are,

The Type Of Mower

We usually have two main kinds of lawn mowers; push mowers and riding mowers. Both these mowers are significantly different from each other, mechanically and structurally. You need to be sure to use tires compatible with your model and do not cause any hindrance while moving. Especially while using a push mower, try choosing less heavy wheels.

Size Of The Wheel

When you think of can I put larger wheels on my lawn mower? remember that larger wheels mean they will be taller, wider, and heavier. So, you may need to accommodate the axle accordingly while using a more practical option. For the riding mower and the push mower, usually, there are different wheels accommodating the axles.

While choosing a tire for a push mower, using the same width as the axle is wise. However, installing big tires on riding mowers is comparatively complex. So, make sure to find wheels that perfectly fit the clearance wheel for a riding mower.

Deck Clearance Height

While deck clearance is not a big issue for push mowers, you may need to rethink your riding mower. As bigger wheels are higher too, it means they will raise the minimum height of the deck. Thus, you may not be able to go low enough on the grass while mowing. And if you like to keep your lawn grass thick, it may not be a big problem. However, if you want a rather fine cut, you need to adjust the deck height, or the bigger wheels may not even give you that possibility.

How To Install Bigger Wheels On Lawn Mowers?

There are different types of wheels, and installing process also differs from one another.

Changing A Tubeless Wheel

Can I Put Larger Wheels On My Lawn Mower?

Changing A Tubeless Wheel

Total Time: 2 hours

Use a Jack


Place the mower wheel on the jack.

Removing The Bolts


Usually, there is only a single bolt attaching a tubeless tire to the axle. Removing it with a socket wrench is easy.

Remove the Valve Stem


Break The Bead


Now, you need to break the bead to detach the tire from the rim completely.

Place The New Wheel On The Rim


If you find it challenging to place the tire on the rim, using any lubricant will be helpful.

Use a Ratchet Strap


It should be wrapped around the tire. It is useful when you are to inflate the tubeless tire.

Reattach The Valve


Inflate The Tire and Reattach The Wheel


While keeping the mower on the jack, put the new wheel on the axle, and reattach the bolts.

Changing A Tubed Wheel


Use a Jack

Using a standard hydraulic jack is ideal for the task. Place the tubed tire on the jack and lift it.

Removing The Bolts

Usually, several bolts connect the tube tire to the mower axle. Using a socket wrench to loosen and remove the bolts should be easy.

Removing The Wheel

Now, simply remove the loose tire from the axle.

Connect The New Tire

If you followed our blog and got yourself a well-fitting tire, just placing the new tire on the axle should be fine.

Tighten Up The Bolts

Using the same wrench, now connect and tighten the bolts correctly to the tire and axle.

Changing A Wheel With Greater Diameter Than The Axle

Well, it is always recommended to select a tire that has a diameter that is equal to the axle. The tire can be big enough to your expectation; they can still have the diameter you desire. However, when your wheel is slightly bigger than the axle diameter, it becomes hard to change it. Now what you can do to install the wheel is to extend the wheel axle.

This part is a high-risk process as it involves welding and metalworking. If you don’t have any experience in this regard, we recommend you seek professional help.

Pros and Cons of Larger Mower Wheels

  • Easy Movement
  • Tackling Bumps
  • Dragging Extra Load
  • Better Traction
  • Less Turning Angle
  • Lesser Deck Height
  • Less Efficient Mulch Collection


Easy Movement

With a standard-sized mower wheel, you may not find the ease of movement. Sometimes when you need to speed work up, but there are grooves, ruts, depressions, and rolling terrains all over, you may like to opt for a wheel change. Bigger wheels easily get past all these obstacles without damaging the grass bed and ruining your lawn, especially the larger rear wheels.

Tackling Bumps

Not all lawns are the same. So, when you want to get past larger bumps or ice, getting a mower with larger wheels may be helpful.

Dragging Extra Load

 A larger wheel would ensure that you can carry a bigger dirtbag around. While mowing bigger lawns, having a sizeable wheeled mower would be helpful in both speed and efficiency.


Less Turning Angle

A large tire makes it hard to make U-turns on your course, resulting in a loss of time there. You may need extra effort to get back on track.

Lesser Deck Height

When you are using a higher wheel, it means your original deck height rises from the minimum. This limits your cutting options. You may need to keep your grass bed longer than you usually would.

Less Efficient Mulch Collection

As your deck would be rise than usual, you may find the dust collection system working abruptly. However, using clipping in such a situation is beneficial.


Using a larger wheel for your lawn mower may have both good and bad effects on your mowing experience. I hope my blog on Can I Put Larger Wheels On My Lawn Mower? was helpful to you in understanding the matter in-depth.

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