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A hydrostatic mower is a great choice. When it gets slow, you may not have the budget to get a new one. Or, its maintenance may seem a bit expensive. So, in this blog, I would explain the basics of a hydrostatic mower and the ways of how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster in some easy steps.

Our lawns accentuate the beauty of our house in general. However, maintaining the lawn is tedious work. Mowing, cleaning, cutting the grass; you need to pay attention to it. And the best way to maintain your yard is by mowing.

You have numerous options for the mower to tend to your lawn, along with many tools. And Hydrostatic Mower is a choice for many gardeners who want a bit of ease in their regular schedules mowing. A hydraulic-powered lawnmower has higher maneuverability around a medium to a large lawn, unlike a belt-driven or gear-driven mower.

How To Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster?

If you see your hydrostatic lawn mower getting slower day by day, you are not alone. Many aspiring and avid gardeners, including me myself, had to face this problem!

With proper maintenance and some expert tips, you can easily increase your hydraulic mower’s speed and make your mowing easier. Here are some easy ways that you can follow to make your hydrostatic lawn mower faster.

Check For Any Malfunction With The Hydrostatic Mower

A hydrostatic mower is a highly technical device. And if there is any technical malfunction with the system, you may need to check it first. It significantly reduces its speed.

First, you should check the transmission capacity. As the mower does not have a clutch, so you depend on the hydrostatic drive. It manages the torque and keeps the wheels in line. So, any problem with the drive slows your machine. You will find the switch to the drive beneath the seat. Get it fixed by a professional if it is clogged.

Then, any mechanical failure in parts such as the drive axle or the differential could cause the mower to be slow. Also, a leak of the hydraulic fluid may have consequences. It’s important to schedule a regular maintenance program for the lawnmower to function properly.

Check The Air Filters

How To Make a Hydrostatic Lawn Mower Faster
Air Filters

With time, the air filters may get clogged and faulty. So, if you find your hydrostatic mower slowing down,

  • Turn off the engine and let it settle down
  • Unplug the spark wire
  • Remove the air filter cover and check for any obstruction
  • Remove the old air filter
  • Clean the air filter, if possible
  • Or, replace it with a new air filter
  • Attach the cover again
  • Plugin the spark wire
Once you change the air filter, you are sure to see a drastic change in your mower’s speed.

Check The Hydro Belt

In many cases, changing the hydro belt helps a lot in increasing the speed of your hydrostatic lawnmower.

To remove the hydro belt, you have to –

  • Put the mower brake into the parking mode.
  • Turn off the engine and let the parts cool down.
  • Wear a safety goggle and start by removing the belt cover. Use a spring puller to remove the hook.
  • Now, detach the PTO belt, remove the transport lock, and place the deck in a low height
  • Disengage any wire harness attached to the clutch.
  • Now,  disconnect the hydro belt from the sides of the transaxle pull and push it inwards.
  • Lastly, detach the hydro drive and remove the hydro belt.
Now, when connecting a new hydro belt, follow the given instructions.
  • Start by inserting the hydro drive in its place and connect the transaxle pulley from either side.
  • Place the belt above the main clutch.
  • Now, reattach the idler spring covering the main bolts.
  • Then, fix the wire harness at its place and screw it.
  • Reattach the PTO belt.
  • Now, tighten the cover and hardware attached to the belt.

Check The Oil and The Oil Container

Sometimes, due to using the oil lubricant or due to a dirty oil container, the mower may get slow. Also, you may need to drain the old oil before using the new batch.

Before using an oil, check the manufacturer’s guide and use the right oil. Also, if you are already using the right oil, drain out the old oil first, and clean the container accordingly. Make sure to wipe the water from the inside and pour oil into a dry container.

Change The Tires


After long sessions of mowing over a long period of time, the tires of your hydrostatic mowers are likely to face damage. A small leak in the tire may be the cause. So, check your tires and change them, if needed. Thus, your mower will gain speed.

Change The Mower Drives

The mower drives are the main channels of power transmission of the device. Power transmits between the engine and the transaxles through the drives. The main drive consists of the hydrostatic, ground, hydro, and transaxle drive belts. They combined help in the movement, and in the absence of one of them, the whole system falls short.

So, check the drive for any cracks or wear offs. Change and repair them when necessary.

Remove The Engine Case

Getting rid of a bit extra weight could significantly increase the speed of your mower. And such an excess burden is the casing on your engine. This case is not only heavy, but it also has no practical need. So, if you think that you have no other major problems, try removing the engine case.


Using a hydrostatic lawnmower is surely a great option for many. It is more convenient, and mowing bigger lawns is undoubtedly easier. However, what discourages the gardener is how to make a hydrostatic lawnmower faster in the long run. What many of us consider is buying a new mower and breaking our pockets. In reality, the task should not cost as much as you may assume.

Once you know the proper ways to repair the damages to the speed of your mower, you can easily repair them by yourself or using a professional. Moreover, if you pay some attention to regular maintenance, you may not even need to face any problem in the future!

Hopefully, my blog about how to make a hydrostatic lawn mower faster? was helpful to you. Don’t forget to check our blogs regularly for all of your gardening queries!

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