What Is An Edger

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Being a property owner implies more responsibility than only looking after mortar and bricks. One of the essential aspects of property maintenance is caring for the garden and lawn. A well-looked after and neat lawn could make all the difference separating a home oozing curb appeal and one significantly lacking.

Various tools may be used to maintain the garden at its best, like a lawn edger. You might have heard of or come across a lawnmower, but what is a lawn edger, and what is its purpose? Find out more about that in the article below.

The Meaning Of An Edger

Simply put, an edger tool is a piece of equipment used to establish boundaries between grass and its surrounding area. Usually, homeowners want to create a definitive separation between the lawn and a flower bed or a path, fence, or driveway. You can accomplish this using a grass edge cutter.

This tool can penetrate the ground and remove some parts, establishing a thin boundary around the grass edge with distinct separation.

Edger Application In The Garden

An edger for your garden is designed to tidy and make edges neat between your lawn and the driveway, patio, street, walkway, or around your plant beds. It has a blade to cut small gaps between the space you want to set apart from the lawn and the grass neatly. The role of edgers is entirely aesthetic.

Picture unkempt grass hanging over your driveway in contrast to a clean line separating the concrete and your lawn. A trimmer tidies up the edges by trimming and cutting grass that is hardly reachable using lawnmowers.

Another means of telling these two gardening tools apart is that trimmers keep the edges neat by trimming grass, whereas an edger creates the defined edge in the grass. Of course, the trimmer is also useful in maintaining the edge once it has been created.

How Is a Garden Bed Edger Used?

The most crucial procedure while using an edger is ensuring you are familiar with how it is used safely. As you buy an edger, allow the retailer to demonstrate how to use the edger correctly. Then, try it out on a place away from the area you want to edge, in case you make a basic mistake due to inexperience.

Have a feel of its weight and how it is supposed to be positioned to have the line you desire. Then, set the edger blade between the grass and driveway and slowly move forward as you make the edge. Look out for obstacles and steer clear of hitting asphalt, rocks, or concrete with your blade since this could quickly dull it or cause damage.

Once you’ve created the edge, you must return and collect the dirt and grass to improve the look. Remember to be aware as you edge for your first time. Doing it correctly will ensure you won’t have to return and do the edge again soon.

Reasons To Use a Lawn Edger

Various reasons make using a grass edger advantageous. However, the most outstanding reason is the drastic improvement of your home’s curb appeal, which is fantastic to maintain an excellent reputation and even better if you are looking to sell your property.

In addition, an edger will present you with an easier means of getting a professional look without having to hire someone to do the job. Finally, there are various cost-efficient edgers and trimmers; therefore, buying one will not significantly set you back financially.

Furthermore, edging your lawn will imply that a barrier can be created to prevent pesky weeds and vegetation from growing where they are not desired. This is especially critical for a flower bed.

What Are The Different Types Of Lawn Edgers?

You must remember there are various types of lawn edger equipment, and your preferred style largely hinges on the garden in question and the intended use of the tool. There are four garden edger tools classifications: battery-powered edgers, manual edgers, electric edgers, and gas-powered edgers. Every type is associated with advantages and disadvantages. Therefore you must be familiar with these before settling on a particular edger.

halfmoon lawn edger

Manual Edgers

Manual lawn edgers are simple tools that rely on your energy to operate. They are typically available in two designs: half-moon edgers that are pushed using the foot into the ground or push-along star-shaped edgers rolled on the ground. On the other hand, there is the hand shear tool option, though they are less popular and need significantly more input from the user.

Battery-Powered Edgers

Battery-powered grass edgers are the most contemporary lawn edgers. They are incredibly convenient and cost-efficient.

Gas Powered Edger

A gas-powered edger is the most robust, portable option – though this implies they are more costly than their alternatives. Nonetheless, you should note that gas-powered lawn edgers are powerful and long-lasting, and a worthy investment in the long run, especially if you have a large area to edge.

Electric Edger Trimmer

An electric edger trimmer is linked to the main power and acts as an excellent alternative to a gas edger, which is usually more expensive and cumbersome. With an electric edger, you get a comparable power amount, ensuring that you achieve a neat and precise boundary each time. In addition, different from the battery-operated options, a corded edger will not run out of power halfway through the job.


Lawn edgers are important tools that help achieve excellently manicured lawns and significantly improve home curb appeal. They are available in four main types, which you can choose according to your desired power source. The advantages of every lawn edger type will vary depending on the garden in question, your physical capabilities, and your lawn requirements.

When discussing a lawn edger, most people are misled by the misconception that the tool is similar to a trimmer, though they serve two different purposes. However, when you use these two tools together, they complement each other excellently to give you an attractive and healthy-looking garden.

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