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Staying under sun exposure without using any protection for long may not be a good idea for your skin or you in general. So in that situation, a wide brim gardening hat can come to your rescue. A hat like this will not only protect you from the scorching heat of the sun but also can be a fabulous addition to your outfit as an accessory. Whether you are a travel enthusiast or love to walk on a sunny day, a sun hat can become your friend in any situation.

We are here to help you to select the best gardening hat amid all the available ones in the market currently. Here is the detailed buying guide of the best gardening hat for you where we have presented the general information you should consider acknowledging before purchasing one for you.

Why EINSKEY Sun Hat for Men/Women outperforms others?

Einskey sun hat is a stylish way to escape the sun for both men and women, as you are getting 8 options to choose from. Comfort is guaranteed with Einskey hats since they are made of breathable polyester. You can opt for this option if you are looking for protection and style both simultaneously.

The water resistance hat will not only act as a shield against the rain, but its adjustable chin trap will help you to hold the hat in place even on breezy days.

Top Five Picks For Best Gardening Hats

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Types Of Hats

Gardening hats can be divided into many different types to help you pick up the suitable one for you. Here we are mentioning some of them to present to you:

Water resistance can be counted as a good advantage of some hats if you think of going outdoors in the rainy season. Different kind of designs with mesh around the head perimeter gives you breathable experience overall.

Some of these French gardening hats come with extra cover-ups for the face or neck. If you stay under too much heat for long, then these kinds of hats can come to your rescue as they will cover up most of your exposed skin.

Fashion and style can be the priority while purchasing a packable sun hat for some of you. In that case, you can think about these types where the hats are designed based on gender. Women can go for the beautiful designs, where additional ideas like slit for ponytails on the hats are included for your convenience.

Sea straw is the main point of some of the hats to give you a unique and lightweight experience. They can help you stand out in the crowd to give you a waterproof experience naturally.

Some of you can be concerned about the heat and trying to find a way to escape it. You guys can look up to these kinds of hats where the companies have some technologies to keep you cool.

Buying Guide

What To Look For In Best Gardening Hat?

Whether you are going hiking with your friend or spending some time in the garden to take care of your plants, a wide brim gardening hat can come in handy in every situation. Consider this as a guide to help you choose the best one for you.

Brim length is significant while choosing a sun hat since protection from the sun is the main reason behind purchasing one. You should always go for a wide-brimmed gardening hat if you spend a long time under sun exposure. Shadow casting area depends on the brim, which increases the protection of your face and neck. Although sometimes too lengthy brim of a hat can be annoying to maintain, so choose according to your convenience.

You need to consider a water resistance hat to protect yourself from the uncertain rain. Whether you are going fishing or heading to a beach, rain can be a sudden guest anytime. If you are an outdoor enthusiast or love to stick around to your garden, purchasing a waterproof hat can be of great help.

Some people may think of purchasing a hat prioritizing style, so if you are one of those, then the market has a variety of choices for you as well. You can choose from different colors, materials to a diverse range of styles according to your gender. Before heading to the beach, don’t forget to flaunt your sun hat to enhance your outfit.

With different kinds of people comes different head size, so are various sizes of hats as well. Some company makes one size for all with adjustable drawstring, which will help you adjust the fit according to your size. Size is an important factor while buying a hat because all the other advantages can go to waste if the hat does not fit you properly.

Always opt for a hat that is breathable because you need to spend a lot of time wearing it. Suffocating your skin can be easy for a non-breathable hat, which can be considered a disadvantage.

Weight is a matter of concern when you are planning to wear it for a long time. If you don’t want your gardening hat to be a cause of annoyance on your trip, go for a lightweight option.

Chin cord is a feature that you should look for when purchasing a sun hat because it will keep the hat in place and give you a windproof experience. No matter which season or time you are using it, wind can come as an obstacle everywhere. You will get a variety of sun hats to choose from with the drawstring feature.

Adjustable strap on the head perimeter of a hat can be an effortless way to adjust the size according to your preference. Whether you have a standard head size or slightly smaller, you can modify the hat as you want because of this feature.

Traveling outside or gardening can be messy at times, so you need to watch out for the hats that tend to fade away the colors with every wash. You will need to wash your hat often, so choose to consider that point in mind.

A foldable hat can come to be convenient in the case of storing or keeping it in a bag to travel. If you want to carry it everywhere, then you can think about the foldable options available.

You should look for the sun protection given with the hat before buying it. Just sunscreen or shadow may not give you the optimum protection from the sun, so you need to check out the UPF beforehand.

Restaining the hat’s shape is an essential factor as it can prevent you from enjoying it because of the visible creases. Always look for a hat that will not crease.

Whether the hat is made of cotton, nylon, or polyester, they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Your requirements can be a way to determine the best option for you. Cotton material can be more breathable, whereas polyester can be water-resistant, so choose respectively.

Top 5 Best Gardening Hats Reviews

If you are going for an Einskey sun hat, then you have 7 options to choose from beautiful colors like Khaki, Army Green, Navy blue, and various shades of Grey. The fashionable water resistance hat is made of 100% polyester to protect you from rain or any kind of undesired water source, which is as comfortable as you can think of because of the breathable mesh present around it.

The hat has features like an adjustable drawstring to fit into any desirable size around the 22-24 inch head perimeter that make it perfect for everyone. Then the wide-brim present around the hat is 3.7-3.9 inches to give you a comfortable experience overall, which will protect you from sun exposure undoubtedly.

The lightweight and foldable material of this hat can be acknowledged as an added advantage to include it in the list of best sun hats for gardening.

Einskey sun hat has an adjustable chin string to retain your hat intact in place even in windy weather. Additionally, this astounding unisex packable sun hat has an inbuilt sweatband to eliminate sweat from your face. Therefore whether you are going camping or just want to take care of your garden, this wide brim gardening hat can come in handy.

Key Features

9.5Expert Score
Best Overall

Our Pick must to have in your yard

  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Inbuilt sweatband
  • Adjustable chin cord
  • Wide brim
  • Water resistance
  • It comes folded that causes creasing.
  • Mesh can be too thin for some.

GearTOP Fishing hat has sun protection of UPF 50+, which is made of high-quality polyester that is making it water-resistant. You will get to close your lightweight hat using the chin string to give you a windproof experience.

The hat can be admitted as one of the best hats to protect the face from the sun because of its 3.7-inch broad brim. This hat’s Head diameter is 22-23.5 inches, which is exceptionally breathable because of the mesh panels with a given elastic drawcord to help you adjust it according to your size.

The lightweight, foldable and quick-drying hat is easily manageable in every situation. Being able to protect you from UVA and UVB is a fantastic quality of this unisex hat.

Key Features

9Expert Score
Best Manageable

  • Quick-drying
  • Foldable
  • Adjustable to size
  • UPF 50+
  • Wide brim
  • Extremely breathable
  • It may not fit everyone.
  • Complaints about stitching

Ontel Arctic Hat is foldable and lightweight for you to carry anywhere that makes it attractive to keep an eye on this product if you plan to purchase a packable sun hat. Breathable panels are present to give you ventilation all day long is an addition to the previous point.

The main attraction of this fantastic floppy sun hat is the cooling effect that keeps you cool under sun heat with its hydra cooling technology. Evaporative cooling layer present inside the hat release water little by little after wetting it to help you to stay cool.

The reflective sun barrier present on the hat makes it even more special for you, as it reflects most of the harmful UVB and UVB in sun rays. An adjustable chin cord is there to keep this hat intact to your face in the case of windy weather, and a drawstring is present to fit you perfectly.

Key Features

9Expert Score
Best Cooling

  • Wide brim
  • Chin cord
  • Drawstring to fit
  • Hydra-cooling technology
  • Reflective barrier
  • Lightweight
  • Adding water can be a hassle for some.
  • Only one beige color

The unique styled hat is an option to go for if you want to stand out in the crowd, as it is made of sea straw, completely giving you a fantastic look. Chin cord is present to give you a windproof experience in every kind of environment.

You are getting 8 options to choose from according to your preference. In addition to that, there is an embroidered logo patched on the hat, giving it an even more stylish look. O’NEILL Men’s Sonoma Print Straw Hat can act as an accessory to your summer outfit.

Key Features

8.5Expert Score
Best Sea Straw Hat

  • Water-resistant
  • Unique style
  • 8 Options
  • Lightweight
  • Logo Patch
  • Made of Sea Straw
  • Stiff material
  • The Head perimeter cannot be adjusted.
  • Material not breathable

When a hat can become a woman’s best friend, why would you look for another one? Complete cotton material makes these hats breathable and friendly for your hair and skin. A drawstring is present to keep the hat intact, which is detachable as well.

Wide brim will protect you from sun exposure with the additional enhancement of UPF 50 to keep you safe from harmful UVA and UVB. An inbuilt sweatband is also a bonus to the hat.

You can choose between 3 different styles made of various fabrics according to your preference. The cotton-made hat can be your go-to, as it has a ponytail hole which can be regarded as a unique design. You will be getting Mesh panels with the nylon hats, including in the total of 7 options you are receiving from this hat.

Key Features

8.2Expert Score
Best Fashionable for women

  • Wide brim
  • Cotton material
  • UPF 50
  • Unique style
  • Perfect for women
  • Detachable Drawcord
  • Not Water resistance
  • Only one size

Benefits Of Best Gardening Hat

A gardening hat can have various benefits to offer you, making it an essential product for your everyday use. Sometimes in the afternoon when you feel like going to the garden, you can go without any hesitation with the hat on.

Experience of outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or even going for a simple walk can be enhanced with a sun hat. Want to go hiking, fishing, for a safari, or just want to spend some time at the beach? A sun hat can come in handy everywhere.

Here are a few of them to help you assist you even more before choosing the best one.

Sun Protection

One of the most considerable advantages of having a sun hat is sun protection. Nowadays, the hats have inbuilt sun protection like UPF 50 to protect you from harmful rays. Staying for too long under the sun can cause damage to your skin and hair, and in situations like these, even sunscreen becomes unable to protect you. If you spend your time outdoors more often, then sun hats can come to your rescue every time you are heading outside the house.

Protection From Rain

Rain can become your uninvited guest at any point in time while you are on vacation, fishing, camping, or doing any activity outdoors. So at that time, a gardening hat or sun hat can relieve you from the stress of getting wet.

Keep You Cool

Prolonged exposure to sun rays is not only harmful, but it can make you feel hot as well. When your skin gets too warm because of sun exposure, you will become agitated. You have to admit that the feeling is not entirely pleasant. So, to avoid the irritating feeling where you can’t even enjoy your outing, consider buying a sun hat to keep you cool and protected even under long sun exposure.

Stay Longer

Now you can stay longer under the sun without being worried because of the sun hats. Anyone who loves to stay outside should opt for a gardening hat.

Maintenance Tips For A Gardening Hat

Just buying a hat is not enough for its long life. You need to take care of it if you want to keep it as new for an extended period. We are here to discuss some basic things that you can do to keep your hat in good condition for as long as possible.


Gardening is a messy task to start with, so it is quite evident that staying outside wearing the hat for long will make it grimy. Occasionally clean your hat or according to your routine of going outside to avoid any kind of permanent damage like a persistent stain. Detergent can be helpful while cleaning the hats.


After cleaning, always dry the hats entirely before storing them. Otherwise, you can be damaging your hat by storing the half-wet hat. Storing half wet hat will not only cause a foul smell but also weaken the material of your hat quickly. So check the hat precisely to look for any damp spot before storing or keeping it away.

Read Instructions

Every hat is made of a different type of material which states a diverse process for taking care of it subsequently. With your hat may come instructions on how to clean or keep it safe. So read the instructions thoroughly and follow them accordingly.


Storage can be a difficult thing to master when it comes to keeping a hat crease-free and intact. You can keep the hats at a different place without squishing them with other materials. Hanging the hats can be an option to avoid crease. Don’t try to fold them if they are not foldable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Like we mentioned earlier, nowadays the market has a variety of range to offer a diverse possibility to choose from according to your preference. Sun protection is the foremost feature in most of them. You can just look for the hats that give UPF and wide brim to provide you with the best possible sun protection.

Wide brim will provide you with shadow, protect your face and neck, while the UPF will shield you from the harmful UVB and UVA. Some hats even have extra attachments behind the neck or cover-up your skin to prevent it from getting in direct contact with the sunlight.

Straw hats are suitable for various purposes depending on your uses or the reason behind purchasing them. Every product has its pros and cons so as a straw hat. Style can be considered its main attraction to go for it, but a straw hat may not be convenient if you want to carry it everywhere.

You cannot fold them to keep in the bag, and they are not so breathable as cotton or other materials, but they are naturally water-resistant. Now it depends on you that how and why you want to utilize them.

A hat can add to your other sun protection, but just using a hat cannot be enough. You need sunscreen or other sun protection clothes to keep you safe from the harmful sun rays, then you should use a sun hat to give yourself complete protection against sun exposure, but you should not rely on just a sun hat to do everything.

The first thing you should look for before buying sun hats is your requirements. If you want to prioritize fashion, you can go for those kinds of options; if breathable material is your main concern, you can look for cotton ones. You can opt for the ones with sun protection if that is what you want. Just go through our detailed description and reviews, which may help you to pick one according to you.

Nothing can be considered better, as both are equally necessary to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun. If you want to stay under the sun exposure for an extended period without getting sunburnt or hurting your skin, you require both of them. You need both to get completely safeguard yourself against the sunlight.

The answer to this question can depend on your concern and the time you spend outside under the sun. You should wear a sun hat for various reasons like sun protection, keeping yourself cool, or even as an accessory.

A sun hat can be helpful in multiple situations, like when you are playing a game outside or if you are just chilling at the beach to spend some quality time with your loved ones. On an additional note, it can become an accessory or style statement of your summer outfit that will flatter your overall look. You can protect your face and neck from harmful sun rays by using this hat. So yes, you need a sun hat if you go outside or planning to go on a vacation.


Sunburnt skin may not be desirable for you, so to keep your skin safe from external and internal damage, choose the best gardening hat for you. After going through our guide, we hope that now it’s effortless to understand the necessity of a hat and pick one for yourself.

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