Learn All About Ryobi Circular Saw From The Expert | 2021 Reviews and Detailed Buying Guide

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There are several circular saws available in the market. But everyone can’t afford the expensive circular saws. If you are a constructor or DIY lover, then you can assuredly pick any of the circular saw under $100. Here we include the 5 best Ryobi circular saws so that you can make the best selection for your cutting task.

Don’t get confused with the cost; these Ryobi circular saws provide the best features along with top-notch cutting property. Before buying any circular saw, make the list of features you want in your circular saw. The features like the blade’s size, motor power, warranty, blade’s material, the tool’s material, and other most necessary are included.

Either you can go for a corded circular saw, or a cordless circular saw as per the nature of the project’s work and difficulty.

Let’s check out our five best tools that will make your task simple and smooth.

Why Ryobi P508 Cordless Circular Saw outperforms others?

Ryobi P508 circular saw is the best and most convenient to use. Pro constructors, as well as beginners, can use the cordless circular saw without investing much energy. With a cordless circular saw, you can finish your work fast and most accurately.

Ryobi P508 cordless circular saw is made up of plastic and metal that makes this tool more powerful. If you need the best circular saw, then you can go for Ryobi’s best circular saw.

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Top 5 Ryobi Circular Saw Under $100

Things To Check Before Buying The Best Circular Saw Under $100

For cutting work, it is essential to choose the best circular saw as artisans need to provide accurate and fast cuts to the plywood. Even DIYers want an easy-to-use circular saw but get confused after seeing so many circular saws.

Here we are including the three most crucial things to keep in mind while choosing the best circular saw.

Cordless Or Corded

Many pro constructors choose a corded circular saw for heavy construction work. But cordless saws are coming with lithium-ion battery technology, making them highly proficient in managing most difficult tasks, whether it’s plywood or other wood material. If this will be your first saw, I’ll suggest you take the cordless circular saw. It comes in 18 to 20 volts which is perfect. Always buy the cordless circular saw with the highest amp-hour battery for better battery life.

Convenient Style

Circular saws are most commonly obtainable in two styles that are sidewinders and worm drive. Sidewinders are most frequently used for light cutting work and especially suitable for DIYers. Besides, Sidewinders are light in weight and decent in price as compared to the worm-drive.

On the other hand, Worm-drive saws are much heavier than Sidewinders and also costly. Worm-drives are used for heavy cutting work and are preferred by pro constructors.

If you want to buy a circular saw for DIY work, you choose the Sidewinders. For heavy-duty work, Worm-drivers are the best.

Size Of The Blade

The preferable diameter of the blade is 7 ¼ inches. By using this blade, one can cut the material more accurately and sharp. But there are other dimensions of blades such as 6 ½ inches, 8 ½ inches, and so on.

A 6 ½ inch size blade is commonly used for small or light cutting work, and an 8 ½ inch size blade is used for heavy tasks.

There are other small sizes, including four ¼ inches and 4 ½ inches. These blades are excellent for paneling and other thin materials.

So as per your requirements, choose the blade size.

Top 5 Ryobi Circular Saw Under $100 - Detailed Review

Ryobi circular saw blade comes in the size of 7-¼ inch and has an increased capacity of 26%, including blade variety. Ryobi circular saw cordless provides 0-56 degree cut so that you can cut the most complex angles with smooth finishing. The Ryobi 18V cordless, brushless, circular saw operates longer and, as a result, longer motor life.

The weight of the Ryobi circular saw is 6.6 pounds which is light in weight and secure to handle. It requires 1 Lithium-ion battery to go and needs 10V voltage. The speed of the Ryobi cordless circular saw is 3800 RPM. Ryobi P508 is made up of metal and plastic.

Ryobi P508 comes with brushless motors that are table-stakes and helpful for battery-powered tools. Ryobi brushless circular saw comes with a left side blade mount and is perfectly suitable for right-handed people. Right-handed people prefer this feature in circular saws. The left side blade mounts feature provides excellent cut-line visibility.

Ryobi P508 has a tremendously comfortable design that captivates the customer’s attraction. It has an LED light which makes the cut line more visible. The front-pommel holder is well located so that two hands can easily use it. It includes GRIPZONE™ over-mold that is extremely handy to use and provides a smooth grip.

For replacing blades, Ryobi has a storage capacity of 6mm hex wrench on the backside of the saw. You need some extra attention to deal with the spindle lock. Overall, it is an extremely profitable deal. Without a doubt, you can buy a Ryobi cordless circular saw to do the cutting work.

Key Features

9.8Expert Score
Best Overall

Our Pick must to have in your yard

  • 26% more cutting capacity
  • Compatibility with Ryobi's Lithium+ HP 4.0Ah battery
  • Includes LED light to see better line visibility
  • The spindle lock is tricky to handle
  • The sound is awful, so use headphones to protect your ears
  • A little slow on RPM

Ryobi circular saw one plus 18v is the most convincing unit from Ryobi’s collection. If you are in search of a powerful and effective cutting wood tool, then you can count on P507. Ryobi P507 cordless circular saw presents a 40% more robust motor that gives excellent cutting performance similar to a corded circular saw.

Ryobi one circular saw is suitable for novices who are just trying hands-on saws. The main handle is wrapped with rubber mold to provide you superior command on the cutting edges.18-volt Ryobi circular saw is made up of rigid ABS plastic material, which provides extra control while cutting the wood. It looks weak due to the use of plastic material, but it is not.

It includes a 6 1/2 inch, 24T, thin kerf, carbide-tipped saw along with a blade that provides sharp and accurate cuts to your wood, craft boards, and other materials. With the help of a cordless circular saw, you can do all your cutting work easily. Additionally, the Ryobi weight is very light, around 6 pounds, and the motor speed is 4700 RPM.

The price of the Ryobi P507 is exceptionally affordable. It is useful for occasional and end chores. It additionally provides compatibility with Ryobi’s 18V batteries such as lithium-ion, NiCad, and so on. These batteries cover the P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108. As I said earlier, a circular saw with a blade is the most useful tool for beginners and perfect for small cutting tasks.

Key Features

9.5Expert Score
Best Smooth Finishing

  • Reasonable and decent quality
  • Easy to change the blade
  • Easy and quick to adjust the angles
  • Blade depth can be set easily
  • Not useful for pro carpenters
  • It is not a high-end saw
  • It can’t be useful for extremely high-duty cutting work

Ryobi circular saw with a laser produces a red line on the work surface in front of the saw after the tool’s activation so that you can see where you’re working. The handle is shielded with rubber over-mold, making it comfy to carry and manage circular saw even in uncertain situations. With the help of Easy-access knobs, you can quickly settle depth up to 1 9/16 inches and beveling angle from 0 to 50 degrees.

Ryobi circular saw 5 ½ is compatible with almost every Ryobi battery containing P100, P101, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107, and P108. Best Ryobi circular saw consists of a 5 1/2 inch blade bent with carbide to diminish corrosion, including damage. By doing proper maintenance and using accurate angles, you can get more depth cutting. For removing the blade in a slot on the tool, the wrench is used.

For cutting wood, you need the best circular saw and Ryobi P506, providing efficiency, reliability, and accuracy, which might be a good deal for you. Having 4700 RPM cutting speed makes circular saw with laser guide favorite of carpenters. A cordless circular saw has a 24 tooth carbide blade that helps to make sharp cuts to plywood, oak wood, and other types of cutting material. To provide you with the best saw adventure and precise cut, Ryobi created the P506 one+ masterpiece tool.

Key Features

9.8Expert Score
Best For Craftsman

  • Extremely affordable rates
  • It provides quick charging and lasts for a more extended period than expected
  • To get a maximum of circular saw uses it after a short time
  • Ryobi circular saw blades provide accurate cuts with 4700 RPM speed
  • Easy to change blades due to fast blade discharge tool
  • Extremely useful for beginners and DIYers
  • It is not recommended for highly professional people
  • Poor battery performance due to increased RPM speed

Ryobi P505 is the ideal selection for people who prefer to do their household wood cutting work by themselves. Ryobi 18v saws, or we can say that Ryobi tree saws are perfect for DIY construction work. Most people prefer corded circular saws due to their high speed. But cordless circular saw is providing the equivalent or better speed as compared to the corded circular saw that is 4700 RPM which is more than enough for a quick and accurate cut.

It is easy to carry and highly efficient to cut different wood materials. Just like other Ryobi collections, its handle is also wrapped by a rubber mold which increases the friction between your hands and the tool so that you can easily hold the handle of the tool throughout the work.

Ryobi 5 1/2 circular saw provides you one more surprising feature that is an additional handle near the unit on the left corner. Because of this feature, you can see the work you are doing and maintain total control of the job. The Ryobi team always takes care of their customers’ needs, and that’s why they provide the best features in all saws.

As per your work convenience, you can simply change the bevel angle up to 50 degrees. By using a Ryobi 5 1/2 circular saw blade, you can cut the complex wooden materials by yourself. It comes with the facility of changing blades quickly by using an onboard compartment that holds a wrench.

Ryobi One P505 18V won’t disappoint you. DIY constructors, homeowners, or professional artisans rely on cordless circular saws.

Key Features

9Expert Score
Best To Handle

  • Best price
  • Fast speed due to 4700 RPM
  • Robust and long-lasting
  • Perfect grip
  • Carbide-tipped blade
  • Perfect for carrying anywhere
  • Battery not included
  • Absent of LED light

Now here comes the best creation of Ryobi – Ryobi circular saw corded. People who belong to construction or cutting work prefer the best Ryobi circular saw, and that’s why they buy a corded circular saw with laser light that additionally comes with a tool bag.

Ryobi 15 Amp, 7 ¼ inches circular saw is the best invention of the Ryobi team as it provides an exact line laser alignment system which eventually improves the cutting accuracy. Not only this, a 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade makes cutting even more accessible. Ryobi corded circular saw with laser light is light in weight and designed explicitly for whole-day work. By using the best Ryobi circular saw, you can complete your task within a given period as it is providing the fastest speed that is 5200 RPM.

A corded circular saw is perfect for tough cutting jobs. It has an adjustable bevel from 0 to 51.5 degrees and gives an ideal cut at 45 degrees and 51.5 degrees. A corded circular saw also contains an air diverter and dust exhaust which maintains the line of cut clear and at the same time diverts all the particles away from the user.

Just like the tools mentioned above, it also has a spindle lock which makes it easy to change the blades. Adjusting the depth cut is much easier with a corded circular saw. By keeping users comfort in mind, its handle is designed with GripZone over-mold. It has a lower guard handle to support plunge cutting.

Key Features

8.5Expert Score
Best For Sharp Cuts

  • Corded circular saw
  • Laser beam included
  • High performance
  • Fast speed
  • On a budget
  • Difficult for beginners

Types Of Circular Saws

The saw that uses a circular blade is known as a circular saw. There are many types of circular saws present in the market. Each saw has various features, advantages, disadvantages, so it is essential to choose the best circular saw per your work needs.

Let’s check out the below list to choose the best circular saw:

Worm Drive Circular Saws

Worm drive models are expressly used for heavy-duty tasks. The only difference you will see in these saws – mounting of the motors and the gears’ arrangement. Because of the gear arrangement of the worm drive circular saws, the production of torque is more. It gives powerful performance because of its high speed. The cost is a little high but worthy of tough cutting tasks.

Sidewinder Circular Saws

Sidewinder circular saws are also known as in-line saws. These saws are compact in shape because of the parallel mounting of the motor. Light in weight makes these saws more user-friendly. Some motors require oiling regularly, but this is not the Sidewinder circular saw as it has a closed-off motor.

Hypoid Circular Saws

Some people get confused between worm drive circular saws and hypoid circular saws, but these two saws are different. The only similarity is the placement of the motor; otherwise, nothing is similar. Hypoid circular saw has the critical feature that is hypoid gears. The gear has a lightly balanced spiral, including meshing gear, and both are at a 90-degree angle. It develops an association between the blade and your work. These saws are best for thick, moist, or dense parts of the wood.

Abrasive Circular Saws

An abrasive circular saw is a power tool. People also call it a cut-off saw, or chop saw. It is used to cut tough items like alloys, floor, plywood, or concrete.

Biscuit Joiners

Biscuit joiners are small in shape as compared to other saws. Also, the weight of the biscuit joiners is less. These saws are useful to join the parts of wood and do not show any streaks.

Carbide Circular Saws

Carbide circular saws come in three types of setups that are horizontal, vertical, and pivot. For demanding tasks like dense wood, metals, or other Carbide circular saw is a perfect choice. These carbide circular saws are designed in such a way that saws can handle the heat. Because of these, cut edges remain cool.

Concrete Circular Saws

Concrete circular saws are also called slab saws. These saws come in a handheld setup. If you are working on challenging projects which require powerful saws, then a concrete circular saw won’t disappoint you. You can change the blade as per your cutting work. A concrete circular saw is not a good option for light jobs.

Flip-over Circular Saws

For general carpentry projects, flip-over circular saws are favored. Hybrid design makes them valuable. You don’t have to do a lot of hard work here as the blade is already mounted. You just need to keep the saw in place and allow your metal or material to go. The only disadvantage is, it takes more space due to its hybrid design.

Metal Cutting Circular Saws

As the name suggests, these saws are used to cut the metals. These metal-cutting circular saws are smaller as compared to the worm drive saw. These saws are more powerful as they are used to cut the metals. Metal cutting circular saws design works like a shield for heat. It also offers protection from metal shards and flashes.

Benefits Of Best Circular Saw Under $100

When it comes to the benefits of circular saw, they are unlimited. As we all know, without circular saws, we can’t provide proper shape to the plywood, plastic, or any kind of metal surface.

Have a look at the most critical benefits of circular saws.


Circular saws are easy to carry because of their lightweight. Additionally, if you are using a cordless circular saw, then you don’t have to look for power sources too.

Precise And Sharp Cuts

Tremendous amounts of circular saws are available, and as per your need, you can choose the best circular saw. You can use circular saws to make various types of cuts like bevel cut, cross-cut, plunge cut, finish cutting, and so on.

Led Light

Even in dark or low light conditions, you can use the circular saw and do your work with LED light. With the help of LED light, you can do your work more precisely.


Due to the charger facility, we can do the fast charging and finish our work quickly. It eventually leads to fast work.

The most significant advantage of the circular saw is that right-handed and left-handed people can use it. So as per your ruling hand, you can make a selection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As a buyer, some questions come to mind related to the product, which is quite apparent.

There was a time when people preferred corded saws because of their high performance and speed. Not anymore, as cordless saws are providing the same features, so you can buy any one of them.

There are many brands available in the market. But when it comes to buying the best saw, you can count on Ryobi. Their reviews are excellent and have a legacy of providing the best saws at affordable rates.

It depends on the brand you purchased, but it can vary between 1 to 3 years.

The teeth of the blades depend on the work type. For carpentry work, framing blades are good, and they have 24 teeth. Some blades also have 100 or more teeth and are used for accurate finishing.

If you are planning to cut your plywood, or want to make furniture or any other DIY work, then you need a circular saw that provides accurate cuts.

Maintenance Tips For Circular Saw

Circular saws are not challenging to maintain and clean. We only need to care about one part, that is, their blades which are not that easy to clean.

If you want your circular saws to work with you for a more extended period, then clean them regularly. You can wipe the saw body simply but be careful with the blades. Clean the blades regularly. You can clean the blades with a paper towel or wet cloth.


Now it’s time to end the article. Circular saws are quite tricky to handle for beginners. But by using the best circular saw, you can learn to use the saw and eventually become a master. So choose the best circular saw and do your work professionally. Pro constructors already know how to use circular saws, so without a doubt, they select the best saw. Still, make your decision precisely, just like a sharp cut, and bring the best saw to your home.

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