What a Best Pull Behind Drop Spreader Should Have? | Reviews & Guide

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Big yards and lawn need bountiful love and care to maintain the lush and green. Everyone who owns grand green lands will make constant endeavors to ensure that the whole grassplot is seeded and fertilized well. Who does not want to look at their green lawn and be proud of the hard work and effort they put into that?

It can become a challenge to manage such a magnificent green area for you. However, the triumph and joy it gives you once the garden is trimmed and manicured to your taste are phenomenal. To achieve such a mammoth task alone will need to invest in the best pull behind drop spreader. Why? Because the fertilizer beads and seeds are likely to clomp together if you put them by hand in your lawn.

These machines impressed us with the durability and most prominent capacity, along with other very unique features. Follow on to know everything in detail about all these five distinct machines and find out which one works for you the best. Getting the best for your work will be the right choice to attain your future green goals.

Spreader Definition

A spreader helps to scatter a product over a wide area. It is crucial to study all the worth options like drop spreader vs. broadcast spreader when buying a spreader. It can become intimidating at times to decide on which one is best for your use. Pull behind spreaders are available in thousands of varieties and qualities. But these top 5 got us at the loss of words to praise the best out of all.

Why Chapin International Pull Behind Spreader outperforms others?

Chapin pull behind drop spreader fits seemly on an uncomplicated lawnmower. Chapin is ruling the charts with its 150 pounds pull behind capacity. The Chapin Spreader has everything that one home gardener will ever want to have in their shed. Nobody wants an assembled setup of cheap plastic pieces that fall apart in one use. It is not just a bargain but a decent professional-grade spreader. This Chapin spreader stands apart from the herd, made out of some heavy-duty materials and metals.

The best part of this pull behind drop spreader is that it does not need you to get down every time you need to close the gate. It comes with an automatic stop feature. With the huge capacity, you will easily be able to use this spreader twice before the need to refill. The spreader comes with 11 different settings. It allows you to choose according to your needs.

Top Five Picks For Best Pull Behind Drop Spreader

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Buying Guide

What To Look For In Best Pull Behind Drop Spreader?

Everyone who has a big yard would understand the requisites for a spreader, especially if they want to keep their garden uniformly topped with grass. Even if you happen to obtain knowledge about the best pull behind drop spreader, you need to dig in deep to understand the various possibilities it has to offer. Here are some guidelines to help you know more about commercial tow behind drop spreader in detail so that you don’t have any doubt left afterward.


We need to consider discussing the function of the drop spreader first to understand it even more.

  • Basic Function
  • Advance Function

Every spreader's primary function is to scatter seeds and fertilizer uniformly throughout the garden because hand spreading cannot provide the desired result. It will cause patchy growth of grass. When your lawn is indeed large to handle single-handed, that's when you need a spreader for your rescue to save your time and energy.

In the case of drop spreaders, it uses a combination of vibration in the system and gravity to pull down the seeds to spread on the ground evenly. The drop spreaders have holes in the equivalent distance between the wheels for the seeds to go through and fall on the area's surface. Because the openings present on an equal gap, it results in efficient spreading of the desired product amount.


There are not too many types in the case of drop spreaders present in the market. Here are the types and how they are different from each other, how can you use each of them in your garden.

  • Pull behind spreader
  • Walk behind spreader

Pull behind are also considered as the tow-behind spreaders, which are attached to a tractor, ATV, or a mower to bring it to move, making your seed or fertilizer spreading experience to be effortless and delighted. If you don’t want to invest your time and energy into the process of distributing seeds, then you should consider going for this one.

Walk-behind spreaders are straightforward in function, similar to the name itself. You just need to walk, holding it from behind, and the machine will keep doing its work automatically, giving you control of the entire process. Because of their durable rubber tires, they are mostly steady on every kind of surface, giving you a smooth experience while doing your work.

Things To Consider While Buying A Pull Behind Drop Spreader

Just like any other long-term essential belongings, you need to be focused on some aspects of the product and some of your requirements before you consider buying any spreader.

The area that requires seeded is the fundamental factor that should be considered first. Not only the size but the shape of the lawn should be contemplated. Because it’s necessary to think about the number of trees the area has, how many angles or curves the area has, or it’s uniform or not. If your lawn is vast and uniform, then a drop spreader is the best choice for you. Because this kind of spreader is precise and it will spread the seeds uniformly wherever you want since you will move along it on the yawn.

The time you have to regularly associate this process is also a significant factor that should be taken into discussion. If you have enough time, then you can go for the walk-behind spreader because then you will be able to control how much coverage you want on which part of the garden. But if you have a limited amount of time, then you can think of buying a tow-behind spreader as it will be controlled by ATV or tractor, which will reduce the amount of time considerably.

You should think about the environment you live in before buying any spreader because the wind can impact the seeds’ spreading process. Consequently, you may not get the desired outcome.

As there are various models present in the market, you will find one according to your preference. Although many inexpensive models exist, costly models are generally made of suitable materials, more durable and secure hence making them more long-lasting as well.

The quality of the material that has been used to build the spreader is something you need to check on before buying, depending on your use patterns. Like plastic material can be susceptible to get damaged early if it stays in contact with the sun for too long regularly. But stainless steel or several rigid materials can take up the sun exposure without difficulty. A similar point goes for the corrosive fertilizers since they may trigger a break down of some materials.

If you are on a beginner level, you can start with a seed spreader that will be easy to use to get accustomed to the process first. As it may take time to learn all the techniques to be applied for the preferred result.

The all overweight fertilizer spreader can change your experience as you will be the person to carry the spreader all over to start with. If you don’t want that and have enough space then go for the tow behind the spreader because in that case, the tractor will carry the weight. But if the priority is to acquire the complete regulation over the process then you can think about the tow behind fertilizer spreader. Retaining the information is crucial that the lightweight spreaders can be easy to handle, but the heavy-weighted ones are more durable in many aspects.

Most of the seed spreaders come in bits and pieces that make it necessary to put together, to begin with. So if you are going for a spreader looking at the features only, take into account watching the assembly video. Although there is one video regarding the assemblage of the spreader with almost every product, you still need to check that out as it can be too tricky to be familiar with for several people.

The process of calibration and settings for that particular product should be learned beforehand as well.

Sometimes, a simple accessory that comes with a fertilizer spreader can make a huge difference in usage, so don’t neglect to check on the accessories.

The tires of a pull behind spreader are genuinely essential because it depends on the tires how effortlessly it will run over your yard’s surface area.

A warranty can be extra beneficial while buying a drop spreader as at times of need it can prevent you from spending extra money.

Our Top Five Picks For Best Pull Behind Drop Spreader Reviews

Chapin 8620B is a massive 150-pound capacity spreader, which is one dependable machine. One round through the yard and, you will be done, with the work in the least time. It is the top reason why many lawn caretakers choose this pull drop spreader over others. It is unlikely not to notice this machine with the heavy steel design and make.

The machine has 14-inch pneumatic wheels. Significant wheels do justice to the capacity when using the spreader on the field. The large size of the tires is a boon for using them on uneven and rough surfaces. You can cover a large area of your lawn without having to refill the spreader with its 15-inch spreading width.

Pick the best setting out of the 11 options to choose from in this spreader. Moreover, decide on the gate setting and easily pick the gate adjustment to do so while moving around your lawn. Resetting the gate settings will open the gate and let the fertilizer or the product out.

Chapin comes with a dual impeller system that allows the materials to pass the gate when the machine is in motion. Therefore, stopping the spreader gate every time the instrument comes to a halt. This auto-stop feature reduces the amount of wastage when spreading the fertilizer.

Key Features

9.5Expert Score
Best Overall

Our Pick must to have in your yard

  • It has a large capacity of 150 pounds.
  • Features 11 gate-adjustment settings to choose from.
  • Includes a lifetime limited warranty for the machine.
  • Sturdy and durable make.
  • Gear shaft housing is made out of plastic.
  • Small feeder tube.

Many would like an uncomplicated tow behind sand spreader for their simplistic works. Be it for lawn or more open fields, modest yet professional products are always in demand. Brinly pull behind drop spreader is a class apart from its competitors. The 175 pounds capacity hopper makes sure that even the large lawn is getting covered in one shot. Therefore, making the machine ideal for homeowners with slightly larger yards or even some similar size commercial areas.

Brinly spreader’s large capacity can comfortably cover over an acre. The versatile machine will let you handle different materials like seeds, salt, fertilizers, and many more. The rustproof polyethylene hopper safely spreads out the lawn chemicals. The changeable spreader features allow you to center the patterns of scattering the fertilizers.

This commercial spreaders fertilizer with a unique feature that automatically stops the spreader feeder whenever the ATV stops. The pre-calibrated setting can enhance how you want to use the spreader machine.

Apart from being the most durable machine, pull behind spreaders, stainless steel adds to its reliability. The axle of the commercial tow behind the spreader is steel with twin brushing-bearing and gears. The tow-behind spreader has a spread width of up to 12 feet. The spreader hopper comes with a cover with an elastic lock to keep moisture and dust away from the products. Also, 6:1 glass-nylon-filled gears get you the widest spread at the lowest of speeds.

Key Features

9.2Expert Score
Best High Capacity

  • Heavy-duty design and decent hopper capacity.
  • Versatile uses on hundreds of pre-calibrated settings.
  • Consistent spread with directional spread pattern control.
  • Universal hook.
  • Requires more power to pull.
  • The flat bottom-shaped hopper leaves a lot of product.

Agri-Fab is renowned for its exceptional products for lawn and yards, making this spreader a winner. This spreader from Agri-Fab is going to help you turn your greens even more beautiful than it ever was. This pull behind spreader comes with 85 pounds capacity hopper for spreading. A quick assembly with the help of a video guide will get you started with the heavy-duty tow behind fertilizer spreader in no time.

The pull behind design of the spreader works well for extremely uneven surfaces with its 10-inch big pneumatic wheels of the machine.

Cable flow operation gives you easy control of the tool. The spread width is a substantial 10 feet wide, covering a lot of the area. The universal fit hatch hook makes it easier to attach to tractors or ATVs.

3-year limited warranty by Agri-Fab allows the users to have peace of mind. The spreader hopper made of rust-free plastic material lasts longer. The enclosed gearbox design will not let any product get into the gearbox and jam it. Also, these gears made in lightweight aluminum make the machine easy to use. Choose this machine to work even smoother with the various available accessories from Agri-Fab.

Key Features

9Expert Score
Best For Homemaker

  • Appropriate size and capacity for most households.
  • Substantial spread width with the capacity.
  • Fully covered gearbox.
  • Needs taller attachment hooks.
  • Feed lever settings need frequent checks.

Pull behind drop spreaders comes in all shapes and size that easily get fancied by the lawn enthusiasts. This petit spreader does more than its size will look to you. Do not get fooled by the looks when learning about this pull-type spreader. It is a great machine to hold about 80 lb. of product in its hopper. The rustproof poly hopper is going to last and keep your products safe too.

The 10-inch high rotation wheel is made with a deep tread design to execute the work with sheer joy, even in uneven areas. The heavy duty-frame of the machine is fit for garden seeding, fertilizing, and salt spreading works. The tires are high floatation pneumatic studs that help the commercial behind drop spreaders spread the product in even quantities.

The patented Ev-N-Spred technology is going to help you get an even spread throughout your lawn areas. The gearbox is enclosed and covered to make it safe and durable. Spreader controls are handle-mounted for easy control based on the varying need of spreading.

Key Features

8.6Expert Score
Best For Smaller Than 5 Acre Lot

  • 80 lb capacity of the hopper is a convenient size for most lawns.
  • Pneumatic tires are a joy to move around the lawn.
  • Sturdy build and quality.
  • Spreading is not consistent.
  • Calibration is not accurate.

Cover a large area of your lawn in a swift single go with the 110 lb hopper and 10-inch pneumatic wheels to guide you. This machine from Craftsman is an easy to use and affordable spreader. The universal hitch will let you tow behind this with any tractor and ATV.

This machine is an affordable and convenient set for moderately larger lawn areas. The spreader can take care of about 10 feet spread of the product in the broadcast pattern. The rider can access the manual controls of the spreader from sitting on their seats.

The rustproof materials of the hopper will also keep your product safe in it. The stainless steel gears of this machine are for the increased durable life of the product. The easy assembly and use of the machine are going to make your lawn care quick and easy.

Key Features

8.2Expert Score
Best Budget Pick

  • Versatile use all-around the year.
  • Affordable machine for pull behind spreading.
  • Durable built.
  • Difficult assembly.
  • No automatic stop controls.

Benefits Of Best Pull Behind Drop Spreader

Seed spreaders have diverse advantages to put forward to someone who wants to take care of their lawn.

Reduce Time

The primary purpose behind getting a seed spreader is to decrease the amount of time spent over the entire process phenomenally. You don’t need to invest as much time after buying one anymore.

Eliminate Manual Labor

If you are still spreading your seeds or fertilizer manually, then you must know the effort it takes and how exhausted you become at the end of the day. All of this hassle can go away to the point where you will just sit on a tractor while spreading the seeds if you pull behind the spreader.

Uniform Spreading

Hand spreading causes uneven distribution of the seeds, which leads to patchy grasses somewhere, or it may result in some areas being devoid of any grasses. So if you want your yard to look evenly covered with grass that will increase the beauty of the garden, then you can think about buying a seed spreader.

Maintenance Tips For A Pull Behind Drop Spreader

Maintaining a fertilizer spreader for its long life is essential, so here are some guidelines that may help you prevent any premature damage that can appear due to lack of maintenance.


Cleansing the product is important to maintain good condition. After every use, make sure to empty the spreader and wash it to get rid of any reminiscence of seeds or fertilizers that can damage the spreader’s outer layer.


Only cleaning will not be beneficial if you don’t dry it up before keeping it away.


A spreader is a machine that has several parts that require lubrication to function efficiently. So you should oil parts like sprockets or chains to keep it from being stuck or reduce the chance of breaking apart.

Tightening And Replacing

As this is a machine, there will be tendencies of some parts to become loose and ineffective after a certain point. Therefore if you want to prevent it from happening you should keep checking different parts and tighten them. You can even replace some parts if needed.

Re-Touching Paint

The paint should be re-done after every particular day if you don’t want the paint to wear off, which can trigger the metal spreaders’ rusting.

Instruction Manual

The best way to take care of your drop spreader is to read the instruction manual that comes with the product. They describe the process of maintenance, storage, and cleansing of the product, including setting up. So never forget to read it thoroughly first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can decide whether you want to get an assembled spreader or you can do it yourself as well. Because it depends on the company as some send you assembled one and some send you in pieces.

The simplicity of the assembling process simply depends on the instruction that comes from the company. You can check for the instruction manual and the assembling video before buying the product that may assist you to decide on whatever you want.

Warranty almost comes with every spreader present in the market, but different manufacturer covers various parts of the machine. Hence it is preferable to check on the manufacturer about the details of the warranty that comes with it. Just don’t throw away any kind of paper after receiving the spreader to prevent losing the warranty.

There is nothing such as best because it solely depends on the purpose and the garden you want to use. The drop spreader distributes the seeds or fertilizers evenly on the ground, which fall directly through the holes present in the spreader’s base. On the other hand, the broadcast spreader uses a disc to circulate the seeds. Now you have to decide which one you want to go for as per your requirements because of their advantages and disadvantages.

If you want to take the beauty of your garden seriously, moreover want to avoid any uneven area of grasses, then you should unquestionably consider buying a spreader. A spreader will drastically reduce the amount of time and energy essential to spend in your garden to maintain it.


After going through all the elaborative details of the pull-down drop spreader, this can be reflected that you can choose the best one for you. This guideline has covered every possible to assist you in deciding as somewhat as possible.

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