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If you are eager to learn how to cut tall grass with a riding mower, you are at the right place! In this blog, we will talk about what you need, what things to consider, and the step by step process of cutting tall grass using a riding mower.

Gardening is a passion for many of us, and our plants are like our children. And when we see stubborn, tall grass growing on our lawn, nothing can hurt us more! Not only do those long weeds look hideous, but they also hinder the growth of our plants. Even if not plants, they surely affect the look of our lawns! So it is wise to take the necessary actions to get rid of those uninvited guests from our gardens.

And at first, removing tall grass from the lawn might not seem a hefty task. But trust me, it really is an excruciating task. Firstly, it makes loads of debris to take care of along with the effort you need to put in. Even the bigger and bulkier turf may clog the expensive riding mower you have at your rescue, adding extra hours to unclog it!


Before getting into how to cut tall grass with a riding mower, you should know the set of tools you need. They are,

  • Riding lawnmower
  • Grass bag/mulch collector
  • Rake
  • String trimmer
  • Work gloves
  • Knee pads
  • Safety goggles
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Things To Consider Before and During Cutting Long Grass

Getting rid of weeds may seem easy, but it is pretty technical and takes excellent preparations. For your convenience, I have collected some necessary and useful info to consider for your lawn trimming.

  • Mowing on a regular basis is recommended. You should mow the excess grass whenever it may seem favourable. However, it is recommended to cut tall grass during the hot seasons as they grow better during summer and spring.
  • Mowing your lawn during rain or moisty and humid conditions should be avoided. Cutting the weeds on a sunny and dry day is preferable.
  • Sharpening the blades before you start mowing is recommended. This would make the process even smoother.
  • Overheating the engine due to too much strain should be avoided. Be sure to stop every once in a while and give the mower a bit of rest and ease its stress.
  • Attach a  mulch collector or debris bag onto the mower. This would be enormously helpful when cleaning the area, along with giving you a better finish.
  • Always follow the 1/3rd rule while cutting the grass. Depending on the lawn’s size, it may take around 1 to 7 days to trim it off. You may damage your lawns if you are tempted to cut more than 1/3 length of the grass at once. Cut the lawn in increments, taking your time.
  • And always plan well before starting your mowing.
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Steps Of How To Cut Tall Grass With a Riding Mower

Step 1

Prepare Yourself For The Process

Your safety comes first. You may need to use your hands on occasions like this. So, put on your working gloves and safety googles first. Also, putting on the knee pads is recommended.

Step 2

Prepare The Area Of Mowing

How To Cut Tall Grass with a Riding Mower?

Skim through the part of the lawn you want to mow. You won’t want anything to create a disturbance while you are mowing. Look out for any debris, stones, branches, and twigs that might be hidden among the large grass. Also, remove other essential gardening tools lying around. For instance, remove the garden hose, watering pot, sprinklers, etc. from the mowing spot. Do not forget to take away any plant pots from the space, too.

Step 3

Remove The Top Layer

If your lawn looks exceptionally fulfilling with long grass, you may consider reducing the density a bit. Even lawnmowers may have difficulty in cutting through the dense mulch of grass.

Take your gardening rake and pull out any place with a mulch of grass. We recommend even if you don’t have an extremely long turf-covered situation.

Then, take your string trimmer and start cutting the grass leaving at least 6 to 8 inches of green at the bottom. You don’t need to trim the grass if it is already that heigh as you may end up damaging the grassroots. Cutting the grass with trimmers is recommended if you have a foot or longer grass. Then, collect all the overgrown and cut grass into a mulch collector.

Cutting overgrown lawn would ensure that your riding mower works smoothly in cutting them to perfection.

Step 4

Rest The Trimmed Grass

It is an optional step in the process. However, resting the trimmed grass would ensure the grass bed’s quality and make your mowing easier. You should water the lawn once it is cut and let it sit overnight. It is then preferable to water the grass again in the morning and let it rest for the second day, too.

Be cautious not to accidentally step on the yard bed as you would want the grass to relieve the stress and stand up straight again. Thus, your mowing process would be even and smooth.

Step 5

Prepare The Riding Mower

Preparing the mower is a crucial step in the process of mowing your tall grass.

The first thing is to ensure that a debris collection bag is installed on the machine because you won’t want a huge mess all over your lawn.

Then by sitting on the mower, start the parking brake first. Then, set the mower at neutral gear. Keep in mind setting the throttle speed to a minimum and taking help from the user manual if needed. Then, check if the mower is working or not. Afterward, position the deck at the highest level possible. Now, ride the mower and take it near the grass bed, and you can start cutting them!

Also, make sure that the cutting blades are nice and sharp before you start cutting.

Step 6

Now, Start Mowing The Tall Grass!

How To Cut Tall Grass with a Riding Mower?

Once you decide to sit on the mower and start chopping, follow the given directions.

  • Start moving the mower in a uniform direction using the throttle pedal. Check if the cutting is proper.
  • If you see any resistance in the path, release the accelerator and gear it in reverse. Then get down and check the area for any obstruction.
  • Be sure not to cut all the lengths at once. Cut 2-3 inches today, let the grass rest as we already mentioned and start mowing after a day or two. Or else your grass will be damaged.
  • Let the machine rest every 10minutes onto cutting to prevent overheating.
Step 7

Empty The Debris Collection Bag

Now, once you are done with the first mowing, clear the blades and the bag. Be sure to remove it away from the field to avoid an extra mess.

Step 8

Mow The Grass Again

Once you are done with mowing the whole lawn once, you may not like the finished results, or you may like to keep the grass level from growing out again. So, what you can do is trim the grass with a mower on a regular basis.
But this time, place the deck to the level you want. Then mow the lawn at least twice a week or whenever you see the grass growing again.

Hopefully, our guide on How To Cut Tall Grass With A Riding Mower helped you. Do check our other blogs for any assistance with your gardening issues.

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