What Is a Bow Rake

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A bow rake is a very essential tool, but many people do not know what it is, even if they have seen it before. That is what we are going to talk about in this article so that you can explore this special gardening tool with us.

You will find that it is quite easy to use this tool for a wide range of gardening applications to make the job much easier. We will talk about what this gardening tool can be used for, and when to use it for the best effect and benefits in your garden.

Come explore with us the benefits and functions of a bow rake, so that you can use it in future gardening work.

Different Sizes Of Bow Rakes

Bow rakes come in different sizes and are used for many different types of gardening work, such as landscaping, preparation, and cleaning.

Size Fourteen

The size fourteen bow rake has quite a broad tooth and provides great coverage on the ground for the gardener. The bow shape of this tool will add more strength to the rake and make it very durable and sturdy to do the work.

It is suitable to be used for breaking up solids so that you can evenly spread the soil and compost in your garden. It also allows you to spread mulch and gravel evenly in your garden for a much better landscaping option and a neater look.

Size Sixteen

With this size of bow rake, you can accomplish most of the jobs that need to be done with a rake in your garden. It is also a bit more steady, so you can easily eliminate most of the debris from your compound for better effect.

You can easily level the soil in your garden with this rake while evenly spreading mulch and hardened gravel in the garden. Even though this bow rake is mostly used for commercial work, it can be a great addition to the home gardener’s tool shed.

What are Bow Rakes Used For?

Bow rakes have many uses in the garden, whether it be a home garden, or for commercial landscaping and gardening. The following is a list of some of the normal uses for a bow rake to make your work in the garden easier and more fun.

  • The first way in which it will improve your gardening experience is that it will help to keep your garden clean and neat.
  • You can use it to easily clear the ground by getting rid of debris that is littering your garden during all the seasons.
  • When in need of a grooming tool for the garden, this rake will be sufficient to level mulch, gravel, and soil.
  • The tines are strong enough to break up solids on the ground so that you can easily prepare the garden for different applications.
  • With the smooth side of the head, you can easily accomplish a number of jobs for leveling the garden.
  • Compost and other additions can be easily spread and broken into the ground with the bow rake, providing more efficiency.
  • Moving around the much in your garden to freshen it up can be done quickly and easily with the bow rake.
  • It is also much easier to spread any mulch piles you may have for an even spreading option to have a better effect on the garden.
  • For precision and strategic moving around of the debris and soil on the ground, the smaller fourteen-inch is ideal.
  • A bow rake is a better option when you need to strip the larger debris from the grass to another area for a cleaner look.

How To Use a Bow Rake

You may think it is not necessary to show someone how to use a rake since most of us have used a rake one time or another. But to use it effectively, someone needs to show us how to use it the best and easiest way for gardening.

  • You can use the tines on any type of surface to rake debris and soil, so place it in front of you on the ground.
  • To move around mulch, simply push it with the tines facing forward and down, and pull it back to expose what is at the bottom.
  • This movement will freshen the mulch on the ground to do a better job.
  • The same position is used when you want to strip debris from the grass; just pull it repeatedly toward you, bringing the debris with the rake.
  • For harder gravel, you can simply turn it over so the smooth side points down, and break it up with simple hitting movements.
  • Effective raking can be accomplished by raking backward from left to right over the whole area you want to clean.
  • This same method can be used to spread the soil, mulch, and compost all over the area evenly.

See this video on how to use the bow rake and what it can be used for.


There you have the info you need to effectively use a bow rake in your garden, and now you know what a bow rake is. This knowledge will be of great benefit to you in the future when you need to prepare your own garden quickly and easily.

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