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Are you facing problems where the trees have grown too much, where few branches need trimming, or you want to get rid of the extended limbs that are touching your roofs? Then Rope saw can be functional, unlike the wire saw that breaks easily after few uses. Although it can be hard to choose the variety of range available in the market with our best rope saw we hope that it will help you find the best one according to your requirements and pattern of uses.

All the products mentioned here are explained in minute details to help you select one appropriate for you. You just need to go through the detailed buying guide given here.

Why Sportsman 36 Inch Pocket Chainsaw outperforms others?

Sportsman pocket chainsaw has all the features that make it an all-rounder product because its thick and sturdy 36-inch long chain is strong enough to undergo any pressure.

The bi-directional self-cleansing chain comprises 65 mn heat-treated high-quality steel, which improves the experience of cutting branches. Sportsman pocket chainsaw has further features described below.


What To Look For In Best Rope Saw?

We know that cutting branches or finding the best tool for you can be hard, so we are here to provide you even more details on the rope saw you. Although there are different kinds of tools like pole pruner or wire saw are also available in the market but rope saw can some the handiest among them, and they can reach high limbs.


First, we need to discuss the types of rope saw to get a better view of the situation.

High limb rope saw; that can be practical to use when you want to reach the high limbs or cut through a high branch easily without extending the ladder. Sometimes it may be challenging to do it the right way, but all you need is to practice a bit to master the art of throwing. Once you get there, it can become the most beneficial product for you.

A bi-directional cutting blade; can be useful when you can put pressure while cutting because it can cut fast in that case. Like every other feature, it also has disadvantages like getting stuck on the branches, but if you use the right amount and pressure, angle and technique, it can help you get done with your work quickly.

A self-clearing blade; is easy to use as it clears its blades by itself, making it a smooth experience, and in this type, the blades are not on every link, which reduces the chance of getting stuck on the limbs, and you don’t need to put as much pressure to do the work.

A chainsaw; is only a chainsaw without any rope attached to it, which is useful it cutting small distance branches. However, you can attach any rope of your choice to reach the higher branches as well.

Normal blades; are the ones who have edges on only one side of the links dropping their chance to get stuck while cutting, but it can fell on the plain side while throwing on branches. The type can be practical while cutting branches that can be easily reached as you don’t need to worry about throwing on the right side.

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Rope Saw

There are various factors one needs to keep in mind while buying a rope saw.


The material’s length is critical when buying a rope saw because different types of lengths can help various activities. Like if you are looking for something to cut branches that are not very high, you can go for the smaller chains, and just like that, you can go for the longer ones to reach high limb branches.

Wear Resistance Rope

You should consider checking the rope quality while buying a rope saw. If you are buying one with rope included in it, check for the material to be wear-proof as it can wear out or tear easily by putting too much pressure.

Steel Material Of The Chain

Check for the steel is made up of high-quality material or not like. If it’s heat-treated, then it can take the pressure and cut woods quickly. If the blades can be re-sharpened, you need to consider eyeing the product as you can just re-sharpen it with a file, and it’s good to go, so if the company is giving the file itself, then it’s an additional point.

Different Types Of Blades

You should check up to the different kind of blades has different kind of features to offer like bi-directional blades can help you to get rid of the hassle of throwing the blade side on the right way every time. Likewise blades one every link can give you rapid cutting when using the right technique and putting the right amount of pressure.

Then you can get a saw with blades on an alternative link or the ones that have rooms in between because they have a self-cleansing advantage, and it will require you to put less amount of pressure as the friction will be less as well.

Weather Resistance Pouch

If the company is giving nylon or a suitable material compact pouch to carry the chainsaw, then it’s an ad on to the product because it will protect it from the weather and prevent it from rusting if you keep it properly.

Sturdy Handles

Check for the handles before buying because it’s an essential factor white using a chain saw. The handle should be comfortable enough for hands to use for a long time while putting pressure. Likewise, its design and material should be heavy-duty not to get torn or wear off quickly.


Check for the guarantee the company is offering, as you can replace or get your money back if it’s not up to your expectation level.


If the design is lightweight, compact, and flexible, you can carry it anywhere you want, and handling it becomes easy.

Top 5 Best Rope Saw Reviews 2021

This chain saw has a high carbon 65mn large and thick 36-inch chain, which is durable and helpful to cut trees or branches of decent height. The teeth orientation in this saw is exciting and diverse as the makers kept room between each tooth that can reduce the amount of strength the user requires while cutting the branches, and this unique attribute which makes it a self-clearing chain saw, which can be re-sharpened easily using a chain saw filer.

The chainsaw has rugged cross-stitched handles with metal brackets which make the grip effortless and robust. Thus it is perfect for rigorous work as well. Additionally, this product comes with two bonuses, i.e., a front snap storage pouch made of tough nylon, which can come genuinely useful to protect the product from the outside environment and take it wherever you want quickly. Then you get an 8 mm magnesium fire starter, which can be practical in any situation, whether you are stuck in a forest or having a fun time beside a fireplace to light up the fire in any season.

The most attractive part about this product comes with a 100% iron-clad LIFETIME GUARANTEE COMMITMENT, which means they will replace the product if it got broken, or money-back guarantees are not satisfied. Overall this chain saw can easily replace your pole pruner or wire saw.

Key Features

  • 36 Inch Long and thick self-cleaning chain saw.
  • Effortless
  • 100% Lifetime Guarantee
9.5Expert Score
Best Overall

  • Lightweight to carry anywhere
  • Fewer teeth to make the efforts less
  • Self-clearing blades
  • Sturdy handles
  • You can make a rope chain saw using this
  • Can cut smoothly when teeth placed on the right side
  • Not quite useful for hardwood
  • Teeth only on one side
  • Difficult to cut thick branches or trees
Sportsman 36 Inch Pocket Chainsaw

Kutir 48 Inch Rope Chain Saw

Best Rope Saw For High Limb

Kutir rope saw is effective when you want to cut tree branches up to 14 to 16 inches in diameter as in addition to the 48 Inch long chain saw, it comes with two 25 foot long control ropes for each side which make it long enough to reach far above the ground branches. The nylon rope can be on the thinner side, but it’s hard and will not wear out like cotton ropes.

Its upgraded version has more blades on both sides, so you don’t have to worry about the right side to land the saw, and with each packaging, the customer will get a blade sharpener that can be used to re-sharpen the blades consistently throughout its lifetime. Then a throwing weight pouch will also be given, which can abolish the hassle’s necessity to bind any kind of weight to the other part to make the job easy.

You can cut limbs up to 40-feet; even you can add the ropes given to reach even higher limbs. Supplementary handles are provided, so you don’t need to worry if your first one splits by any chance.

Key Features

  • 48 Inch chain saw for high reach branches
  • Blade on double side
  • 25 foot long ropes to make rope chain saw
9.1Expert Score
Best Rope Saw For High Limb

  • Cut faster with more blades
  • Blade sharpener provided
  • Weight pouch with every item
  • Cut high limbs
  • Long wear-resistant ropes are given
  • Blades on both sides
  • Sometimes can get stuck into the trees
  • Metal connectors that hold the nylon rope onto the chain are prone to break
  • Weight pouch may not be strong enough to carry real weight
Kutir 48 Inch Rope Chain Saw

Homeyall Pocket Chainsaw

Best Cutting Chainsaw Blade

Homeyall Pocket Chainsaw has a razor-sharp blade on every link, making it a unique design with 33 teeth that is 3x more blade which can help cut through limbs 3x faster. As the industrial-grade heat-treated blades are bi-directional with a self-cleaning mechanism, they can cut from any direction evenly sharp to ease your hard work and reduce the amount of time required.

The new improved design has narrow chains that weigh only 1/2lbs, making it small enough to carry anywhere you want quickly. The chains are made up of heat-treated high carbon steel that can effortlessly split through the wood while cutting.

The heavy-duty nylon handles are sturdy enough to take the pressure, and including the 26-inch chain, its total length is 39.5 inch which fits into the nylon case easy to carry around.

Key Features

  • Teeth on every link
  • Bi-directional cutting
  • Over 30 flexible nonbinding blades
9Expert Score
Best Cutting Chainsaw Blade

  • Blades on every link
  • 33 blades are there
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Waterproof nylon case
  • Blades on both sides
  • May get stuck when working on high limbs
  • Need to put too much effort

Cutting down branches with the Sumpri pocket chainsaw can become easy with its 36 Inch Long bi-directional chain as it can cut through wood efficiently, reducing your time and effort. The high-strength heat-treated chain has a self-cleaning mechanism. It doesn’t get stuck easily, making it effortless to cut the limb of your choice.

The chainsaw is lightweight and flexible, which makes it even easier to use and carry around with its compact design that can cut a 3-inch branch in just 10 seconds.

You can keep it safely in the compact belt pouch that comes with it. The company is giving two more bonuses as the fire starter and a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after using it, the company will offer you a full money-back guarantee.

Key Features

  • 36 Inch Long self-clearing chainsaw
  • Bi-directional cutting
  • Extremely lightweight
8.9Expert Score
Best Lightweight

  • Water-resistant fire starter
  • Heavy-duty storage pouch
  • 36 Inch Long-chain
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Blades on both sides
  • Difficult in case of high limbs
  • Sometimes get stuck when working on high limbs
Sumpri 36 Inch Pocket Chainsaw

PockeTech has come up with this innovative option to choose when looking for cutting limbs tools because this product offers you a 48 Inch long chain with sharp double-sided blades present on every other link making it a self-clearing chainsaw that does not allow anything to be stuck, making it a smooth experience.

The 65mn chainsaw steel is manufactured by the heat-treating method and has 62 teeth that can cut branches in a matter of a minute. The end links have a special facility because it is made up of brass to prevent it from fraying, and you can easily reach high limbs to make a rope chain saw by attaching your choice of rope to it.

You will be getting two 25 foot long ropes, a 50-foot tension rope, two sturdy woven nylon handles to get a comfortable grip, including an instruction manual to help you find out the answers you may have about any of the products and the process of taking care of them.

Key Features

  • 48 Inch flexible saw chain
  • Blades on every other link
  • Bi-directional blade
8.7Expert Score
Best Heavy Duty

  • Bi-directional cutting
  • Self-cleansing chain
  • 48 Inch long flexible chain
  • 25 foot long ropes given
  • Lightweight
  • Steel file for sharpening
  • Tends to break
  • Can get stuck when working on high limbs
Pocketech 48 Inch Rope Chain Saw

Benefits Of Best Rope Saw

Rope saw is an easy to use, compact, and versatile product that can become useful if you are an outdoor enthusiast or love hiking and camping; here is some uses;

Easy And Handy

Maintaining and carrying a pole pruner or electric chainsaw, or gas-driven chain saw is hard; you cannot even use some of them outdoors, and you need to be dependent on the fuel that it needs. Furthermore, sometimes it is impossible to reach high limbs or out of reach branches with products like them; on the other hand, it will not break easily as a thin wire saw.

Camping Kit

Because of the compact design and lightweight, you can carry it with you anywhere, anytime. Whether you are camping voluntarily or not, you will be able to make a fireplace wherever you go.


You can cut small branches to extremely high limbs in your garden whenever you want.

Emergency Survival Kit

In an emergency, these can come handy, like whether you want to cut wood for a fireplace, to build a shelter, to cut a branch that is putting pressure on your house wall, or even if a tree has fallen of road and there is no one to help you.

Maintenance Tips For A Rope Saw

Maintaining a rope chain saw is not that difficult, but you should maintain the minimum amount of requirements as it will help you keep your product in good condition.

Cleaning Is The Key

You need to clean it after every use because the wood dust tends to stuck in between the teeth, and if you keep it in that way, it can damage the product quickly.

Keep It Dry

All you need to do is keeping it dry whenever it gets wet because of rain or if you decide to clean it with water. Never keep it in the wet condition that will only make the chain rusty, and it will not work anymore.


After cleaning and drying, it will be helpful if you keep it lubricated by using oil. As in that way, it will work smoothly, and it will prevent from forming rust.

Tighten Screw

If you feel like the screw in between the links is becoming lose, you can undoubtedly use a screwdriver to tighten it up.

Re-Sharpen It

You should re-sharpen the blades now and then keep it as a new one as the blades may tend to get bland after some uses, which prevents it from cutting quickly after sometimes. Maintaining the sharpness should be the priority to maintain the smoothness while cutting the branches.

Keep In The Pouch

As most companies give nylon or sturdy material pouch that are weather-resistant, it is ideal for keeping them in the pouch as it will also protect the rope saw from getting damages because of the outside environment. Additionally, it is convenient to keep them in the pocket because you just need to carry the small pouch everywhere.

Maintain The Ropes

No matter what kind of material the rope is made up of, it can be inclined to wear off after a certain point, so if you want to avoid it, you have to maintain the rope as well. All you need to do is clean it sometimes with water whenever it will get in touch with salt water, you should not use harsh chemical on your rope, and one last thing, always dry it before keeping it.

Read Manual

Reading manual instructions before using every product is essential because every company offers a different kind of product. Hence, even if you know the maintenance rules, you need to read the manual before getting started.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you use a rope saw?

You need to throw one side of the rope over the limb you want to cut, then pull both sides of the ropes using the handles and start pushing the handle alternatively with more pressure, and once you get the grip, you will see the wood dust is coming out of the area. But don’t stand just under the branch as the wood dust will fall on your face and take some safety measures before hands like using gloves and eye-protecting glass to prevent any kind of unwanted accidents.

Are pocket chainsaws any good?

Pocket chainsaws can come usable in a time of need because of their versatile advantages. First of all, you can use them for any small work here, like in the garden or cut branches of lower heights effectively and there, and they are easy to carry anywhere as well. Then you can make a rope chain saw by just adding ropes on the sides and use them to cut high limbs easily.

How do you cut high limbs from the ground?

You can go for any high limb rope saw if you wish to cut branches out of reach. You just a little bit of practice to throw the rope, and now many companies attach weight pouch with their package as well, which can be helpful while throwing the rope. You can even add weight to one side manually to do the work in a better way.

Do chainsaws work on oak or any other hardwood?

This one depends on the quality of the steel and the blades of the chainsaw because if the material is not sturdy enough, then it will break or will not cut hardwood easily, or it may take ages to cut. So I would suggest you look for the material before considering a product to buy. Many people have succeeded in cutting hardwoods like oak using a chainsaw, so it will work if the technique and the product are proper.

What is the largest diameter branch or tree one could quickly and safely cut with this?

Generally, this depends on the chainsaw material’s sturdiness, so you need to check before buying as most of the companies already mention the limit of their products. On an average most the chainsaw can cut branches up to 15 inches in diameter.


After all, the elaborative description of the best rope saw I hope you will be able to find the best one for you as we have included not only the information of the top 5 picks but other important factors that one should know before buying a rope chain saw. If you are someone who loves traveling outside in nature or hiking or you go camping now and then, then this product is something you should always carry with you.


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