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Gardening is an activity everyone should try. It is a fascinating pursuit that can keep you engaged in your own space. You do not need the help of others to look after your garden. To cut the grasses in the lawn, the majority of the people use a garden tractor.

But before planning to buy one, you should have a basic idea of the various types of mowers available. Several questions may arise in your mind if you have decided to buy one lawn tractor.

Read this article completely to get a clear-cut idea about the different types of garden tractors. If your yard is not a perfect piece of land, if it has an unequal terrain, then you need to use the best garden tractor for hills. Here, we are going to discuss the top 5 best tractors for hilly terrain. Let us see the options below.

Why Ariens 52 Inch 23hp Zero Turn Mower outperforms others?

Ariens 915223 IKON is one of the best garden tractors with high quality with the zero-turn mower, which everybody looks for. It is a residential-grade mower that is built with sturdiness. The Kawasaki Twin Engine offers commercial-grade quality too.

Ariens has been producing many garden tractors for a long time. Moreover, the seat is high padded, making it comfortable for everyone to use this mower. This lawnmower is durable, and twin EZT hydrostatic transaxles make it easier to control.


10 Things To Know Before Buying A Garden Tractor

Before you get ready to buy a garden tractor, you should consider many essential factors to check on. If you purchase a lawnmower without considering the garden space and type of terrain, it will be difficult for you to use the mower with ease. Always consider what kind of lawn you own and how big your yard is. Accordingly, you can look for specific features in the yard mower. If you have no idea about what features to look for, do not worry. Below you can see some of the top attributes you should check before buying.

1. Performance

Performance is critical. If you get a high-performance garden tractor, your work will become easier. Check out the engines fixed with the tractor to understand the quality. Always go for an engine that ranges from 140cc to 190 ccs. You should also choose the engine size to easily handle cutting through wet grass, tall grass, bagging, and leaf mulching. Besides, if you have a high-performance engine, you can reduce the consumption of fuel to a great extent, which can reduce the maintenance expense too.

2. Comfort

You might be spending a lot of time in your lawn mowing. So you need to have the best commercial mower for hills that is user-friendly and comfortable. Look for the seats first. The seat should be comfortable enough so that you can sit on it and work for hours without causing any pain to your body. Check if the seats can be adjusted according to your height. Likewise, the mower should be easy to maneuver, and the levers should be easy to access.

3. Pick The Right Garden Tractor To Match The Lawn-Size

For a smaller and flat lawn, a self-propelled mower is not necessary. You can get push mowers that are cheaper with lighter wheels. But, if your yard is large and has uneven terrains, then you should consider buying a self-propelled mower to reduce your workload and for a perfect-looking garden.

4. Mulcher

Depending on how you want to mulch your grass, look for mowers with special mulching blades or a composite deck that can resist the grass from building up on the underside. Search for mowers that have a side discharge chute for great versatility.

5. Deck Engagement

The cutting blades will not automatically rotate at startup. You will have to engage them with a mechanical lever or an electric push-button for safety reasons. Some levers on the garden mowers might be challenging to control or use. So always try before you purchase it.

6. Bumper For Safety

While mowing your lawn, you might someday smack on a tree or a bush. If you do not have a bumper on the mower, you might end up destroying the machine. You can either buy a bumper separately to fix on the tractor, or you can go for the mowers that already have a bumper.

7. Hour Meter

Every garden tractor needs maintenance according to the usage. If your yard mower has an hour meter, it will be easy for you to keep track of the usage. Many best tractors for hill terrain come with the hour meter. You can also fix one later if your mower does not have it when you buy it.

8. Gas Gauge

Some garden tractors come with a gas gauge that helps you check on the amount of gas left in the tank while you operate. At the same time, some mowers have a see-through gas tank. A less expensive mower will not have these options. You will have to stop, open the tank and check for the level of gas. So choose according to your convenience and budget.

9. Transmission

One of the significant features you have to check about a garden tractor is the transmission. It makes a notable difference in the performance of the tractor. Many tractors with hydrostatic transmissions are run with foot pedals. It makes it easier to increase the speed by merely pushing harder on the pedal. A few other options come with manual gear to control and change the speed. But it requires physical energy to operate.

10. Roll-Over Protection

Check for the protected features of the garden tractor while purchasing one. When you use a garden mower on your lawn with hilly sides, there are chances to flip if you do not drive it carefully. If the tractor has a roll-over protection structure, it will help you to get rid of any injury in case if the mower flips.

Electric Garden Tractors or Gas Garden Tractors?

If you have a small lawn, an electric garden tractor is the best pick for you. You can charge your lawn tractor for a while and use it to mow the yard. When compared to other tractors, electric tractors are quieter and only need less maintenance. The main advantage is, the electric tractors do not require any gas or oil to operate. To start the mower, you just have to push the start button and begin mowing your lawn.

The gas garden tractor needs fuel to operate. Since there is no cord attached to the gas garden tractors, you can easily take it to wherever you want. It can also mow large areas. Besides, you need not wait for the tractor to get charged. Gas garden tractors are more durable than electric ones. So choose wisely according to the area of your lawn.

Best Garden Tractor For Hills Reviews in 2021

Built with high-end residential quality, the Ariens 915223 IKIN- X 52 provides superior power and outstanding performance. Further, this is a long-lasting and mighty machine with the best zero-turn mowers for hills built with a 52-in 11-gauge steel fabricated deck and a 23 HP Kawasaki FR V-Twin engine. This garden mower offers excellent durability, crafted with a heavy-duty full welded steel tubular frame. It is equipped with three blades covering a 52 –inch cutting width.

Moreover, it has twin EZT hydrostatic transaxles, delivering a smooth, active and uncomplicated control. It also has a high back comfort seat and armrests that offer excellent comfort for the operator to sit on and work for hours. The engine used in this lawn tractor is made with cast iron cylinder liners and automatic compression, making it easy to start. With all these features, Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52″ Zero Turn Mower is the best mower for steep banks.

Key Features

  • Powerful 726 cc/23 HP V-Twin Kawasaki FR Engine
  • 52 Inch engineered decks with 4½ deep constructed of 11 gauge steel
  • Tubular steel frame
9.5Expert Score
Best Overall

Best Garden Tractor For Hills

  • Strong and Durable
  • Plenty of power to mow acres of lawn
  • High torque even when running the lower speed
  • Easy to handle and drive
  • Easy to cut grass on curb edges as the deck sticks out on one side
  • Mower has no headlights
  • It has a short wheelbase, and the mower might wheelie on hills if it carries a heavy load
  • Springs under the seat might cause riding a little rough for long hours
Ariens 52 Inch 23hp Zero Turn Mower

This lawn tractor comes with a high back seat and armrests. The size of the desk is 54 inches and is very durable. You can easily adjust the cutting deck to 12 various unique positions according to your requirement. It features a cast-iron front axle, providing durability and strength. This electric lawn tractor is powered by a 724cc 25HP Twin Kohler 7000 Series Push-button engine.

The performance is long-lasting, and for a smoother and responsive performance, it has a dual hydrostatic transmission, controlled by foot-pedal and the option of mow-in-reverse. Hence, this machine can be used as the best mountain tractor. You can mow your yards of 5 acres or more since it has a 3-gallon fuel tank. It also offers a 3-year limited warranty and has a maximum speed of 5.5 miles per hour.

Key Features

  • Large 54–Inch stamped cutting deck
  • Durable Wheels
  • 16-Inch Turning Radius
9.3Expert Score
Best for Uneven Terrains

  • You can easily use this tractor on uneven terrain as it comes with durable wheels
  • Powerful twin-cylinder for less vibration and balanced performance.
  • Reduces mowing time since it has a large 54 inch stamped cutting deck
  • The presence of hydrostatic transmission with cruise control helps in changing the speed and direction
  • Could have a little bigger fuel tank
  • The speed of the mower can be increased a little more.
Troy-Bilt 54-Inch 25 HP Super Bronco XP Lawn Tractor

Husqvarna MZ61 comes with a heavy-duty steel frame and a hydraulic system, which is commercially rated to create a smooth mowing experience. . Thus, considered one of the best riding lawn mowers for uneven terraInch Built with a high back seat, armrests, and adjustable steering levers, operated with ease and comfort.

It offers commercial-grade power and remarkable ergonomics. Since it comes with a 27HP endurance engine, it offers a reliable startup and high ground speed. The charge pumps and larger drive axles and expansion tanks help in the lifespan of transmission. For accurate maneuvering and strident rotation, it has a zero-turn steering system motorized by individual hydraulic wheels. The grass clippings can be cleared, bagged, or mulched since this lawn tractor can be fixed with 9-bushel triple bag collection systems. Please note that the bagger accessories and mulching kits are sold separately.

Key Features

  • Zero Degree Turn Radius
  • Hour Meter with Service Reminder
  • 9 Bushel Collection System
9.1Expert Score
Best Performance

  • It is a zero-turn riding lawn mower
  • 61-inch cutting deck
  • Mulch and collection capable
  • User-friendly
  • Can take care of large-sized lawns
  • Some reviews showed that it is expensive
Husqvarna 27 HP 61 Inch Zero Turn Riding Mower – MZ61

This best tractor for hilly terrain is a classic rear engine lawn mower with a five-speed shift-on-the-go drive system. It is easy to maintain and takes up a little space to store as it has a vertical stand-on edge capability.

Crafted with rolled edges of the stamped mowing deck, it creates an airflow that sucks up clippings, offering a clean cut. The seat of this rider is 11 inches mid-back, and the operator can easily adjust it. Moreover, for long-lasting durability, it is fixed with an 11.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek Engine.

Key Features

  • 11.5 HP 4-Cycle Briggs & Stratton Power Built OHV Engine
  • Vertical Stand-on-Edge Capability
  • User-Friendly Controls
8.5Expert Score
Best Ready Start Technology

  • Comfortable Price
  • Best for a large yard
  • High-quality engine
  • Ready to start technology
  • Not suitable for heavy loads
Snapper 11.5 HP Rear Engine 28 inch Riding Mower – 2911525BVE

Armed with a 42 reinforced steel cutting deck, the Poulan Pro PP155H42 Riding Lawn Mower makes a clean cutting. The powerful Briggs & Stratton 15.5HP engine, which has an automatic hydrostatic transmission, helps change the speed and direction of the machine. For outstanding durability and stability, this lawnmower comes with a reinforced steel deck of 13 gauge and cast iron axle.

Poulan Pro PP155H42 Hydrostatic Gas Riding Lawn Mower is a perfect mower for a flat, hilly and uneven lawn. According to your taste, you can cut the grass to various heights since it has a deck lift that is spring-assisted along with six cutting positions. Due to the presence of a tight six-turning radius, you can easily maneuver the mower on any terrain and even when obstacles like shrubs, trees, and flower beds are in front.

Key Features

  • Cutting deck of 42 inches reinforced steel
  • 15.5 HP Briggs & Stratton® Powerful engine
  • Automatic hydrostatic transmission
8.3Expert Score
Best Easy Control

  • Comes with headlight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Built-in upholder
  • Some feedback said it does not have enough power for tall grasses of 5-6 inches
Poulan Pro 15.5 HP 42 Inch Gas Riding Lawn Mower – PP155H42

Safety Tips for Garden Tractor

Safety is always indispensable. You should take care of yourself while operating a garden tractor on your lawn. Likewise, you should also maintain the machine to protect it from any kind of damage. Always read the manual of the lawn tractor carefully. Every single instruction regarding how to use the yard mower, tips to clean, and how to store your mower will be mentioned in the manual. If you neglect any important instructions given, you might end up in terrible situations.

It is always advisable to follow the instruction given in the manual strictly for the protection of your yard, your garden mower, and yourself. Below are some safety tips to be taken care of while using a garden tractor in your yard.

  • Wear proper footwear to avoid any injury to your feet and toe, as you will need to use your feet to increase and decrease the garden tractor’s speed.
  • Watch out for kids in the area you mow to avoid any kind of accidents, as you might not see them if they are running behind you while you are mowing.
  • Remove all the stones from the yard before mowing the lawn to avoid them from hitting on any object or people nearby
  • Do not mow the area where gravel is present since the blades will fan out the gravel and hit something, and it can also make the blades blunt.
  • Avoid pulling the mower backward to elude the mower from running over you
  • Always remove the key from the tractor to prevent your kids from starting it unknowingly.
  • Unplug the garden tractor before changing the blades to avoid injury or getting a shock from it.
  • Go slow on hilly areas as the garden tractor can flip if you go faster without proper control
  • Avoid mowing wet grass since it can slip and slide off the mower
  • Keep the moving blades clear from any obstructions to keep your tractor from any damage and for proper cutting
  • Wear hearing protection since listening to sounds with more than 85 decibels for a more extended period can cause damage to your hearing.

Spare Parts

Keeping a backup for the spare parts of garden tractors is always recommended. Sometimes there will be no spare parts shop near your house. So, if you have the stock, you can easily fix and restart your work quickly. Besides, you might not find the spare parts for the particular mower you are using because of high demand. Following are some of the spare parts you might want to stock at your home to avoid any delay in using the garden tractor.

Batteries And Electrical Parts

While you are mowing the lawn, if the battery dies, you can easily replace it if you keep one of them at home. Sometimes, it might be challenging to get the battery of the same company you are currently using, so keep one aside.


Depending upon the usage of the mower, belts can wear out soon. So always keep a spare of this at your home.

Fuel Filters And Fuel Caps

If you are using a garden tractor that runs on fuel, you might need to have the fuel filter and fuel caps in your stock. If the fuel filter is not clean, the tractor might not run smoothly, and you will have to take it for repair.


The blades on the mower can be used for a reasonable period. But if you are not using the mower carefully, then the blades might lose the sharpness. If you have a backup of the blades, it will be easy to restart your mowing.


There are many best garden tractor tires for hills to choose from. Keep a Stephanie in your garage to use in case if the tire of the garden tractor you are using gets punctured or if it loses its grip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Customers will always have questions regarding garden tractors before they buy since they always want to purchase one to meet their requirements. Any questions related to its durability, technology, usage, etc., will arise in the customer’s mind for sure. Here are a few frequently asked questions about the best garden tractor for mowing hills.

Can I use a regular garden tractor for all terrains?

It is not wise to use an ordinary mower for all kinds of terrains. There are specialized lawn mowers available catering to the requirements of a customer. If you have an uneven yard, you should pick one of the best riding lawn mowers for uneven terrain.

How to clean a garden tractor?

First, you need to unplug the mower and empty the gas. Now hit the grass clippings under the mower by spraying water using a garden hose. If the dirt is dried up, spray some cooking oil and remove the caked dirt using a knife or a scraper.

How to make the garden tractor mow efficiently?

Make sure the blades are not blunt. Change the pulley system if you are using a belt-driven mower. Swap the gas and cross-check all the parts of the mower to see the condition.

What is the advantage of using a zero-turn garden tractor?

It helps in easy maneuvering and to increase the speed.

How long should you charge an electric mower before using it?

It is advisable to charge your mower for 30 – 90 min according to the lawn tractor brand you use.

What gas should be used in the garden tractor?

Any unleaded gasoline can be used in a garden tractor. But ensure that the gasoline you use has more than 10 percent ethanol to avoid any damage to the engine.


We hope you got a clear idea about the various best garden tractors for hills that you can use. All the features, advantages and disadvantages of the products are mentioned above clearly. By considering all the necessary elements in this article about garden tractors, you can easily purchase one for your lawn.

With the help of a decent garden tractor, you can also till a garden, move snow, fertilize, dethatch and ventilate your yard. Usually, this means the garden tractor is not for single-purpose use. You can even spread grass seed and put down the weed control with a garden mower. So, go ahead and get a perfect lawn tractor that can meet your purpose.

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