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Your lawn reflects your lifestyle, and there are several tools you can buy for your lawn maintenance. A lawnmower helps you trim your grass neatly, giving your house a pleasant appearance. However, a lawnmower alone may not be enough for you to maintain your lawn.

There are many other tools that will come in handy to help you maintain your lawn, and among these tools are string trimmers and edgers. Your lawn might be suited for one over the other, and for that, you need to have enough knowledge about these two tools regarding which one would serve to be better than the other.

Different types of these tools can serve you differently; thus, before you invest, take some time to learn more about them. Here we take a look at the differences and similarities between lawn edgers and string trimmers so you can decide what you need to keep your lawn in tip-top condition.

What Exactly is a Lawn Edger

A lawn edger is an amazing tool that helps you maintain your lawn and keep it neat. It is essentially used to define the boundaries of your lawn and create a tidy split between your lawn and the pathway. Without a lawn edger, the edges of your lawn will overgrow. This will give your property a very unruly and unkempt appearance, which no one wants.

A lawn edger has a vertical spinning blade that cuts the overgrown grass from the edges of your lawn. This will create a neat boundary for your lawn and the sidewalk, flowerbed, driveway, or whatever is on the other side of where your lawn ends. Lawn edgers come in a range of prices depending on the type of edger.

Lawn edgers can either be motorized or manual. A manual edger comprises different kinds of spade tools, while a motorized edger typically has a rotating blade and a guiding wheel. A motorized edger is relatively easier to work with since you can simply roll the edger across the edges of your lawn.

Both manual and motorized edgers give you clean, sharp, and neat edges for your lawn. Although manual edgers come cheaper, investing in a motorized edger is a smarter choice. Manual edgers take up a lot of energy and effort, while gas or electricity-powered motorized edgers run smoothly and are often less heavy and noisy than the prior.

What Precisely is a String Trimmer

A good lawn mower can only do so much for you. There may be certain places in your lawn that your mower just can’t reach, and because of this, your property looks unkempt. A string trimmer helps you maintain your lawn by trimming the grass and removing the weeds from tough places where your mower cannot reach.

They have a mobile nature, and because of this, they can easily reach areas such as around trees and various obstructions that are generally difficult to reach. The flexibility of a string trimmer makes it unique from the other lawn maintaining tools. It consists of a non-filament line which will help you get to difficult places to cut grass.

String trimmers also come in a range of prices depending on many factors. One of these factors is their power supply. String trimmers are either powered by electricity or gasoline. They can be a little inconvenient if they come with a cord, but they also come cordless. Some string trimmers are also battery-powered, which gives the user the convenience of rolling the trimmer across the lawn. Electric trimmers are relatively more powerful and thus are a good investment, especially if you have a huge lawn.

There are different kinds of string trimmers that might suit your needs differently. Curved shaft trimmers are usually lighter in weight and best for smaller lawns with a few shrubs. They are best suited for intricate work and trimming around ornamentals. Straight shaft trimmers are great for larger-sized properties and have the ability to reach under decks and around trees, larger shrubs, and patios. They can also be convenient to taller users as they help reduce stress and are comfortable to use.

close up look of an electric trimmer

Difference Between a String Trimmer and Lawn Edger

If your lawn needs more attention towards the edges, then you need a lawn edger. Without a proper tool to help you maintain the edges of your property, your lawn will look unkempt and unmaintained despite all the effort you have put into it.

If you are already able to maintain the edges of your lawn but need to trim the difficult areas or remove weeds, you should invest in a string trimmer.

After mowing your lawn, you can bring out either tool to trim the problematic areas or define the edges. Your lawn will not only look neat but will enhance the appearance of your home.

A string trimmer can be used to trim out the edges of your lawn if repositioned vertically. However, a lawn edger cannot be used to trim areas such as around the trees or other obstacles because the blades are pre-set to be vertical.

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants their lawn to look perfect. And one can only achieve this by putting enough time and effort into it. A lawnmower is must have to help you maintain your lawn. However, many other tools can come to your service to keep your lawn in gorgeous condition; among them are string trimmers and lawn edgers. String trimmers help you trim the grass from difficult places, while a lawn edger helps you define the borders of your lawn.

There are different kinds of string trimmers that you can look into to see what suits your need. Curved shaft trimmers and straight shaft trimmers are both suited for different needs. String trimmers can either be electrically powered or gas-powered.

Cordless electrical equipment is generally more convenient than gasoline or electrical trimmers that come with a cord. The same goes for the lawn edgers, as they too come in either electrical or gasoline-powered models.

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