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Neatly trimmed grass and shrubs along with ultra-crisp lawn borders make the whole house look beautiful. We all love decorating and maintaining our homes inside and out. The Green area is the first thing that catches the eyes. The charming entrance is what adds to the gorgeous look of the house. Thus, a lawn sweeper or a leaf sweeper is one of the most vital tools among all.

Also, it makes the air cleaner and fresh surrounding the built house area. If the lawn and garden are untidy and messy, these benefits can have reverse effects on us. It will become an inviting land for germs and bacteria. Therefore, it is more crucial to maintain the well-being of the green areas of our houses. It is not significant just because of the aesthetic beauty but also from the health perspective.

Of course, it requires cleaning frequently but more so during the fall season. It becomes critical to use the right gadgets and techniques to keep the garden and grass lively and happy. A good Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper can save you a lot of work while maintaining your greens. Also, having green patches all around the house lessens the effect of pollution.

All year round, nature brings different challenges for garden upkeep. The spring season can be seen as the most essential for gardening and getting started with newer plants. Winter brings unnerving frost and chills. Full of twigs, dead leaves, acorns, and dirty lawns can become an eyesore. Clearing away the debris and soiled greens can become tedious.

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Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper, 44-Inch

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Why Agri-Fab 44 Inch Lawn Sweeper outperforms others?

Get salon like smooth finish on your natural green carpet. The Agri-Fab is undoubtedly the most preferred lawn sweeper among all new and old machines available. 44 inch sturdy make along with 25 cubic foot hopper, works wonders for cleaning the yard. It has got everything one can ask for in a leaf sweeper.

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Top 5 Picks For Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper

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Why Do I Need To Buy A Lawn Sweeper?

It is a common dilemma to buy a gadget or mechanical device to perform simple chores around households. It is crucial considering to buy a leaf sweeper if you have a big yard or lawn. Also, if you have a smaller green area collecting leaves and clean-up tasks can become a mighty task.

Even if you leave your garden and lawn unattended for a couple of days, the result could be a messy area that will leave you exhausted to clean up. Lawns can house hundreds of bacteria and debris within the greens. That is why it is best to simplify the complex cleaning process by using a gadget to do it for you instead.

Most people who own a leaf sweeper tool enjoy the whole process of cleaning their lawns and yards. It becomes a stimulating exercise that the full family can join in and perform like any fun activity. The fact that being around greens and especially cleaning large areas can help lower stress and anxiety too. Furthermore, attractive and tidy after appearance makes it an engaging job.

Buying Guide

Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying

People often have apprehensions while buying such gadgets as to why to buy one? What are their features like if you can use a lawn sweeper while mowing? The buyer needs to understand the different models and their different styles of features before selecting one. Best machines are efficient at cleaning debris at the same time are faster.

Therefore, these things are crucial to take notice of:

Size Up Your Requirement

It can be futile to buy a beast machine to rake and sweep a tiny lawn. It is the foremost thing to consider before deciding on which gadget is worth buying. In other words, opt for a manual machine to tidy up a smaller area and go for the hulk tow-behind leaf sweeper to make a prominent area cleaning look a minion task.

Green Land Specification

Some owners have a flat lawn area, while others have a beautifully landscaped uneven surface or high-low terrain like a golf course. The surface type directly affects which one you should choose to buy.

Tow-Behind Or Manual Machine

As discussed above, the demographics can be favorable for one type and not so much for the other. The tow-behind type is the one that is attached to a lawn tractor and pulled along to clean up a larger area. But, a manual push-along sweeper is good enough for a smaller lawn to sweep. One thing to note here is to choose high-quality materials. The push-along manual gadget has a sturdy construction but is of light-weight material at the same time, to be easy to use while sweeping.

Hopper Bag Size

In the same way, the size of the collection bag matters as well. No one likes to empty the collection bag often while sweeping the lawn. It can become frustrating chaos to have to stop now and then while cleaning. Generally, the bigger it is, the better. It brings us to the next point that it can become crucial to handle a heavy bag full of cuttings and debris while cleaning the lawn.

Storage Space

Another significant aspect of a lawn sweeper is knowing how much space storage will it take. The best leaf collecting lawn sweeper should be easy to clean and store when done with the lawn sweeping. As most of the time, the machine will be packed or folded to keep it stored. For storage, it is necessary to look out for their storage features like it should be light, should be able to fold, or have a hanging option. The storage has to be an easy process.

What Is It That Needs Cleaning

The purpose of cleaning should be clear beforehand while purchasing a sweeper. It is advisable to check what is there in your lawn that you will have to clean with these machines. There are different machines for different uses. Some tools will pick up acorns and pine needles, while some can also rake up twigs and little branches with ease. Make an informed choice.

Brush to Wheel Ratio

Lawn sweeper machines work on cylindrical shaped brushes that spin on every rotation of the wheel. These machines work in such a way that the sweeping cleaning brush moves faster than the wheel rotation. The higher the number of sweep brushes circles per wheel cycle, the cleaner the sweep. In other words, machines nowadays have a higher turning ratio while sweeping the yard for debris.

Top 5 Lawn Sweeper to look out for in 2022

Agri-Fab 45-0492

$434.99  in stock
11 new from $434.99
Free shipping
as of January 13, 2024 7:12 am

The best leaf sweeper overall rated and often the first choice among gardening enthusiasts is also on the top of our list. With its robust build and functional design, you cannot possibly go wrong with this one. 44-inch wide-coverage speaks volumes about the craftsmanship of this product. Semi-pneumatic wheels with a 5.1:1 brush to wheel ration can finish any cleaning task in minutes. It comes with 3-years limited warranty.

The big hopper bag to store the collected debris and leaves can make you finish back-breaking cleaning of the entire lawn area in minutes. One does not even need to get up the lawn tractor to dump the collected leaves and debris.

This machine comes with a height adjustment lever that enhances performance. The giant machine can take up the whole lawn cleaning in minutes without having to empty the collection bag. The hopper bag comes in an easily collapsible design. It helps to store the machine easily without using any other tools. Dumping the collected debris in a hopper bag is even smooth with an easy lift and dump-motion.

The tool is sturdy and heavy-duty but, at the same time, lighter in weight. The big wheels of the lawn sweeper make it a favorite among larger lawn owners. The easy to assemble design can be operated by even kids in no time. Also, the brush height adjustment allows for effective cleaning of uneven levels of the lawn without getting frustrated.

With its exceptional features, Agri-Fab 44 Inch Lawn Sweeper is the best choice to invest your money. Coming from a reputed brand, it is the most sturdy and easy to use leaf sweeper. One can go for this model with their eyes closed.

Key Features

  • Large capacity
  • Extremely User-Friendly
  • Brush Height Adjustment Indicator
  • Ergonomic Design

9.5Expert ScoreBest Overall

Our Pick must to have in your yard


  • Quick and easy machine assembly.
  • Collapsible and quite a spacious collection bag/hopper bag.
  • Universal hitch works with any brand of tractor.
  • Folding hitch takes up half-space in storing.
  • Adjustable brush height.
  • Three-year warranty.
  • 5.1:1 Brush to wheel turning ratio keeps high quality of work while cleaning.


  • Poor instruction manual and set-up guide.
  • Severe dumping if the hopper bag is more than 50% full.
  • Poor packaging.
  • Maintenance is a difficult task.

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Agri-Fab 45-0320

$304.64  in stock
20 new from $304.64
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as of January 13, 2024 7:12 am

The minute you glance at this gadget, you will be in awe of the plush design. Another gem from a trustable flagship brand Agri-Fab. This tow-behind style can hold up to 12 cubic feet of leaves and debris without any trouble. It has a 4.5:1 Brush wheel ratio along with 42-inch path coverage in every pass. The tow-behind lawn sweeper comes with three years limited warranty that adds to the trust in the brand.

Cleaning up a larger area becomes more manageable than ever with the large hopper bag and functional design on the sweeper. The universal design hitch connection lets the user connect it with any brand of the lawn tractor. The leaf collector gadget will not require to get down from the tractor to empty the collected leaves from the hopper bag. The assembly of the machine is a quick process and does not take all-day labor.

This leaf collector is highly durable and will leave you with sheer joy after cleaning the lawn mess. Apart from cleaning the leaves and debris, one can use the machine to apply ice melt in winters and fertilizers in the springtime. It makes it an all-year-round performer to keep the maintenance in check.

Not to forget, the collapsible large collection bag makes the process a breeze while cleaning a big area. Adjustable brush assembly lets the user mow and sweep in one single motion. The collection bag has an attached rope so, you do not have to get up from the tractor to empty the bag while cleaning.

Another gem from a reputed brand like Agri-Fab comes with a 3-year warranty. Durable steel housing keeps the brushing mechanism safe from the pressure of uneven surfaces. It is super easy to clean and store.

Key Features

  • Light and Easy to Use
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Worth the Money
  • Easy Empty Hopper Rope

9.2Expert ScoreBest Easy To Use


  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Effortless yard work every time cleaning is required.
  • Windscreen to prevent blowing of debris onto the clean areas.
  • Rope handle to empty the hopper bag while sitting in the tractor seat.
  • Three-year limited warranty.
  • Adjustable and replaceable brushes.


  • No well-written details on assembly make it difficult to fix.
  • The rope can get tangled easily.
  • The bag is of inferior quality to others in the market.
  • Leaves tend to fall from the collection bag.

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Craftsman CMXGZBF7124266

$469.99  in stock
as of January 13, 2024 7:12 am

Another trustworthy sweeper that can take away the pain of cleaning your big lawn area with its high speed reinforced brushes in minutes. The 42-inch lawn sweeper does an excellent job cleaning a big yard in a single pass. Large diamond style wheels give intensified grip and adhesion while sweeping. The cleaning-brush to wheel ratio is a significant 8.5 to 1 that makes more sweeping action per rotation.

A craftsman lawn sweeper is a class ahead of the ordinary bagging mower. The machine is a sturdy build that will make the cleaning job effortless with its powerful sweeper brushes. The heavy-duty steel housing allows enhanced traction and better sweeping. It will leave your lawn look similar to pristine, freshly shampooed, and deep-conditioned locks. The quality of material used is of high standard last longer than its counterparts.

This tool has an 11.5-inch wheel with designer diamond treads for better traction. Along with its 22 cubic feet debris collection bag, it makes faster cleaning possible.

Craftsman defies the odds by cleaning wet as well as dry terrain with similar ease. Its versatile uses make it a favorite lawn sweeper. It takes no time to clean and empty the collected debris with its quick and easy emptying feature.

Key Features

  • Quick Release
  • Value For Money
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Excellent performance

9Expert ScoreMost Versatile Lawn Sweeper


  • 8.5:1 cleaning brush to wheel ratio cleans more in less time.
  • The compact and light design makes it an ideal choice for medium households.
  • The cleaning is faster and efficient thanks to the high ratio and large hopper bag.
  • A small frame design lets it get through tight places well.
  • Does a fantastic job clean dry leaves, acorns, and grass clippings?


  • Messy and confusing instructions.
  • Light body.
  • Not so much effective cleaning on the wet yard.

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Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro

 out of stock
as of January 13, 2024 7:12 am

This heavy professional instrument is ideal for a swift clean up on moderately larger properties. Ohio Professional is an expert gadget when it comes to lawn sweeping or cleaning of larger properties. It has an exceptional 50-inch broad path coverage with 11-inch heavy-duty brushes. A Hopper bag of 26 cubic feet can hold a lot more debris than other ordinary sweepers.

The advanced technology makes this lawn sweeper stand apart tall among all other competitive models. It becomes tedious when you have to clean a large area, especially when the season falls or it is raining. This 50-inch mammoth sweeper comes to your rescue in such difficult situations. The 5-positions adjustable hitch is the best in its class.

The well-built design lets the owner enjoys a big surface area to get cleaned up in short times. Ohio is decently efficient to pick up most of the debris from the green-lands. Once you get the hang of the right brush height and angle, it can become a cakewalk to use this machine. Make sure to give due importance while turning the tool while using. Otherwise, the wheels can bend in the process.

It is one hell of a solid unit to add to your home-improving gadget collections. It is a great tool to do mighty clean-up in the shortest time possible. A massive tool to put cleaning of any size of green property to shame. Come with a patented spiral brush design that adds to its durable design. It is a go-to tool for cleaning a large property in the smallest of time.

Key Features

  • Big Storage Bag
  • Time-Saving
  • Collapsible Design
  • Durable Long Lasting Design

9Expert ScoreBest Durable


  • Extra-large coverage.
  • Heavy-duty machine, built to last.
  • Easy attachment to any lawn tractor for sweeping.
  • Ohio Steel has patented spiralized brushes that rotate at a 4.5:1 ratio
  • An extra-large hopper bag can withstand repeated trips to the yard.


  • Not suitable for light use.
  • Take more space than others in the category
  • Sometimes leaves can fall out of a hopper bag.
  • The machine is quite heavy.
  • Inferior quality of fabric bag

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Brinly STS-427LXH

$434.99  in stock
11 new from $434.99
Free shipping
as of January 13, 2024 7:12 am

This tow behind lawn sweeper is a great gardening tool. It is ideal to use for garden maintenance with its 20 cubic feet large capacity collection bag. It can cover a large path with its 42-inch broad sweep, meaning fewer passes and less bag emptying. 5:1 cleaning brush to wheel ratio assures more cleaning and less time-consuming. It comes with a two-year warranty.

Given the great capacity and broadcast motion of brushes, it is an ideal selection for sweeping the lawn. This lawn sweeper works on a simple mechanism with high quality yet long-lasting built. The sweeper can pick up most of the lawn debris in a blink of an eye. Collapsible upright storage provides compact storage.

It is a boon for tight garages and storage areas. Which also saves a lot of time while cleaning up the lawn. The hamper or the hopper bag is a whopping 20 cubic feet in size, less stopping while cleaning the yard. You will be amazed by the ease this gadget brings while cleaning as it attaches to the tractor with minimal effort and energy.

With an added feature like fertilizer spreading and dethatching, this becomes an allrounder tool to possess for every season in the year. Brinly has already made its name in the niche with its premium lawn sweeper models. A high-velocity brushing system allows this gadget to efficiently clean with the highest speed. Aerator attachment adds to the versatile use of this machine.

Key Features

  • Premium Design
  • Large Capacity
  • Upright Collapsible Patent Design Storage
  • Easy Height Adjustment

8.2Expert ScoreBest Premium Design


  • Height Adjustable High-Velocity Brushes.
  • Patented storage device.
  • Convenient storage.
  • Large hopper bag for fewer stops to empty the collected debris.
  • Effective dethatching.
  • Broad area coverage in a single sweep.


  • Since its weight is heavy, it can get difficult to move the machine.
  • The Assembly process is not explained in detail and therefore takes some time to get used to it.
  • The old design needs to update the quality of their spare parts.
  • Prone to breaking with consistent use.

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Benefits Of Having A Lawn Sweeper Handy

As it is clear by now what lawn sweepers are all about, let us discuss the benefits they bring to a household:

Enhance The Aesthetic Appeal

A lawn sweeper enhances and beautifies the look of your lawn by picking up all the eyes sores like twigs, pine needles, grass, and clippings, etc.


Gone is the time when you had to spend whole afternoons raking up your yards. A lawn sweeper is a time-saving wonder that cleans up a large garden in the blink of an eye.

Grass Grooming

Think of a plush carpet that is shiny and crisp. We want our lawn to be in the same crisp and pristine condition always.

Clean the Mess

What is the best way to pick up acorns in the grass? Get rid of acorns, leaves, clippings, twigs, branches, mold, pine needles, cones, thatch, and everything that should not be there on your lawn.

No Professional Help Needed

Why pay thousands of dollars to maintain your lawn and yards when you can easily take the case into your own hands efficiently.

Quiet and Efficient

What more to ask from a magic machine? Leaf sweepers are quieter and good at their jobs.

Unlike Leaf Blower

Leaf blowers stand no chance in front of leaf sweepers. Leaf blowers are ineffective when there is the natural wind blowing.

Saves You From Backaches

Yes, it is a significant reason to own a lawn sweeper instead of raking every single leave yourself.

No Need For Extra Grooming Tools

Why have a separate rake, broom, or blower? Make do with a single gadget by owning a leaf sweeper.

Give Your Greens The Health They Need

Dead leaves or a pile of debris over your grass can kill your grass in the long run. It can make it tough to grow a healthy grass bed.

Let us dig in the leaves to know more about it.

Get To Know A Lawn Sweeper

Lawn Sweeper is a magical device to help you collect fallen leaves, acorns, pine needles, broken twigs, dead grass, and clippings. The device has a collection bag attached to its body that stores the debris. As you clean and tidy up your lawn, a brush attached to the device rakes up everything that doesn’t belong there. It is imperative to find the best leaf collecting lawn sweeper to get the job done.

Here are the three types of Lawn Sweeper

Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

As the name suggests, this sweeper works along with a lawn tractor as an attachment or accessory. The machine is attached to a lawn tractor by connected with a hinge. Therefore, being pulled to clean or rake the lawn for debris and leaves. Tow-behind lawn sweeper has a hopper bag attached to the main assembly.

Push Lawn Sweeper

As the name suggests, the push lawn sweeper has a mechanism to push it by hand to sweep an area. It is most suited to be used by owners of smaller lawns and gardens. It is also an incredible form of workout given its manual operation.

Power Lawn Sweeper

Commercial grade lawn sweeper is a heavy-duty power lawn sweeper machine that fits the bill for huge properties. Power lawn sweeper often comes in similar size like tow-behind or push style sweepers. However, the only difference with these machines is that power lawn sweepers have engines that run on gasoline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How should we clean dead foliage?

The best way to clean up the yard is by using a leaf vacuum or a lawn sweeper.

How does a leaf sweeper works?

Lawn sweeper works on a simple mechanism. The cylindrical cleaning brushes rotate with the wheel to sweep off the debris from the lawn.

How do you empty a hopper bag?

Lawn sweepers come with easy dumping functions. Mostly with an attached lever or manual dump rope.

Can a lawn sweeper pick up branches?

Almost all the lawn sweepers can pick up small branches, but some are better at picking up even larger twigs and branches.

Is a lawn sweeper a better investment than a bagger for the yard?

Yes. A lawn sweeper has a durable build that cleans up any property in a shorter amount of time without clogging while cleaning the debris.

How to get rid of pine needles from the lawn?

Lawn sweeper can get rid of the debris and foliage from pine needles to acorns from the lawn with sheer ease.


Why hire someone else to do such engaging chores when you can yourself get in action to tidy up the lawn. A best push lawn sweeper can make the tedious job a fun activity to do. You can keep the yard in manicured condition without letting it smothered by leaves and grass. It might look like a mighty task to clean up a massive area on your own, especially after heavy fall season or rains.

Weather can pile up the yard with unwanted guests like twigs and mold leaves. Fallen debris and leaves can cause healthy grass to die beneath. Why go for professional help when you can mend your yard the way you want. Flowers and new grass needs room to grow. Therefore, it is imperative to bring in the change in your lawn yourself.

It is crucial to trim the shrubs and prune out the dead branches. There are thousands of products to help lawn owners to get rid of unwanted debris from their greens. The lawn area indeed needs as much attention as any other part of the house. Lawn sweepers nowadays come with advanced attachments and sturdy build quality.

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