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When the string of your grass trimmer breaks, you may want to get it replaced as soon as possible. The string is actually a plastic monofilament line that cuts the grass. In a lawnmower, a blade is used to cut the grass and is therefore not as flexible as a monofilament line in a grass trimmer.

Both a lawn edger and string trimmer make use of the string, and the replacement method is relatively similar. You can go through the manual to conveniently replace the string. However, if you happen to have misplaced the manual, lucky for you, this guide will assist you throughout the process of replacing the broken trimming line of your trimmer.

You don’t need to be equipped with certain necessary skills to be able to replace the string. Carefully following the steps is enough to help you through the process of changing the string. Both gasoline and electricity-powered string trimmers have a string in them that is used to cut grass. The technique is similar; therefore, regardless of the trimmer you have, you can successfully replace the trimmer line effortlessly once the process is understood. So let’s take a look at how to change grass trimmer string.

String/Grass Trimmer

A string trimmer is a life-changing tool for your lawn. Your regular lawn mower may not have the ability to get to certain places where it is difficult to reach. Because of this, a string trimmer comes in hand as it has a flexible monofilament line that allows you to trim grass around obstacles in your lawn, such as trees and ornaments. Grass trimmers may or may not be electrically powered.

Some grass trimmers are gas-powered but investing in a grass trimmer that is cordless and powered electrically will serve to be more convenient. However, even when you purchase the best grass trimmer in the market, you may run into some “string” related problems after some time.

The string in the grass trimmer may snap off as it hits hard surfaces such as concrete, wood, rocks, or any other material. However, it is natural for the string to break after a long of use cutting grass and weeds. After a period of time, the string may wear off, and you will need to fix the problem at hand. In this case, you don’t have to go and purchase a new product; instead, you can just replace the string and it will work as well as new.

When the string breaks or wears off, the first thing you need to do is knock the reel on the ground so that some of the string in the reel is released, which can be used to replace the prior trimmer line. Newer models of grass trimmers come with an auto-feed feature where the cutter exposes the line enough that it can be swung efficiently. This will allow you to continue using the trimmer for a long time.

However, when the line runs out, it needs to be replaced. The replacement method can undoubtedly be a little tricky, especially when you rarely ever use your trimmer. You can conveniently buy a grass trimmer monofilament line from a hardware store or place an order online.

How To Replace The String On An Electric Grass Trimmer

By following the below steps carefully, you will be able to successfully change the string of your grass trimmer.
Before replacing the string, make sure that you have removed the battery from the trimmer or have uncharged it in a way that there is no power left in the trimmer. The trimmer can accidentally start if it is charged, which can cause a lot of damage.

To have access to the string spool, hold the trimmer upside down. Carefully hold the two tabs in their place and press them down to remove the spool cover.

Gardener's hand holding a trimmer head and replacing the line in the spool in the grass trimmer

Slide the spool off the spindle. If you happen to run into some problem while removing the spool, you can re-consult the manual.

You can either slide the new spool back onto the trimmer spindle, or you can re-fill your already existing spool. Simply insert one end of the monofilament line into the spool’s anchor hole and then wind the line across it in a clockwise direction.

Ensure that the replacement line has the same thickness and length as the original line on the spool. On the spool-housing hub, you can insert the free end of the trimmer line through the exit hole. Because the line is thin and the hole narrow, make sure you are patient through this process regardless of how long it takes you. Orient the spool correctly as you align the exit hole with it.

Now that you have loaded the spool in its place push it until it clicks. This indicates that the spool is securely placed. Some trimmers feature a spool cover. If yours does, push that in its place after successfully replacing the trimming line.

How To Use A String Trimmer As An Edge Trimmer

Both the string and the edge trimmer feature a line that may need replacement once broken. You can use a string trimmer as an edge trimmer to create sharply defined edges of your lawn to make it look more maintained. Simply invert the unit to 90 degrees, vertically rotating the string. Roll your trimmer across the edges of the grass to get nice and neat edges for your lawn.


The replacement of the string in a grass trimmer can be a little tricky. When you don’t use your trimmer as much, you are not familiar with its parts, and the replacement of the string can get a little extra complicated for you.

Although an electric trimmer is a good investment, over time, the string may loosen, and because of this, you must know how to change the string of your trimmer. When the time comes, you may want to use the steps you just learned. You can successfully replace the string of your trimmer by following these simple steps.

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