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You would know that to take care of your lawn; you need the best commercial string trimmer because it would make your work a whole easier. So, if you want to buy the best commercial grade weed eater, keep one thing in mind: it is not a cheap exercise.

It would be best if you had the buying power to buy an excellent weed eater, which does not come at a low price. You have to resist the attraction to buy cheap weed wacker, thinking that they’ll last longer. But they won’t.

Although a cheap weed eater might survive for a few years, it will not produce optimum performance. With time, its performance will decrease. Plus, the problem with cheap machines is that they are relatively slow going. They might cut weed, but they will take a lot of time.

On the other hand, the best weed eaters are expensive, but they are faster and have better engines. They will produce the desired results with ease.

Keeping all that in mind, we have researched for you so that you do not have to waste your precious time searching for these weed wacker. Please go through our top 5 best commercial grade weed eater and choose the one that suits your cause the most.

In a hurry? We have picked best string trimmer for you

Husqvarna 324L

Buying Guide for Best Commercial String Trimmers

When you search for the weed wacker options, you will find out that there are many types of string trimmers, and each has its features. Some are powered by gas, a few are started by electric power, and others are oil-powered. Thus, each machine has its ways and attributes.

The battery and electric powered machines don’t cut a lot. On the other hand, gas-powered machines are the best commercial string trimmer as they can miss anything. Similarly, there are many other features that you need to consider before buying a weed wacker. This is precisely why we have prepared a buying guide to help you choose the best string trimmer. So, go through our guide and choose the tool which suits you the most.

2-Cycle Commercial String Trimmers or 4-Cycle Commercial String Trimmers

It purely depends on whether the user wants to choose a 2-Cycle Commercial String Trimmers or 4-Cycle Commercial String Trimmers. But, a 2-cycle weed eater, in reality, has more power than the latter. However, they are more challenging to kickstart, and they are louder than their 4-cycle counterparts. This is why many brands are trying to manufacture those 2-cycle gas weed eaters that produce less noise and have fast start technologies.

The four-cycle engines are less powerful. But that does not mean they can not cut. They can quickly miss anything you want. Plus, these four-cycle engines are environmentally friendly as they cause less pollution and are easy to start.


Another factor to consider is how you will maintain the tool. The maintenance increases the life of your weed eater way beyond your warranty period. But maintenance is not easy. Some weed wacker tools need to be maintained regularly, and some machines don’t need a lot of maintenance.


It is essential that the weed eater comes with a harness or at least have some fixing points so that you can attach it easily. If your device comes with a double harness, it will be perfect for you as it is a far more comfortable option to get.

 Straight or Curved shaft?

The Straight shaft units are a better option than the curved ones because they have a more extended reach, and therefore they can fit into the tight spaces without much of a problem. On the other hand, the angled shafts hardly reach closely spaced areas. However, the straight shaft units are quite expensive, and professionals use them. At the same time, these are cheaper and mostly used in home gardens.

Cutting path

Your trimmer should have a long cutting path. It does not have ample width; then, it would take a lot of time to clean the lawn. Your unit should not have a cutting path less than about 17-inches because 17 inches is standard for cutting significant lawn sections.

Top 5 Best Commercial String Trimmer

Hitachi CG23ECPSL

22.5cc 2-Cycle Gas Powered Solid Steel Drive Shaft String Trimmer

The name of Hitachi Power Tools has recently been changed. Now it is called Metabo HPT (Hitachi Power Tools). So, do not feel perturbed when you see the last name instead of the former. Despite the name change, the features remain the same.

It is one of the most reliable and dependable gas string trimmers. And that is why it has been in the market for years. It has a long and robust construction, making it a standard go-to gas string trimmer option for landscapers and professional garden lovers.

The Metabo HPT CG23ECPSL has a two-stroke engine with a power output of 0.93 HP. The machine has a maximum speed of 9,900 rpm. The system is equipped with The Purefire system that decreases the fuel emission to about  70%. Plus, it increases 30% in fuel efficiency.

It also has an anti-vibration feature that would keep this product cool. It would dissipate any heat after prolonged hours of usage. The anti-vibration feature also allows the trimmer to perform well under extreme pressure.

What is most interesting about this machine is that it is the second-longest commercial weed eater used. It means that it is durable and long-lasting. And it is because it features forged steel construction.

Even though it has robust material construction, it is not bulky and heavy. It is one of the lightest gas trimmers you will see. It only weighs 10.3 lbs, and therefore, you can quickly move around the garden and the snow without exerting too much power.

The design has a long shaft, but it does not include body straps for carrying it around. It has a relatively simple design that makes it look aesthetically pleasing.

The shaft is a 7mm stainless steel long with a length of 60 inches and 15 inches in width. Thus it is quite an along the shaft. That is why second-longest weed eater in the world. With this much length, you can easily reach neglected areas.

Its loop handle makes everything easy. The fact that it adjusts itself makes everything extremely simple. You don’t have to bend your back to reach fast paces. The only drawback that is associated with this tool is that the cutting head isn’t that great. However, you can always replace it.

The rake’s ergonomic style with the large hand gloves style design makes it the best to scoop leaves in your lawn. Use it to remove leaves and cut grass from the yard quickly. It is also useful for other gardening chores.

Having this rake is like having an extra hand at work. Every fall, when your lawn is in a mess, use this rake to make your work easy. You can quickly clean the yard very efficiently. You can also use the plastic rake scoops to remove or transport compost in the garden.

These rakes are very lightweight, and anybody can use them without the slightest difficulty. It is easy to fit them and also compact in design.

Customers have had all positive things to say about the scoop rakes because of their versatility. It reduces leaf gathering time and also helps in the spreading of mulch.

You can pick up quite a lot of leaves in one scoop. Spend lesser time cleaning the lawn when you can collect the yard waste in half the time.

9.2Expert ScoreGreat Pick

Best grab for professionals


  • Durable
  • Longlasting
  • Second-longest commercial weed eater used
  • Length of 60 inches


  • The cutting head isn’t that great

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Husqvarna 324L

4-Cycle 18″ Cutting Path Gas String Trimmer

If you require the best four-cycle weed trimmer available, then this Husqvarna 324L is the one for you. We spent hours finding and then testing the product. We found this one is the best four-cycle weed trimmer in the market because it does not produce commercial-grade performance, but it keeps getting better over time. Plus, it is available at a reasonable price, and it has a 2-year warranty.

One of the reasons we like this string trimmer is that it has a powerful engine that cuts. It has a 25cc 4-stroke engine that gives an output of 1.07HP output enough to eliminate the healthy weeds without much of an issue.

Plus, the device features a Smart Start technology that uses air purge to start the engine quickly. You won’t have to do the pulls to start the machine. Just make use of the smart start technology, and everything will start in a flash.

As for the design, the way the shaft is shaped will easily reach more weeds as there is no angle on the shaft, and it is pretty much straight. This is why it sells its power down from the cable to the trimmer head effectively, helping you get under the bushes or any other barriers quickly.

It also has an adjustable padded loop handle that changes itself according to the shaft. However, this adjustment has a specific limit that is listed on the shaft. Also, the shaft features a vibration-damping system not to feel a vibration while using it.

We do not like this weed eater tool because it does not come with an attachment capability. This means you will face problems with the heavy brushes. It also does not come with a harness to support your shoulders. However, it only weighs 13.1 lbs, which means it is not heavy.

The rake is quite heavy and is made for challenging work on the lawn. The muscular build makes it durable and efficient, but it is cheap when you look at the price.

The handle is 58 inches long and well-built to let you have a good grip. It is made of high-strength fiberglass, which makes it almost unbreakable and very durable. The rubber grip gives the user better control while using it.

On the whole, you can use it for years to rake your garden and perform all heavy work with it. But yes, it is difficult for people who want something light to handle since this rake is heavy and almost 3lbs in weight.

9.5Expert ScoreOur Pick

Unrivaled performance at a reasonable price


  • Powerful engine
  • Straight shaft
  • Adjustable handle
  • Not heavy


  • Does not come with a harness and attachment cable.

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Tanaka TCG27EBSP

26.9cc 2-Cycle Gas String Commercial Grade Trimmer

There aren’t many string trimmers that are excellent on all fronts. But, this Tanaka TCG27EBSP is one of those rare breeds that perform well on all fronts. It has a long shaft, powerful engine, and anti-vibration feature to help you. It is one of the best weed wacker you will see; it will reach those far off areas at the mercy of long grasses.

Tanaka TCG27EBSP has a 26.9cc commercial grade 2-cycle engine with an extraordinary power output that could cut the most potent heavy weeds in your garden.

The tool is also equipped with a Purefire system that would quickly reduce fuel emissions to about 60 percent. Therefore, It is an environmentally friendly machine that would not pollute your surroundings a lot. This PureFire system technology also increases fuel efficiency to about 30 percent. Thus, you don’t require tons of oil and gas to use it for more extended periods.

There is an anti-vibration feature in the system that would suppress any vibration when you use it. With this feature, the thermal machine system works quite well. The heat displays quickly to keep the tool cool.

This weed eater is one of the longest commercial weed eater used. It is because it is powerful, and at the same time, it’s durable and long-lasting. It has an aluminum structure that makes it tough and also lightweight.

Although it is robust, long-lasting, and strong and yet it is not too heavy. It only weighs 11.2 pounds, which makes it lightweight. You can maneuver this tool with ease. Also, the device does not look beefy or big.
As for the solid steel drive shaft, it is straight and does not have any curve. Therefore it can reach those areas which are challenging to get with ease.

This rake from Gardenite is famous because of its sturdy yet lightweight design. It is easy-to-use and versatile in terms of functionality. You can use the adjustable rake to reach all areas of your garden, even the smaller and inaccessible regions.

The 15 tines head can be adjusted from 7 inches to 22 inches. The long handle is 63 inches long, and you can use it to cover a larger span of area. Also, the steel handle is zinc-plated so that it becomes resistant to rust and is more durable.

However, we have seen that the rake is meant for light use. It is best not to use it on hard rocks or rugged surfaces. But customers have always praised the high-quality build of the rake and the benefits of having an adjustable rake head.

We would suggest that you have this adjustable garden rake for clearing small leaves and maintaining the lawn’s cleanliness.

9.2Expert ScoreOverall great product

A great fusion of power, sturdiness, and ultra-portability


  • Powerful
  • Starts easy
  • Lightweight
  • Well balanced
  • Very efficient


  • Poorly written manual.

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42.7CC 2-Cycle Gas Straight Shaft String Trimmer

Occasionally you come across a product that defies its low price and showcases excellent features. This COOCHEER 42.7CC also belongs to this category. It might not be an expensive brush cutter, but it still offers top-notch features and exceptional attributes.

What we like about this machine is that it has a powerful 42.7cc 2-cycle engine. The engine has a lot of output power and RPM to help you finish the work quickly. Thus, it is more than adequate to reach those hard to reach areas that otherwise would not counter with an ordinary weed cutter. Moreover, It has an 18-inch cutting blade that would help the bush and cut the shrub and thick grass with ease.

It has a long shaft that is tailor-made for cutting brushes without much of an issue. The elongate shaft will quickly cut off unwanted material without bending your back. Moreover, the cutting has a width of 10 inches, which is decent. It is not as big as that of most premium string trimmers, but it has enough to let you do your work easily.

The machine has a Pull start feature to get it going. Many users might not like this because you might have to use a lot of strength. However, When we tested it, this recoil mechanism did not require much effort to kick start it. If you have enough fuel in the tank, it will begin on its first go.

Speaking of fuel, it does not get started with oil. Instead, you have to use gas as its ammunition. Thus, you would know that the gas fuel will not produce a lot of fumes.

A for the cooling system, the thermal design of the machine works perfectly fine. It does not get hot, even for even a  second. Other features include an adjustable u-shaped handle that fixes as per your arm height.

9Expert ScoreDecent Product

Good to go product for beginners


  • 2-In-1 machine
  • Extraordinary output
  • Bush cutter as well as a string trimmer
  • Geat value for money


  • Not environmental friendly

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Makita 4-Stroke Bush cutter

25.4cc 4-Stroke

Makita 4-Stroke Bush cutter may well be the best thing for anyone who wants to get rid of weeds and other unwanted stuff in their garden. This 2-in-1 device comes in with high power, a long shaft, and an adjustable handle to make your work easy. Also, it does not cost a lot. Plus, it is relatively fast and lightweight.

At the core is the powerful four-stroke engine that has some raw power to cut through the weeds. However, the 25.4 cc engine might not be one of the best. But it can get the job done.

As for the shaft, it is flat and straight, with 57″ in total. Thus, it is long enough to reach into tight spaces. You do have to leave the grass in some regions of your garden because your mower does not get it.

Although long and powerful, it still looks slim and smart. Plus, it does not weigh a lot. It only weighs 12.1 lbs. It is one of the more lightweight devices you will see. Thus, when you move it with yourself, it will not be a burden on your arms. Plus, you can stretch the machine out to reach specific foliage patches because of its low weight.

As for the handle, it is adjustable. You can adjust the handle as per your arm length by reading the manual. However, the manual is poorly written. The machine is also vibration resistant.

It has a 9″ small cutting width, which could reach tight spaces. However, with this much amount of width, you might need more time to clean the area. The machine can also be used for cutting mighty trees.

The machine uses a commercial air filter, which will not let any contamination damage your engine. Moreover, it is also a gas-powered machine that would not run on oil.

9Expert ScoreGroundskeeper

Power-packed features


  • Long shaft
  • Lightweight
  • Simple start
  • Air filter


  • Small cutting width

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Final Thoughts

In case you require the best commercial grade weed eater, then go through the above list. All the tools which we have reviewed are full of quality. They are robust, durable, and strong. They will make your work easy and quick. Plus, they will be your partner for many years to come. However, keep one thing in mind that each weed eater has its capacity, features, and attributes. So, not all will be suitable for you. There might be one or two that might suit your cause. Nevertheless, go through our top 5 best commercial string trimmer, your mind will surely be enlightened to choose the one that suits your cause the most.

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