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Clearing the fallen leaves can be a challenging task. We understand the effort you have paid in trimming, weeding, watering, and fertilizing your garden in the summer. There is no requirement to stand by while your labor gets buried under the dead leaves. However, one of the essential tools that can effectively help you have the upper hand in cleaning them is the backpack leaf blower.

So, you may rightly say that it is a useful garden tool that can save you time. The best commercial backpack leaf blowers from all the available models can be used for different types of jobs. For example, use this to clean dry leaves or blow snowballs, or even dry the car.

You will be able to understand the difference once you start using it. If we compare this with any handheld models, you can find that backpack blowers come with more power. Next, this provides relaxation by taking the load off from the arm and wrist and further allows for staying out there for a long time. It requires zero need to keep the backpack blower down and again pickup.

Our Picks For The Best Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower

After comprehensive research over various commercial backpack leaf blowers, we have come up with a list of the best products just for you.

2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower, Orange

We bring you the first option from the manufacturer of Husqvarna. Now saying goodbye to heavy work has become comfortable with this Husqvarna Cycle Gas Backpack Blower as it has a powerful airflow. The powerful airflow and high air velocity formulated by the striking fan’s designs offer easy cleanup.

Special mention to the extra airspeed and power, this backpack leaf blower contributes to vast cleanups. Clearance of the leaves, gravel, sand, and other forms of debris from a large land is only feasible with it. Although they weigh much more than any handheld blowers, the ergonomic harnesses scatter the heavyweight.

When the weight spreads, it consequently lowers the chances of fatigue and strain on the back, hand, and arm, which works for an extended duration. Along with this, Low Vib technology’s presence delivers the anti-vibration dampeners to consume vibration that lowers stress on components and hands.

This comes with a cordless design, thus enabling easy and free movement, and has cruise control features. The intuitive controls are simple to access and loads well. Not to miss the adjustable tube length that offers the best performance.

Moreover, its X-TORQ engine technology lessens harmful exhaustion by approximately 75% and again rises 20% fuel efficiency.

9.2Expert Score
Solid and efficient

A powerful air flowing leaf blowing tool

  • Ergonomic design
  • Low Vib technology
  • Adjustable handles
  • Protects the environment by emitting less harmful gas
  • Cruise Control
  • Adjustable tube length
  • Heavyweight

4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology

Troy-Bilt Backpack Blower is a powerful tool that has several notable features. This premium quality 32cc 4-cycle engine has remarkable output performance.

Troy-Bilt comes with 500 cfm air volume and 150 mph airspeed that can blow and clean large heaps of leaves and other debris. Regulate this wonder tool from your backpack to clean up the massive pile of debris without hurting your back and arms.

Its fully-tensioned multi-material suspension system spreads the weight evenly and provides comfort between the back and hips. Again, the long flex tube enables the user to maneuver all the objects.

The variable throttle and cruise control expand the level of power, and the jumpstart-capable engine excludes the necessity of pulling the cord as the SpringAssist makes cord pulling easy.

Plus, the backpack has good designs like the cool flex design and the padded hips belt. Both these features offer minimization of fatigue and pressure points and retain the coolness of the operator.

8.7Expert Score

A powerful 32cc-4 cycle gas backpack blower

  • 150mph airspeed and 500cfm air volume
  • Long flex tube
  • Lightweight
  • Full-crank engine with a lofty torque capability
  • Coolflex Backpack Design
  • A little challenging to use

65.6 cm³ Speed Backpack Blower

Our third pick for the best commercial backpack leaf blower is from the manufacturer of Husqvarna. This powerful leaf blower provides a massive airflow and high airspeed that quickly moves heavy piles of leaves.

Additionally, the motor expands the fuel efficiency by up to 20% Thus, making this a good buy.

8.8Expert Score

A fuel-efficient X-Torq engine

  • Affordable
  • Large airflow
  • High airspeed
  • Comfort
  • Slightly on the heavier side

234 mph 765 CFM Gas Backpack Blower

Our fourth pick for the best commercial backpack leaf blower is from the brand of ECHO. Their PB-770T backpack blower is a powerhouse tool. The ECHO backpack blower is packed with the powerhead, handles, pipes, two-stroke oil, and operation manual.

This backpack blower comes with a maximum capacity of 756 cfm airflow and 234 mph airspeed. This has the gas speed control variable and possesses a see-through fuel tank capacity is 68.3 oz.

Save your back from an unnecessary back strain with its padded back straps and shoulder straps. The variable speed tube-mounted throttle comes with cruise control allows you to clean leaves and debris conveniently.

9Expert Score

Backpack leaves blower with a large see-through fuel tank.

  • Cruise Control
  • Available Back straps and shoulder straps
  • Wide-angular tube rotation for easy cleanup
  • Powerful airflow
  • 68.3 oz fuel tank
  • It is only 2-stroke.

600 CFM Backpack Blower

EGO Backpack blower provides powerful gas without disturbing the environment around you by releasing fumes or noise.

Use the 56V ARC Lithium battery to make this tool function effectively. For operating, take the blower, click on the battery, and start cleaning.

The variable speed control features allow managing the power from 320 cfm to 600 cfm to clean up appropriately. This acts like the turbo booster that cleans up heavy leaves and other debris with the push of a single button. The turbine fan comes with a remarkable 145 mph speed.

Comparatively, this is lightweight and releases less noise than other gas blowers. Though it is universally compatible with all the batteries, you can still use the 7.5 Ah ARC lithium battery to get extra running time on a low speed with a single charge.

Also, the built-in water-resistant construction makes it safe to use under different weather conditions.

9.2Expert Score

A terrific variable speed control backpack blower

  • Universal battery compatibility
  • Gas power without releasing noise or fumes
  • High-quality brushless motor
  • Low vibration
  • Long-running time
  • Water-resistant
  • Slightly Expensive

80V 145MPH - 580CFM Cordless Backpack Leaf Blower

Looking for a lighter option, then the Greenworks Cordless Backpack leaf blower is an ideal pick for you. Use this compact battery-powered tool to free your garden from the dead leaves and debris. The innovative features like an axial fan, lightweight, and a thought-out technology let soggy leaves move instantly.

The blower comes with a brushless motor that gives similar performance to the gas. The variable speed with cruise control manages to meet the on-demand power to increase its functional levels. Not only this, Greenwork takes care of its consumer’s health, and so they offer adjustable padded harness to give comfort while working on the job.

The super 580 cfm and 145 mph speed allow to blow all the dry or wet leaves and give the debris a breeze. The pack includes a 2.5Ah battery and a charger.

9.3Expert Score
Great product

A lightweight cordless backpack leaf blower

  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Flexible blower tube
  • Compact
  • Powerful airflow moves even the soggy leaves
  • Lightweight
  • 2 Years of Battery Warranty
  • Low running time

75.6 cc MM4 Engine Tube Throttle 4-Stroke Backpack Blower, Teal

Our final pick in this list of the best commercial backpack blower is the Makita 4-Stroke Backpack Blower.

It offers a powerful fuel of 75.6 cc MM4 commercial duty engine. Its mechanical automatic engine enables an easy and quick start.

Moreover, it comes with a large air filter that is easy to access, and the user can also replace it whenever required. To take care of the user’s shoulder, Makita offers multiple layers of adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect fit. Again, the padded back panel is well-ventilated to elevate the comfort level of the operator.

Makita 75.6 cc MM4 Backpack Blower incorporates a 4-stroke engine with noiseless operation and mixes no fuel. The advanced 4-stroke motors are a step up in the market of 2-stroke motors.

It is an ideal tool for any professional who wants to get the best commercial backpack leaf blower. With a maximum of 206 mph airspeed and 706 cubic feet per minute air volume, it quickly starts to efficiently clean up the debris.

9.4Expert Score
Our pick

A premium 4-stroke Backpack Blower

  • Heavy-duty anti-vibration mount
  • Wide padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Quiet operation
  • 4-stroke motor
  • Mechanical automatic engine
  • Compact body
  • No waist or hips straps


Choosing the best commercial backpack leaf blower can be challenging as one needs to look after various features. But now that you have a whole list of the best backpack leaf blowers, browse through and make the suitable choice.

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